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There are women, there are special women and there are extremely special women.
 The extremely special woman isn’t the type you meet just at the tap of your finger; just like in commerce, she’s a rare commodity.
Unsurprisingly, several men have these kinds of women and take them for granted, till it’s too late. It’s one thing having a special woman, but it takes great wisdom to acknowledge and appreciate that woman before you lose her to someone else.

1) SHE’S DRIVEN. The extremely special woman is driven, she’s passionate and has goals to reach, and doesn’t stop working till she reaches those goals. She’s also a motivator, and also helps her man be the best he can be. You can call her a jewel.

2) SHE’S UNDERSTANDING. Having a partner that’s understanding is always a great thing. The extremely special woman tries to be that understanding partner; she’s rarely the type to start a quarrel or point accusing fingers. She will compromise when possible and is highly supportive of her man.

3) CORRECTS HER MAN WITHOUT BIAS. She’s also objective and tells her man when he’s wrong without making much of it. Not every woman would want to correct her man when he’s wrong, but an extremely special woman would do that a lovingly without being biased.
4) SHE FORGIVES EASILY. She’s also not the type to take things personally; she doesn’t bear grudges and has a heart that forgives. Forgiveness is an integral part of the relationship and she understands that.
5) ACCEPTS WHO YOU ARE. Everyone has their flaws, mistakes, and things that make them far from perfect — this is why we are human; we’re far from perfect. But the extremely special woman accepts her man for whom he is; she isn’t carried away by superficial things.
6) SHE HAS A BIG HEART. The extremely special woman is kind, loving, and caring and has a free spirit for not only her man but everyone she comes across. She loves to help people and make an impact with her kindness. She isn’t selfish or self-centered, she has an accommodating heart.

7) FAITHFUL TO THE CORE. We live in times where faithfulness is so hard to find, not only in men but also women. Recent research has shown that even though men are more promiscuous than women, women are now closing the gap, but the extremely special woman is special.

8) SHE’S APPRECIATIVE. Sometimes, people tend to select what to appreciate, but that’s a wrong approach. Anything that someone does for you should be appreciated, no matter how little it may seem, besides that’s the easiest way to make them do more. The extremely special woman appreciates every good her man does; she isn’t selective in appreciation.
9) KNOWS WHEN SHE’S WRONG. Even the extremely special woman isn’t perfect, she makes mistakes and sometimes goes across the line, but the major difference is that she knows when to accept her mistakes, take responsibility for them, apologizes, and move on. A simple ‘I’m sorry’ are two words that would save a lot of marriages that tilt towards divorce.

10) SHE DOES EVERYTHING TO MAKE HER MAN HAPPY. The extremely special woman loves her man to the core and loves to make him happy; seeing her man happy gives her delight.
Are you that extremely special woman? For the fellas, do you have an extremely special woman in your life?

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