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Hey everyone, in our books, you will understand the hints and tips for a relationship that works.

First, we need to understand what a relationship is before we can understand which one that works. It is easy to say “try to make it work”; but the truth is, do you actually know about your relationship?

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What is a Relationship?

For my own definition, a relationship simply means when two or more people come together, abide, and share a common goal or interest; a connection of people, group, association, by blood or marriage; a sexual involvement or affairs, etc…

Now, we are focusing our attention to marriage, partnership, and a bond by two people. There are numerous of signs and activities that will prove if a relationship works or not. In this episode, I will be highlighting some of the things to watch out; and in the second episode, I will be detailing it and providing insight and ways it can be encounter.

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Now, this is our focal point; when a couple always shares their opinion together, speaks to each other, and has conversations together. These could be crucial in any relationship. The fundamental of the relationship is based on this aspect, because when a couple sticks together and shares their ideas, it brings the base of understanding of your partner’s interest; openness; and dislike. Now, I do not need to tell you how important this aspect means to your relationship, its opens doors of understanding and trust. If you avoid couple conversations, I can tell you that the relationship will suffer in distrust and lack of real love either way.

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Now, this aspect of the relationship will be discussed more in-depth in the second episode, where you will understand how to deal with an aggressive partner and avoid arguments. All relationships have an argument point or time of its disagreement.

something they are not in common with or disagree on; it could be a simple TV program or foodstuff but either way, it does not matter. This will help you understand your partner or end your relationship. But my advice is to read or download our second episode on how to deal with argument partners, and aggressive partner and avoid splits.

Well, more details on relationships, things to avoid; types of relationships to be focused on; advice on how to manage aggressive partners; how to make my partner show me more love; how to create a good atmosphere for a loving home; getting a real love out of nothing.


Forgiveness and Stability

Hey, did you know that forgiveness yields stability and growth? It may sound funny, but the reality is clear as you read this article with common examples given.

In a relationship, forgiveness has a lot of parts to play. When two people are in love or are committed to each other, it’s vital to adopt forgiveness and acceptance for the benefit of love and caring. An example of this case; Former US presidents Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton; when the rumor came upon Mr. Clinton was having an affair outside his marital life. And it was like his marriage with Mrs. Clinton was coming to end, but Mrs. Clinton silent the world and forgives her husband and rubbish it off.

Another example is David Beckham; when a rumor also came about him cheating on his wife and Victoria rubbish it off and forgive him. The list is endless; we can also look where forgiveness was not implemented; for example, Ashley Cole and his wife as rumor came up but his wife (Sherry Cole) divorced him; Tiger Wood also and his wife also divorced. the list is also endless.

Now, if we apply forgiveness in our life there is benefits and growth. I am not in any way supporting cheating, lie, disobedience, stealing, abuse, etc. As a religious person, I was taught about forgiveness as CHRIST lived; but honestly, it is very hard to forgive especially in a relationship where trust has been betrayed.

In business, when errors are made, you learn from them and move on. It is also forgiveness; so if we make mistakes, we try to ratify them and learn. This is the principle of forgiveness and development; When our colleagues offend us and create all kinds of unsafe situations, we also forgive them and move on. But where it fails to be implemented then it creates an unpleasant environment.

Now we can all believe that forgiveness has no end in our life. Where forgiveness works, there has been evidence of growth and stability both in relationships and in business.


Accepting Your Mistakes

Yes, it is true, believe it or not. This is another key point on Relationships, Love, and Happiness.

In any relationship, whether in business, with colleagues at work, with family members,s or in a loving partnership it is all the same. In Life today, it is difficult for people to acknowledge their own mistakes even to appreciate each other. We are all human, which means no one is above mistakes. It takes a good understanding to accept your mistakes, even when things aren’t going well.

If disagreement happens which is normal in any organization or relationship. The best way to resolve is always difficult when no party accepts the blame, but it can be solved easily if someone accepts their mistakes.

This is the fundamental root of establishing a solid relationship, when one can apologize for his or her mistakes then it can wave away to moving forward. There are many factors that hinder us not to accepting our mistakes. In the next episode, I will be detailing how to deal with it; the impact we can have; how to settle without argument; the secret of understanding and development.

The questions will be, can a relationship last long if a persistent argument occurs? Many could argue about that but that is not the matter, what I am saying is that, if you accept your mistakes and apologize for them, it helps to settle matters either in business or in a relationship. A relationship can be strong and trusting if it is honest, trusting, committed, understanding, and believing.

This is when arguments turn into a war of words. Comment or criticism is received defensively setting off an increasing spiral of self-defense and/or blame and accusations against the other. Each round of interaction ups the ante so things get worse and worse.

Each person perceives him or herself as right and their partner as wrong and their agenda become about winning the argument but to the detriment of their goodwill and friendly feelings.

One of the most damaging things is that partners say things in the heat of the moment that they don’t really mean and yet really hurt. And once negative comments are made, they are hard to take back.

For some couples, escalation is subtle. Voices may not be raised but the negative-to-negative interaction is real nonetheless. But even low-level criticisms and defensiveness are destructive over time. The more they occur and escalate the greater the couple is at risk of future problems as they gradually erode friendship and goodwill.



This is a pattern in which one partner puts down the thoughts, feelings, or character of the other. The putdown may be subtle like, “It’s not so bad,” as a spouse is talking about an upsetting event. Or, it might be more explicit like,

“You’re crazy.” The long-term effect of invalidation is to lower self-esteem and create resentment in the targeted spouse. Invalidation can take many forms-criticism, sarcasm, contempt, name-calling, non-verbal looks of disgust, or even ignoring another.

Whatever the form, it hurts and leads to covering up who you are or what you think and feel. It’s too risky to do otherwise.



In this pattern, one spouse plays the role of “pursuer” by bringing issues up and trying to get a discussion or decision. The other spouse plays the role of “withdrawer” by either avoiding discussions or shutting down (stonewalling). Withdrawing may be tuning out, getting quiet and refusing to talk, leaving the room, or even agreeing with what’s being asked just to end the conversation.

This pattern becomes a negative reinforcing cycle. The more the pursuer pushes, the more the withdrawer retreats, causing the pursuer to push more and the withdrawer to withdraw further.

So, it is important if you’re caught in this pattern to realize that you’re interdependent.

What each of you does prompts the very thing you dread from your partner. So, it can be helpful if pursuers can learn to back off a bit and withdrawers are willing to deal more directly with the issues at hand.


Negative Interpretations​

This is when one spouse consistently believes the motives of his/her spouse are more negative than they really are.

He/she looks at everything (even good things) through a negative filter. These interpretations become cemented into the fabric of their relationship.

Over time, the pattern demoralizes the more positive spouse. Negative interpretations are destructive, in part, because they’re hard to detect and counteract.

The reason is a “confirmation bias” which means we tend to interpret events in terms of our preconceived beliefs. What helps, however, is for the spouse with the negative interpretation to learn to hold their perceptions more tentatively, not as truth but as a point of view.

If this is you, look for evidence that contradicts what you’ve been telling yourself? It also helps if the other partner can really hear their partner out or let them fully explore their point of view before challenging them. People are much more likely to be influenced if they know someone understands what they’re feeling.