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10 Best Beach Destination in India for Honeymoon in 2024

Are you looking for some of the best beach destinations in India for honeymoon?

Well, the topography of India is such that it can offer you
every element of the Earth.

If you want to go to a hill station, there are plenty of
breathtaking hill stations across India.

Not only this, you will find amazing National Parks where you
can explore by taking a jungle safari. Likewise, there are no limitations to
beaches in India.

In this blog post, I will cover the top 10 beach destination in India that you can consider for your honeymoon, family vacation or a long weekend trip.

Best Beach Destination in India for Honeymoon to add in your travel list for 2024

Gokarna Beach

Gokarna beach is India’s one of the most popular and beautiful
secluded beach that is situated on the coast of Karnataka, an hour away from
South Goa.

Gokarna attracts a lot of foreign tourists. Those who don’t want
to stay amidst the crowded beaches they can choose Gokarna for their vacation.

You can reach Gokarna from Bangalore as well as from Goa.

The best way to reach Gokarna would be to fly till Dabolim
airport in Goa, rent a car and drive till Gokarna through South Goa. The road
distance is approximately 150km.

You can ignore going to Gokarna during the summer. During summer, the hot and humid climate kills the mood of a beach holiday. It is better if you could plan your trip to Gokarna during the winter (November – February).

 gokarna beach destination in India

Palolem Beach

I am sure you must have visited Goa in your lifetime, maybe
with your friends, for a honeymoon or perhaps on a family vacation.

Goa is a must-visit place in everybody’s travel Wishlist. There
are so many spots in Goa that you can cover while on your trip. But it is not
always possible to visit everything.

So, there is North Goa that includes Baga, Calangute,
Candolim and South Goa that includes the more tranquil beaches like Palolem,
Colva, Agonda and many more.

Among all the beaches, according to Lonely Planet, Palolem is the best beaches in India for vacationing.

I was in Palolem in 2018 and I found the beach clean, calm
and has an appealing landscape. You can literally sit for hours and keep gazing
at the countless waves touching the shores. The view is speechless.

You can visit the neighboring beaches too and trek to the Duhdsagar

I went to Goa twice during monsoon and winter, and at both the
season, Goa beaches look incredibly different.

But I liked Palolem beach more during the monsoon because there were a few people around on the beach and it was calm.

If you are planning for Goa trip, here is a Goa travel guide that might help you.

 Palolem - best beach destination in India for honeymoon

Colva Beach

No matter where ever you go to Goa, you will see plenty of amazing beaches. Some people like to stay in North Goa beaches where its crowed, and a great many options to enjoy. Whereas South Goa beaches are serene and less populated.

Palolem beach is of course of the best exotic beach in South Goa, I have already mentioned that. There is one more amazing beach and that is ‘Colva Beach’ which stretches for 2.4 km and indeed ideal for swimming.

Coplva Beach in Goa
Our Goa Trip in 2019 at Colva beach

Havelock Island, Andaman & Nicobar

I consider a trip to Andaman & Nicobar an expensive travel destination, but it has one of the top 9 best beach destinations in India for honeymoon.

Thanks to the utmost clear and pristine beaches of Havelock
Island. It has the most relaxing atmosphere with lots of water sports and adventurous
activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking to do.

So, if you are a little okay to increase your budget, then a
trip to Havelock Island would prove to be a romantic trip of your life.

The best beaches of Havelock Island are Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach and Kalapathar beach.

radhanagar beach havelock island"


Kashid beach
in Maharashtra is one of the best beaches located on the Konkan belt. It is an
ideal weekend gateway for the people who live in Pune and Mumbai.

It takes a maximum
of 3 and a half hours from Pune city and around 4 hours from Mumbai but takes
less if you take the Mumbai-Pune express road.

is blessed with the Konkan beaches. Not one, but it is line with several
beaches like Alibaug, Kashid, Murud, Varsoli and many more.

The long
weekends remain bustling with tourists, the majority from Pune and Mumbai. But
weekdays continue to remain secluded and calm.

Kashid is
the only beach in Maharashtra that is bestowed with beautiful white sand at the

The beach is
stretched to 3 km, and whenever I go during the weekend, my husband and I love to
walk down the shore.

Water sports
like banana boat rides, parasailing, speed boating in Kashid are quite popular.
You will find small tea and Maggi stalls alongside the beach road where people often
take rest and refresh themselves with beverages.

In fact, I have been to Kashid beach two weeks back on new year’s eve and taken with me my new Tesalate beach towel that has been gifted by the Tesalate. At sunset, it looked truly amazing.

Kashi Beach, Maharashtra


The Southern
coast of Maharashtra is an excellent alternative to Goa. Tarkali beach is not
much known to the people on the other side of the country.

Tarkali is a
perfect place for a relaxing vacation with your partner or family.

From the
small quaint town of Malvan, it is a beautiful drive down the narrow lanes with
coconut trees on both sides, it is a beach that rejuvenates your mood the
moment you enter the location.

Do avoid
coming here during the monsoon, as the Konkon beaches receive massive rainfall.
So, the best time to visit Tarkali, I would suggest in November – January.

You can also
give a small tour of the town Malvan, where you can explore the Konkan cuisine,
small cafes, shaded street, the small houses of fishermen, and fishing boats.

holiday resort
Tarkali is the best to stay that comes in a budget. Of course, you can choose
to stay in private luxury resorts as well.

There isn’t much to do in Tarkali beach, but you can treat this place as your relaxation spot, leaving behind the city struggle and hustle of life.

tarkarli beach"
Photo Credit:

Beach, West Bengal

If you belong
from the southern and northern part of India, I can tell that you mustn’t have
heard of an amazing beach named Mandarmani.

It is situated
in the Midnapore district of West Bengal, which is around 180 km away from
Kolkata City.

Mandarmani is
a small peaceful village located along the coastal lines of Bay of Bengal. The
beach is still untouched by the outside crowd, majority of tourist that comes
here for vacation hail from the Bengal.

I have been
to this beach twice as my hometown is in Kolkata. It is a much quieter beach as
compared to other beaches in the country and extraordinarily beautiful.

is well connected to the city. You can get bus services from the city, or you
can also hire a cab. It takes around 4 and a half hours to reach Mandarmani.

There is also train services ‘Howrah Digha Duronto’ every day and their services are okay.

 Mandarmani beach destination in India
When we went to Mondarmoni beach in 2019


Yet again, a beautiful beach destination in India for honeymoon and a long weekend holiday and that is Dapoli beach.

It is
situated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, around 185 km from Pune and
230 km from Mumbai.

I have been
to this mesmerizing beach a few months ago from Pune. We drove to Dapoli, took
around 5 hours to reach, and stayed there for a night.

The beach is
different from other famous beaches of Maharashtra like Alibaug and Kashid. It
is a long peaceful stretch of beach that looks serene as it is not crowded.

Dapoli beach
looks extremely scenic, especially at sunset.

The nearest airport would be the Mumbai airport if you are coming from Mumbai and Pune domestic airport if you are coming from Pune.

Our Dapoli trip in Maharashtra
My husband enjoying the beach

Baga Beach

Baga beach is
one of the most popular and lively beaches in India. It is a great beach destination
in India if you are planning a trip with your friends.

There are lots
of cafes, pubs and night clubs in and around Baga beach. If you are looking for
a beach nightlife, then nothing can beat a night at Baga beach.

It is full
of life, music, and sets an environment that can pump your energy to high.

Although the beach is getting saturated with too many tourists, mostly young crowd. Still, rank among the top 10 best beach destination in India for honeymoon.

baga beach
Photo Credit: Tripsavvy

Kovalam Beach

beach would be any beach lovers’ first choice if they are in Kerala. The beach
has a cove of calm blue water that is perfect for swimming or bathing.

Kovalam beach is one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in India, I believe.

There are a lot
of luxury and semi-luxury beach resorts available along with cheap cottages
that are good for those who want to save bucks from their pockets.

You will get
a wide array of food choices, all within your budget.

So, I have
been to Kerala last year in October and I found that the food cost in Kerala is
quite cheap as compared to other destinations.

It was
amusing as you could literally find food within 200 for two people at a decent

So, the
nearest railway station would be Thiruvananthapuram, and if you are taking
the flight, then Trivandrum International airport.

I have been
to both Varkala and Kovalam beaches while in Kerala, but I found Kovalam more
aesthetic and calmer.


So, these are the 10 best beach destinations in India where you can always plan for your vacation and you will come home completely refreshed. These beaches are scenic, safe and make you feel closer to nature.

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