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1) No matter how neat and smart your spouse may be, you should remember that one day he or she will make use of the toilet and may forget to flush it well. Yes and will see his or her feces. Does that sound nice? Don’t be pushed to move in anger because of what you saw but calmly call his or her attention and let the right thing be done.

2) As much as you both will smell nice to occasions with glamourous apparel, sometimes you may wake up to their bad breaths and body odor too. Your lover can’t always smell nice. Have you tried to kiss each other in the morning before brushing your teeth? Do you like the smell and the taste of the kiss?

3) Your wife during courtship used to wear her best panties to your place and you are always moved with happiness whenever you see her in it. In marriage, believe me, you are going to see more torn panties, and you are not going to be ashamed about it. Be ready, that your neat and smart hubby who used to change his boxer every day during courtship days may be wearing one for a week when you guys get married.

4) For men with blown egos, one day your wife will challenge you to beat her hand to her chest, and you won’t do anything. Just because you are no longer interested in fighting anymore.

5) Some days you will like to fight with your spouse all through the day, but you will be forced to apologize even when you are not at fault because you will be horny at night and can’t just hold it. Lovemaking will humble your ego.

6) Your seraphic and sanctimonious spouse who you hardly saw any fault in, after the honeymoon might be the most annoying thing ever. Your eyes will clear about marriage.

7) As a man who’s all passionate about lovemaking now to the extent that you can’t wait to get married. A time will come in marriage, she will walk around the room naked and your dick won’t even be erect. “Young woman please let me rest I’m tired..”

8) Your wife will provoke you and you will reject her food, thinking she will beg you to eat it, and she will just walk away and go to bed. Letter, you will hide and go and eat the food. That’s what we call trimming your ego.

9) Your spouse might love you, but you will have to deal with the reality that there might be one of your siblings they won’t really like to be with and that’s the fact.

10) There may be times you will wake up and feel like, “How did I even marry this person”. You will feel like you just want to be, not because they necessarily did anything wrong. But guess what? No exit door.

11) Be ready, what used to trip you about your spouse might fade away with time. Marriage comes with a lot of rediscovery and a plethora of phases.

12) When you have kids, sometimes you’ll just be tired. You’ll feel like taking a break from parenting. As in, you’ll just want to throw them into the dustbin. But no escape for you. They are products of your lovemaking.

At some point, you’ll feel your spouse is the most amazing person in the world till you meet someone else who is 200% better than them. Marriage isn’t about having the best, but building your best.

So are you ready mentally and emotionally for marriage?

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