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10 Tips That Will Turn Your Flirting Game Around

If you’re willing to date a Russian girl, you need to learn how to flirt in a right way. Only some men are naturally good at while most of them need training. Flirting is very important if you want to date a girl. Essentially, flirting shows your intentions.

With so many men and women out there, you definitely need to shows what your intentions are. This, however, should be done creatively and accurately. Here are 10 tips which can increase your chances of successful flirting, especially with a Russian girl.

1 Be confident. This advice is universal. When you date someone or flirt with a girl always be confident. Women like men who are confident and motivated.

2 make your appearance presentable. Wear clothes which make you comfortable. You should know how and when you look good. Look good before starting to flirt. In fact, looking good is a part of flirting. There’s no point in flirting with you if you don’t value your look.

3 Focus on your non-verbal communication. Flirting only partially consists from words. Facial gestures, your pose, and body moves are just as important. Smile and be relaxed. Try to avoid any sudden moves and be smooth about your moves. In other words, act naturally.

4 Russian girls will most probably seek all your attention. Don’t distract yourself and be attentive to how she looks, and what she says and does.

5 Pay her right compliments at the right occasions. Pay a complement in a right way is art. Do not go for classic “beautiful eyes” or “adorable legs”. You can pay a compliment to something small like her purse or something unusual like the way she walks or moves.

6 Before starting to flirt you should understand whether the girl wants it or no. Start casually asking her about the weather or make something up to start a conversation. Do not go directly to “let’s go out”. Try talking her into conversation before making any further suggestions. Introduce yourself and ask her name.

Ask about her job or what she does at the moment. Feel whether she is accessible or not. In case she is not it is best to retreat. Never force yourself on a girl you want to flirt with. It will only alienate her from you.

7 Be funny and witty. Tell a joke and show her you have a sense of humor. All people like to laugh. Especially girls. With a Russian girl a right joke may save your day.

8 Be interesting and attentive. Tell her about your hobbies, job, and interests. Still, listen more to what she has to say and asks her questions about everything. Again, girls like attention. So, be interesting and clever in a conversation but keep it simple, don’t tell long stories or bring up super serious topics for conversation.

9 Flirting with a Russian girl requires you to always be ready to treat her. It’s not just that you need to pay for everything. This is obvious. Try making her surprising presents and make her value time spent with you. Do something creative and original.

10 Learn how make eye contact. It is very important for you to look her in the eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, people say. Advisors say you can look for no longer than 3 seconds without it being awkward. Try train this skill on random strangers in the street. First look and then continue looking. Make is natural as if your gazes were attracted to each other. If you do everything right, she would smile when gazing back.

Keep these tips in mind when during your next flirting game. Right attitude and clever approach can get you anywhere. Remember to be confident and motivated. Relax and act naturally as if you’re just spending your time. Even though you show your intentions, you can play hard to get a little as if you’re not interested but choose your girl right and approach her gradually.

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