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A date is  “a form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals with the aim of assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. The result of dating may at any time lead to friendship, any level of intimate relationship, marriage, or no relation”.


Dating is fast becoming a norm in most society, although, there are some reservations and cautions that need to be employed while embarking on a date.
Dating is not a necessity, as it is not compulsory for you to date or be in a relationship if you are not ready for marriage.

The following are what you should avoid on your first date.

1) Avoid being carried away with your phone. You went for a face-to-face discussion, so it’s not an avenue to get busy operating your mobile phone. Operating your phone in the presence of your significant other will either signify a lack of respect or interest in what he or she is discussing with you. In order to avoid embarrassment, don’t make your mobile phone a priority.


2) Shying away from eye contact. Although, many African traditions raise children not to maintain eye contact especially when talking to elders, avoiding eye contact on a first date might rob you of the avenue to read the mind and words of the person you are on a date with.
Only a few people can say a different thing from what their facial expressions say. So maintaining eye contact will give you ample opportunity to decipher the person’s intentions.


3) Don’t ask unnecessary questions. You need to avoid unnecessary and unintelligent questions such as how much do you earn? How many guys or girls have you dated? When last did you have Intimacy and with whom did you have it with? These are unintelligent questions that shouldn’t come up on a first date, if they must be asked, reserve them for some other times but it’s preferably when you guys are already in a relationship.

4) Don’t eat like a hungry hyena. If you are hungry, endeavor to eat before leaving your house, Don’t go on a date and start eating like a hungry hyena, you will end up sending a wrong impression about yourself to your significant other. Let moderation be your watchword, after all, you have been eating in your house all these while before embarking on a date. Also, avoid the temptation to place high and expensive orders on the menu, it says a lot about you.

5) Avoid going on a date with your friends. If you must go on a date with your friends, ensure you inform your date prior to the time so that he or she can be prepared to host them if possible, or better still be prepared to foot their bills.
This reminds me of a story I read of a guy who invited a girl for a date, the girl later went with her friends. On getting there, the girls placed an order that the guy could not afford, he collected one of the girl’s phones and stylishly excused himself only not to be found. The girls were embarrassed as they couldn’t pay for what they ordered. This is not to say that what the guy did was right, it’s just to crave your indulgence to what could happen.

6) Avoid talking too much. The first date is not a time to start talking about your generational history or all you have passed through in life. Allow the discussion to be mutual and be what affects both of you or something common. On this note, it is not advisable to go on a date without being current or knowing what’s trending, it will make you go blank and look unintelligent and immature as well.

7) Don’t be too conservative or reserved. In as much as you are expected not to talk too much, talking too little or being reserved won’t be a good alternative.
Avoid giving a one-word answer like “Yes”, or “No”. Ensure you elaborate on your answers it has a lot to do with your intelligence.

8) Don’t be boring. Don’t let it be as if it is the duty of the other person to bring up what to discuss. Be initiative in your discussion. Act smart and intelligent.

9) Indiscriminate chewing of gum. If you must chew gum, chew it gently in a mature manner not like a slut sitting in a bar to attract attention.

10) Don’t go on a date in a lonely and dark place. Never attend a date that will be prolonged into the night, neither should it be in a secluded and dark place in other to avoid stories that touch the heart.
Make sure you inform one or two persons in your family or closest friends and give them the contact of the person you are going on a date with. Make your security a top priority.

Finally, dating is not a compulsory course that must be passed, and it shouldn’t be an avenue for Intimacy.

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