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11 Best Romantic Ways To Prove Your Love To Your Husband Or Wife.

Someone once said, “Talk is cheap”, and he was right. These days, anybody can say anything they like or want about love, whether they mean it or not. However, not many have the required guts to back their words with actions. Actions are forever better than words.

These days, the subject of love is arguably the trendiest and most debated, one subject that appeals the most to everybody’s emotions. Who does want to be loved? Who does not truly want to fall in love and be loved in return? The fact remains that love is an action word. It implies more of what we do than say. It is provable in nature. Any love that cannot be proven either physically or emotionally is fake. When love is upgraded from a confession to action, things like happiness, joy, romance, and untapped intimacy happen.

For a relationship or marriage to thrive and be successful, true love must be proven not just by your words but by your actions also. In fact, marriage is where love should get to its zenith, love should be pushed to its very limits. But love must start at the level of a relationship. That is the basis. You cannot love someone and not be committed to them. You cannot love someone and not give them your all to prove your love to them. You cannot love someone and not make sacrifices for them. You can’t love someone and be cheating on them. You cannot love someone and maltreat them. You cannot love someone and abandon them when the chips are low. You cannot love someone and abandon them in times of sickness. You cannot love someone and not respect them. You cannot love someone and divorce them.

Love is not a “theory” but an action that we are to prove over and again to our lover. Believe it or not, love is best seen in contrary circumstances. Like faith, it is tested day by day, and its strength and beauty radiate more in times of difficulty. For singles in a love relationship, prove your love to each other. Do not withhold it. Do not play games with it. Do not play with someone’s heart and emotions. It is a dangerous and evil thing to do. If you are still unsure about loving him/her, please hold on until you are sure.

Truthfully, it takes two partners to be truly in love to have a working relationship. A lot of relationships and marriages are unhealthy because only one party is truly committed. One true love is never enough to make a relationship work. It takes TWO. Please do not be desperate to fully give your heart to someone who has not proven his/her love to you yet. Even God who is our first and greatest lover had to prove his love to humanity. The greatest proof of his love towards us was in the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary (see John 3:16; Rom. 8:32). If God who is love personified had to prove his love to humankind, why should you think your guy/lady should not?

I did not arrive where I am today in my marriage by chance. Even though I have been a coach for years when I wanted to marry I ensured that my woman loved me too. My marriage is not working because I am a relationship and marriage coach. No. It is working because my wife and I love each other so much and we are committed to doing just that until our last breath on earth. Divorce and separation have no respect for titles, positions, social status, professional accomplishments, academic qualifications, riches, wealth, beauty, or race. If you are not willing and ready to commit to the ethos of love, relationship, and marriage, just forget it.

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is to love or marry someone who does not love you even when the love you have for them is visible. Please do not ever make that mistake. Do not just love that guy/lady. Let the person you love, love you too. It must be balanced. Love starts in a relationship and gets perfected in marriage.

There are many romantic ways to prove your love to your husband or wife, they are;

1) Kissing unexpectedly.

2) Holding her bosom romantically from the back.

3) Buying gifts unexpectedly, especially for him or her, especially on a birthday.

4) Cuddling each other while sleeping.

5) Protecting or defending each other in public and within the midst of the family members.

6) Hugging each other from the backside without prior notice to your spouse. Touching your wife does not always have to lead to lovemaking. Do it for the sake of being romantic and showing affection to her and for building emotional intimacy for the success of your marriage. 

7) Shower your husband or wife with compliments and let him or her know that you notice them and they are a strong part of your life. 

8) Assure your spouse with your kisses that you are still attracted to your spouse. Kissing is one of the best and most powerful love languages many single and married couples take for granted, Let kissing be a routine in your marital union. 

9) When your spouse wears something new or beautifully elegant, a new dress or a new hairstyle, make a point to tell him or her how beautiful they look in it. 

10) Thank your wife for the meals she prepared for you, tell her how delicious it’s and the food is yummy. 

11) Thank her for keeping the entire house clean and show your appreciation by keeping it clean as well by putting away dirty clothes, socks, and underwear where they belong before they are washed. 

Taking time to notice and appreciate your spouse in a nonsexual way enhances the love-making experience in a big way and this will lead to a better romance and intimacy experience. 

The way to your wife or Husband’s heart is through emotions, use this to create everlasting love, and romantic memories in their heart.

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