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12 Bisexual Hookup Dating Apps That Actually Work

Being bisexual in a world that isn’t catered to your needs can be a little challenging. Especially if you’re looking to enter the online dating scene. Luckily for you, there are several bisexual hookup sites/apps with attractive singles waiting to get to know you.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading. In this article, we’ll talk about the 12 best bisexual hookup sites/apps out there, no matter your gender identity


Our first bi hookup site/app is Grindr. Being one of the leading LGBTQ dating sites on the web, it’s safe to say that there’s an abundance of bi girls, gay girls, gay men, and bi men looking for a hookup!

While Grindr is usually used for hookups, you can find anything from a serious relationship to a lifelong friendship. Grindr is more than just a dating network, it’s a database that lets you find gay or bisexual men and women from all over your area.

Finding Bisexual Singles on Grindr

Getting started on Grindr is fairly easy. Download the app (or visit their website) to get started. All you’ll need to provide is your name, age, birth date, gender, email, and phone number.

From there you can fill out your settings. If you’re bi curious or know that you are bisexual, you can clarify that you’re looking for men and women in potential matches. You can also set an age range of people you wish to match with.

Once you’ve set all the filters to your liking, you can start matching. Grindr is a location-based hookup app, so you can find sexual encounters all around your area.


Our next dating app is a popular one amongst bisexual women. This free bisexual dating app is strictly for LGBTQ women (this includes people who identify as women.) So, our guys will have to sit this one out.

If you’re a bisexual woman, HER is the perfect place to meet other bisexual women or gay women for that matter. This dating site has been around for several years now and boasts an impressive amount of active users (4.5 million.) So, it’s safe to say that finding hot bisexual females is pretty easy.

Getting Matches on HER

Getting Started on HER is super simple. Download the app or visit the site and provide a little it of information about yourself. All you need to provide is your name, age, birth date, gender, and phone number.

When you finish doing all of that, you’ll be asked to fill out your preferences. Since HER isn’t for queer men, you’ll only need to set an age range. This online community is full of like-minded singles waiting to meet you!


Our third casual encounters app is a fan favorite and possibly the best-known dating site in the world. Tinder dominates the market when it comes to its user base (over 75 million) and is considered by many to be one of the best dating apps out there.

People from several sexual orientations can find naughty singles looking for a hookup. Tinder is known for its hookup scene, but you can do so much more than just find casual sex.

Relationships and friendships are two things you can find, but you can also find bisexual couples looking for a third person to join them. Threesomes, multiple partners, and FWB are all things that are easily obtainable on Tinder.

Finding Bi Singles on Tinder

If you’ve decided that you want to sign up for Tinder and find hookups, you can choose from the free version or the paid version. Simply provide your name, age, gender, email, and phone number and then you can pick which version you’d like.

The free version allows you to do all of the basic functions Tinder has to offer such as a limit to how many likes you can give out, one super like a day, and its chatting feature. The premium versions let you have an unlimited amount of likes, 5 bonus super likes a week, and more.

Whichever version you use, the main function of Tinder stays the same. Tinder is a location-based hookup app, meaning that you can meet bi individuals in your area. The premium versions allow you to change your location, so you can meet people from all over the world.

If you want to start finding matches, it’s time to start swiping. You can swipe left if you aren’t impressed with the person Tinder suggests, or you can swipe right if you do. If you secure a match, you can start chatting with them using Tinder’s chat rooms.


Our next hookup site is another one catering to straight, gay, and bi ladies. Being another one of the most popular dating apps out there, it’s not difficult to snag a hookup on this dating service.

Bumble is known for being one of the best for women, too. On this app, only women are allowed to initiate the chat. If you’re a bi person who identifies as a woman, you’ll be able to match with both men and women AND you’ll be the one who can initiate the chat.

Getting Matched with Bi Folks on Bumble

To get started on Bumble, all you need to provide is your name, age, gender, email, and phone number. You can also establish your sexual orientation and who you’d like to potentially match.

Bumble is another location-based bi dating app. Meeting bisexuals in your area is a piece of cake as there are over 100 million users active on the dating site. You can swipe through potential hookups, much like Tinder, and chat with the ones you match with.

If you’re a bisexual woman, you get the best of both worlds. As mentioned above, you’ll be able to initiate the chat with either sex. If you’re a bi man and you match with another man, either one of you can initiate the chat!


Our fourth bisexual dating site is OKCupid. If you’re looking for a bisexual relationship or bi hookups, then OKCupid is for you. This app is also one of the most subscribed to dating services out there.

OKCupid is a more open platform compared to other hookup sites. People of any sexual orientation are welcome to find their match, whether it’s a relationship, friendship, or hookup.

Finding Local Bisexuals on OKCupid

Getting started on OKCupid is relatively easy. All you need to provide is you rname, age, gender, email, and phone number to start using this bisexual hookup site. Once you’ve done this, you can fill out a short questionnaire that will show potential hookups who you are as a person.

If you’re bi curious or bisexual, you can request that you can get matched to both men and women. You can scroll through hundreds of sexy photos and send out your likes to the ones that caught your eyes.

If you match with any of them, you can go into a private chat room and chat away with them.


Our next bi hookup site is another one of the best bisexual dating sites out there. Hinge is designed to be deleted, as the main focus of this dating app is to find your lifelong partner.

That being said, you can still find bisexual women and men who are looking for casual sex. With a user base of over 6 million straight, gay, and bisexual singles wanting to meet online, it’s actually pretty easy to find hookups.

Finding a Bi Partner on Hinge

Now that you’ve decided to use this bisexual hookup website, you have to fill out some information about yourself. Provide your name, age, gender, email, and phone number. If you’re a bisexual person, you can clarify that in the questionnaire, as well as your hobbies, job, and other interests.

Once you’ve done all of that, you can start finding your matches. you can swipe through the personal ads that other bisexual people have up and send out your likes. If you match with any off them, you’ll be taken to a private chat room.


Our next bisexual dating app is an up-and-coming service. Feeld is fairly new to the dating scene but is quickly growing in numbers. Bi curious people or people looking to meet bisexuals like them, can feel safe and represented in the Feeld community.

Dating online can be scary for the LGBT Community, and Feeld understands that. Feeld gives you 20 different options for gender and sexual orientation, letting you feel more comfortable compared to other hookup apps.

Snagging a Bi Hookup on Feeld

If you want to meet bisexual women and other bi people, Feeld is one of the best hookup apps for that. Simply provide your name, age, gender, and phone number. Once you’ve signed up, you can fill out your profile.

Tell people a little bit about yourself, like your favorite movie, color, and food, as well as maybe more in-depth topics like politics or religion. When you finish that, you can start swiping through the profiles on your dashboard.

If you like a certain person’s profile, you can click the like button in the top left corner. If you match with that same person, you can start chatting from there.


Our next bi dating site is another woman-only dating site. If you are a bi woman, you will only find those who identify as female on this app, but you’re still definitely allowed to use this! You can meet bi women who may want to play around with other women.

Unlike other online dating sites, this one is formatted with personal ads, meaning you can view multiple profiles at once.

Having Bi Hookups on Lex

Getting started on Lex is easy and free. Simply provide your name, age, birth date, email, and phone number. Then, you can fill out a short biography about yourself.

Here you can share as much information about yourself as you want. You can stay vague and mysterious, or open and honest. There’s no algorithm in place that match-makes for you, instead you have to do it on your own.

If you find someone that interests you, you can send them a chat. You can find anything from bi hookups, bi dating and friendships. The platform allows for all types of relationships to form.

Adult Friend Finder

AFF is one of the oldest and most trusted bisexual hookup sites out there. The dating service has been around for two decades now, helping bisexual men and women find casual hookups in their areas.

AFF was specifically made to help bi curious folk get laid. It’s not so much a dating site, as you’ll probably not find anyone looking for a relationship on the site. Other bisexual dating sites have an algorithm in place to provide you with matches.

That’s where AFF is different.

Finding a Bisexual hookup on AFF

Signing up for AFF is pretty easy, and it allows you to stay as anonymous as possible. All you need to provide is your name, birth date, and email. You can set up your personal ad from there.

As stated before, you can stay as anonymous as possible, but if you want bisexual meetups, you’ll want to provide a couple of pictures of yourself and a little bit about yourself.

This site functions more like Craigslist, only safer and more personalized. Bisexual singles will have an easier time looking for hookups than other dating services. You can also find a third person to add to your throuple. If you’re a bisexual couple, you can advertise yourselves on the site and start talking with interested people.

The same can be said for others looking for a bi couple. You can scour the pages of available couples looking for their third musketeer!

Be Naughty

The next bisexual hookup site is Be Naughty. This online dating site is another oldie but goldie! For over two decades Be Naughty has helped bi curious and bi singles find hookups. This site, much like Adult Friend Finder, is perfect for those wanting to meet bi people around them.

Be Naughty has free access to its features for anybody to use, and it’s easy too!

Snagging a Bi Hookup on Be Naughty

To get started on Be Naughty, you need to provide your name, age, gender, and email address. You can stay pretty vague, a lot like AFF, but it’s best to be somewhat open.

Be Naughty has an open platform, meaning that you can browse through the personal ads and chat with those who pique your interest. Unlike other hookup apps, you don’t have to match with them before you can chat with them. Hence, it is an open platform!


Our next-to-last online dating site is the one for you. BiCupid is specifically designed to help people meet bisexuals and establish anything from relationships, friendships, and one-night stands.

BiCupid is, as the name will imply, for bisexual or bi curious singles. With its community of over 1.3 million users, the app is quickly rising to the top for bisexual dating. It is also a branch off of OKCupid.

Finding Bisexual Hookups on BiCupid

Getting started on BiCupid only takes about five minutes of your time. You answer an in-depth, yet short questionnaire about yourself, like whether you’re bisexual or bi curious, your gender, pronouns, age, birth date, email, and phone number.

The functionality of this site/app is just like OKCupid. You’ll scroll through all the profiles thrown your way and send out your likes to the ones that pique your interest.


Our final bisexual dating site is quite different from most online dating sites. #Open is geared more towards people looking for unconventional types of hookups such as: threesomes, orgies, polyamorous relationships, etc.

If you want to meet bisexual women who are open to those sort of things, #Open is the perfect platform for you. Don’t worry, you can still find two-person bisexual hookups and even bi dating on this site. #Open is just like its name suggests, open.

Finding a Bisexual Partner (or Two) on #Open

If you want to start finding bisexual hookups on #Open, the registration process only takes a few clicks and minutes. #Open will ask for your name, gender, age, and email. From there you can start chatting with those who catch your eye.

Staying Safe

Now that you’ve signed up for a few of these sites, it’s time to discuss how to stay safe when using these dating apps. Read through our tips for staying safe out there.

  • Meet in public before you go to their home or dwelling alone. This allows you to get a feeling for that person without the stress of being alone.
  • Let a friend or family member know exactly where you’re heading to before you meet u with your hookup. This is in case something bad were to happen to you, someone would know exactly where you are or where you’re supposed to be.
  • If you don’t want to meet in public, you can always video chat with them. This is another safe way to meet the person without having to meet in public, and most of the time you’ll be able to see into their house. It’s best not to judge someone based on what their house looks like, but if they own items that may disturb you or make you uncomfortable, this will definitely help you make your decision.
  • Make sure you have self-defense tools on you. Whether this is a key, taser, or hidden knife, you can’t go wrong with taking these precautions.
  • ALWAYS get consent. Consent is what makes sex so enjoyable. Knowing that your partner wants you just as badly as you do is sexy! Not only is consent required legally, but morally too.

In Short

In conclusion, if you’re wanting to meet local bisexuals in your area or even establish relationships, definitely check out the apps/sites above. Make sure you stay safe and remember to have fun!

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