Wednesday, June 14, 2023

10 Easiest Ways To Survive The current Economics Crisis In Nigeria

Since the announcement by the Central Bank Of Nigeria about the redesigning of the country’s legal tender, and when it was released into the market for citizens’ use, Nigerians have been dealing with serious monetary problems due to the absence of cash in the bank and at the ATM as well. 
Many people find it hard to feed their families because of the cashless policy going on in the country of Nigeria. 

Although Nigeria is not the first country in the world to go cashless, however, here is how to survive this current situation in Nigeria. 

1) Don’t take it personally, it’s a general problem affecting everybody both rich and poor. Don’t go and be displaying your nakedness in the bank, those who didn’t get it or will understand your plight.
2) Suspend all your projects for now until things normalize. Don’t kill yourself just because you have set a target for yourself this year.

3) The most important thing now is feeding and health. It’s not bad if you touch your savings at this time for the survival of yourself and your family.
4) Reduce going about to places that are not very important. For example, staying at home now is better than going to a nightclub to spend money. 

5) Stop the unnecessary show of affluence and you don’t have to impress anyone right now. If you cannot maintain your standard please reduce it for now. If you don’t eat meat this time you won’t die. You can eat other sources of protein that are not costly for you.

6) Avoid bad and shocking news if you can, especially if you already had high blood pressure before this situation started. Instead, listen to good music, watch comedies, laugh out of stress, and be happy.

7) This is not the time to forsake God or get discouraged in serving God. This is the time to serve God even more. But avoid going to strange places, prayer houses, prophets, etc for help because of your security.

8) Avoid late nights for your security. Avoid having serious arguments with anyone, many are under the pressure of economic crisis, and this will save you from violent people or the environment. 

9) Manage what you have now with your family,  this is not the time to live an extravagant life, spend lavishly, or start living above your monthly income. 

10) Don’t buy what you don’t need, and don’t spend money to please other people then go home and start having problems with your family members for misappropriation of funds. 

May God see us through that we all will come out of this challenge victorious in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.               

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