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Women are the most delicate humans on this side of the planet. This delicate nature in them most times loses value when they find themselves in the arms of a wrong relationship.

As a guy, if you want to have a long-lasting relationship with your lady, learn how to treat her right by showing her you care.

How you treat your lady as a guy will determine how she treats you in return. Treat her as the queen in your life and she will treat you as the king in her life. You can’t expect a special treatment from her if you don’t treat her special.

Some months ago, I was with a lady who was waiting for her fiance who promised to meet her up at a fixed time but he didn’t show up at the promised time. He finally came after a long while of waiting, and instead of him to apologize to the lady, he started shouting at her and guess what! The relationship ended.

Most guys have lost some wonderful ladies who would have been of great help in achieving their dreams with fewer efforts, all because of how wrongly they treated them.

If you are one of those guys who doesn’t know how to treat or show care to a lady the right way, then this article is for you. Below are the 10 ways to show care your woman.

1. Cherish her:

To cherish someone is to hold that person dearly, cultivating the love you have for the person.

Cherish your lady so dearly, always make her feel protected for having you in her life.

A lady will surely know when the man in her life cherishes and adores her. It is not something that is hidden.

Treat her like a rose flower that you want to stay fresh and beautiful all the time, and watch how her love will radiate all round you. When you cherish your lady, you are also telling her you care for her.

2. Pamper her:

Pampering your lady is showing a little extra care specially, and it is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with her.

Every lady wants to feel soft, like a baby around the man they are in love with, and pampering her is one way to bring out that softness in her. This will help to bring out the romantic spark in your relationship.

Don’t be a hard not to crack romantically, learn to pamper your lady with gifts and soft words because it is one of the best ways to show your love and care. Be a flexible man!

3. Commend her:

Learn always to commend your lady when she does something good and even if she fails at it, still commend her for taking the bold steps to try.

Commending or praising your lady mostly before your or her friends has a way of boosting herself esteem, and will give her the boldness to improve in what she does. And guess what! It will positively affect her love for you.

They do not express love in silence. Praise your lady at every given opportunity you get.

4. Advise her:

One thing ladies crave for in a relationship is to have someone who will constantly counsel them in the right way.

Be one of the major sources of good advice in your lady’s life. When you notice she’s stressed, advice her to rest. Doing that will express that you care about her health.

5. Learn to listen to her always:

It’s a natural fact that most ladies loves to talk all the time mostly to the men they are in love with. It saddens their heart when they are talking and no one is listening, it makes the looks foolish.

Give your woman a listening ear irrespective of what they are talking about because it helps them to feel calm and comfortable in their relationship.

Even if you are not good at listening, learn it because it comes with lots of benefits in your relationship.

You are not being strong by not listening to your partner rather you are destroying the confidence of your woman in the relationship.

6. Go on vacation with her:

Learn to take your woman out on vacation to spend quality time with her. Doing that will let her know you take pleasure in enjoying every moment with her.

As a husband, taking your wife on vacations is one of the best ways to renew the love in your union. When the love is constantly renewed, it makes the love fresh as though it just began.

Once in a while, plan vacations into the life routine of your lady, because it helps to reduce the tensions in the relationship and increases the romance in the relationship.

Taking your lady out shows she’s worth spending time with, and that will boost her confidence more in you and will relieve her of her personal stress.


7. Be a leader to her:

One of the key values of a good relationship is the display of leadership qualities.

A lady who wants to grow and persist in life desires her man to always lead and encourage her on the path of leadership. Being a leader to her shows that you care not only for her emotions, but also for her personal growth.

As a man, be a source of leadership inspiration in your lady’s life, and it will amaze you at the way she will pour her affection on you.

A relationship that lacks leadership qualities won’t stand the test of time.

8. Don’t compare her:

One sign you value and respect  the lady in your life for who she is that you don’t compare her with other ladies.

Comparing your lady with other ladies is a societal wickedness because you are indirectly demoralizing her personality and making her lose self-confidence in herself.

When your lady loses confidence in herself, she will eventually lose confidence in you and in the relationship in return.

Nothing kills the confidence in a relationship like comparison.

9. Give her the freedom of expression:

Love is sweet and valuable when you have the liberty to express yourself without feeling frighten before your partner.

Give your lady the opportunity to express herself fully to you without feeling interrupted or scared around you.

Build a strong friendship with your lady because that’s a good way to create the freedom of expression in your relationship.

Create a peaceful atmosphere for her to be herself and encourage her to be free by investing much effort in the friendship.

“Don’t let your lady feel like a prisoner around you”.

10. Be a motivation to her:

Instead of becoming a source of discouragement to her, be a motivating factor in her life.

There are lots of things that can easily discourage someone from life’s pursuit, be stronger enough to shield your woman from them all.

Constantly let her know that she can achieve whatever she sets her mind to achieve in life.

When you constantly motivate your woman to be strong and face the challenges of life boldly, you are indirectly and directly letting her know that you care for her happiness in life.

Take your time to go through the 10 ways to care for your woman and apply them to your relationship to develop a beautiful union between you and your partner.

If you have questions and any valuable information to add to this article, do well to comment on them. As you do so, don’t forget to share this post and follow this blog.

Thank you!

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