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11 Evidence Of Godly Relationship Or Marriage

Just because you need love in your life or want to marry doesn’t mean that every man or lady out there is suitable for you. In fact, there are people not meant for you, and should you break this relationship rule and go ahead and marry them, get ready to face the consequences of your actions.
Everyone may be a potential spouse for someone, however, you must identify unmistakably your own. That’s where the real headache is for many singles. But honestly, it’s not that hard. I was once single and I got it right.

Although there is truly no one spouse exclusively tailored- made just for you on earth, there are few people who could make that spouse you need in your life. There are many out there, but you must locate them, identify them, accept them, marry them, and work things out with them for a great marriage.

Who you’re involved with will determine whether you will walk down the aisle or not someday. Not everyone in a love relationship has marriage as a goal. Some just need a sex partner. Some just need a close friend. Some just need a girlfriend/boyfriend. Some just need a prayer partner. Some just need a confidant. Some just need spiritual assistance, etc. You see, people come into our lives for different purposes. Please know who is who and relate with them accordingly.
One foolish thing a lot of us do is deceive ourselves with matters regarding the heart. We know too well directly or indirectly that the person we are involved with isn’t the kind of person we need, but for reasons best known to us, we continue with them despite all the glaring red flags. The red flags are the warning signs to discontinue the relationship, but we often ignore or neglect them to our detriment.

A godly relationship should start with determining God’s will for you about that person. Thankfully, God’s will is not an abstract thing. It is evidenced in the following:
1) Revelation from God
2) Personal word from God
3) Personal conviction
4) Personal assurance
5) Personal peace of mind
6) Mutual Acceptance
7) Mutual agreement on all salient issues
8) Same objective: marriage
9) Same ideology about life
10) Same ideology about marriage
11) Same faith.

If you are in a love relationship lacking these features, you may have to reconsider the relationship through prayers, dialogue, investigation, etc. Should you not be satisfied, please opt out of that relationship immediately. Don’t pretend about it. Don’t be ashamed about it. Don’t be desperate about it. Don’t continue to hold tight to it. Please let it go.
I must also add that not all Gods will always end up in marriage because the two lovers are free moral agents with the prerogative to either accept or reject God’s will for them about a life partner. The question is: who are you involved with? A word is enough for the wise. Many thanks for reading, commenting, liking, and sharing.

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