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11 Baby Registry Must Haves

There simply is nothing like the arrival of a newborn. So little, such a miracle…and in desperate need of so much stuff!

As far as necessities, anything is great to ask for if you want it. This is your time as a mom and dad to really enjoy the experience.

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National etiquette expert and owner of The Protocol School of Texas

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Expecting parents need a bit of help from friends and family to furnish the nurseryoutfit the baby, and equip the new mom and dad with everything they need (and a few things they might want) for a successful foray into parenthood.

That’s where a baby registry comes in.

“A registry is multiple opportunities for the mom- and dad-to-be to get exactly what they need,” says Diane Gottsman, national etiquette expert and owner of The Protocol School of Texas. “It gives people attending a shower all kinds of price points and options.”

To get a better understanding of what a baby registry is, why it is helpful, and what items are usually found on it, we asked Gottsman some questions about these wish lists for new parents.

Why a baby registry?

The couple is doing us all a favor by letting us know what they’re lacking or what they would appreciate more of when expecting a new baby.

What items are typically found on a baby registry?

Anything from diapers to crib sheets to baby monitors. As for the necessities, anything is great to ask for if you want it. This is your time as a mom and dad to really enjoy the experience.

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When should a couple create a baby registry?

About two to three months in advance of the baby shower, so the registry information is included on the invitation. It’s proper etiquette to include registry information on a shower invitation because you’re doing just that: “showering” the couple — not just the mom-to-be — with love and gifts.

Should a couple have multiple baby registries?

One or two should suffice. Three may get confusing.

What is a good price point for items on a baby registry?

There is no set price point. Twenty-five dollars to one person could feel like $250 to another. Every person has a different budget; that’s why the registry should have everything from a $20 item to more expensive ones.

Guests may want to go in on a gift too, so more expensive items, such as strollers and cribs, are OK to add to a baby registry.

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Can you ask for cash? What about gift cards?

Cash is welcome, as you can use it on anything you want. While some may say it’s impersonal, the person accepting it is seldom going to say that: They are going to be grateful because they can spend it any which way they would like.

However, cash does have to arrive in a gift box or an envelope with a heartfelt card. Handing it over from one person to the other is called a tip.

A gift card is also a good present. Bring it to the shower in a gift bag with some baby socks or something cute to make it feel special.

Can you do a baby registry for second and third babies?

Yes — you just have to be careful. No one is going to hold it against you — every new baby is cause for celebration — but if you register for, say, a fancy, high-end stroller when you have two perfectly good ones, you could be setting yourself up to be judged.

If I’m having more than one baby shower, should I invite the same people to both?

If you’re having multiple showers, switch up the guest list. People want to celebrate you, but they don’t want to have to break the bank. It’s unrealistic to expect someone to come to one event bearing presents and not bring a gift to another party.

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Common baby registry items

Of course, all parents have certain things they absolutely need to have for the arrival of a new baby. These include:

  • Cribs, bassinets, and playards
  • Sheets
  • Baby bottles and pacifiers
  • Diapers, diaper pail, and diapering essentials, such as diaper creams and wipes
  • Wipes warmers
  • Baby monitors
  • Nursing items, such as a nursing pillow and nursing covers
  • Other feeding essentials, such as formula
  • Breast pumps and breastmilk bags
  • Onesies, pajamas, and other baby clothing, such as baby hats and socks
  • Baby hats and socks
  • Baby blankets and swaddles
  • Strollers
  • Baby carriers
  • Car seats
  • Swings or bouncers
  • Diaper bags
  • Baby books and toys, such as rattles and teething rings
  • Changing tables and changing table mats
  • Changing pads
  • Mobiles
  • Loveys
  • Tummy time mats
  • Baby albums
  • Toy storage
  • Bathtub and bath items (baby shampoo, body wash, lotion, soft washcloths, hooded towels)
  • First aid kit and nail kit

Aside from the essentials, there are items that mom and dad will want that add warmth — literally and figuratively — and enrichment to a newborn’s life.

11 baby registry gift ideas

Modern Name Embroidered Baby Sweater

Mom will appreciate this throwback style cotton roll neck pullover that is as old school preppy as it is functional. With lots of color options for the sweater and personalized thread, you can make it just the style she would want. This pick is for the littlest of babes, coming in sizes from newborn to 9 months.

Embroidered Satin Trim Blue Baby Blanket with Clothes Set

New parents are too busy to think about ordering things with their child’s name on it, but you aren’t. Order this box of goodies that includes a personalized microfiber blankie, an elephant lovey and rattle, a baby gown, and a baby hat.

Heart Personalized Piggy Bank

Start the children saving young by encouraging them to pop their change into this cute ceramic blue, gray, or pink bank with their name on it. The pink version also sports a golden crown!

Embroidered My First Mini Sports Bag

Put baby’s name in an athletic font on the top of their very first gym bag! The gift includes a baseball sound toy, basketball squeak toy, soccer ball crinkle toy, and football rattle. If you don’t want to go the sports route, there’s also a purse, tackle box, toolbox, and princess castle.

Silver Engraved Baby Cup

Give the precious new child a forever keepsake in the form of a silver baby cup. This item is especially useful because, with its clever plastic sippy cup top, it can still be used when baby becomes a toddler.

For a special addition, add a small utensil so the little one can start solids with a “silver spoon in her mouth.” (Don’t worry, this won’t make her grow up spoiled!)

Personalized Baby Book

This unique baby book has a chevron design front with cutouts for baby’s photo and hand- or footprint in a special gift box presentation. The journal has 50 pages to record every milestone from baby’s first five years.

Floral Embroidered Diaper Cover

While the registry covers mom’s needs plus some wants, this adorable floral embroidered and personalized diaper cover is the cutest non-essential you could give her new baby girl. She can pop it on under a dress for her first birthday or for whenever her plain diaper might be exposed. And at this price point, you can get one in each size!

All About Me! Embroidered Baby Blanket

If you want to give an item they’ll use multiple times a day, this super soft polyester microfiber blanket with a satin edge is the perfect choice. Personalize it with baby’s name in blue, gray, pink, or white.

Personalized Organics Gift Basket

If you can’t make the shower and want to go a little over the top, this gift basket of multiple organic items will do the trick. A water-based, eco-friendly ink illustration on a fabric onesie (you choose short or long sleeve) with leggings, cap, and homemade alpaca booties make up the outfit. Also included are a maple wood teething ring, sensory toy, and 2-in-1 burp cloth/washcloth. Parents can keep the useful crate to hold all the baby books that are sure to come as well.

ABC Blocks Snow Globe

Children are enchanted by snow globes, and this simple, bright piece of décor for the nursery will work with almost any room design. While baby won’t play with this item right away, when she is a bit older, she can shake the globe and start her mind wondering about how exactly those little snowflakes got in there in the first place.

Lotsa Love Big Bear for Kids

Every child dreams of a giant teddy bear, and the new baby will love to cuddle with, and eventually read books to, this almost 3-foot tall stuffed animal. For now, mom and dad can tuck the bear in the corner as a cute bedroom buddy, but just know that this bear will be well-loved by their precious one.

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