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A man who deserves the praise and respect of his wife has these qualities:

1) HE LOVES HIS WIFE MORE THAN ANY MORTAL. Your wife is next to your heart after God, treat her with all the affection she deserves.

2) HE IS NOT A MUMMY’S BOY. I don’t know what some men are doing with marriage. A man who still runs to his momma for supper and can’t make sound decisions without seeking his father’s approval is a marital accident.

3) HE ALWAYS RESPECTS HER BOTH IN PRIVATE AND PUBLIC.  Not by prostrating before her but by being mindful of her feelings, approaching her like an adult, and being careful not to criticize or embarrass her in public.

4) HE IS VERY UNDERSTANDING. Women are complex. To live successfully with one requires a great deal of understanding and massive knowledge. A woman can be laughing with you now and burst into tears the next. She can be calm this minute and irritable and mad the next. She struggles with so many things disturbing her hormones and destabilizing her emotionally. She has her monthly cycle to tackle and her contraceptives also jog her hormones up and down. An average man finds it difficult to understand his wife because he doesn’t menstruate and is not on contraceptives but an excellent husband takes the time and pain to understand his wife.

5) HE IS COMPASSIONATE. Women need plenty of compassion especially when she fails and falls short.

6) HE FORGIVES EASILY. Your wife will make mistakes, and she will offend you; she is human and not perfect, learn to forgive easily and overlook her idiosyncrasies, she will respect you a lot for it.

6) HE WORKS HARD AND PROVIDES FOR HER NEED. Please, be concerned about her needs: food, clothing, and shelter. An excellent husband provides these for his wife.

7) HE LISTENS TO HER. When I counsel women, I listen to their hearts not just their mouths. Your wife has a lot to tell you, ALWAYS listen.

8) HE TOUCHES HER A LOT. I don’t mean sex. Women need plenty of non-sexual touches daily. Your wife is not a sex toy that should only be given affection when you want to sleep with her. An excellent husband shows his wife affection all the time. Hug your wife regularly. Peck her a lot. Massage her weary limbs after a hard day job…she needs it.

9) HE KEEPS WOOING HER. A woman never gets tired of hearing “I love you” from her husband daily, it makes her feel wanted.

11) HE ASSISTS WITH CHORES. Nothing makes a husband sexier than assisting with cooking and changing the baby’s diapers once in a while, try it!

12) HE IS HONEST. He is sincere and open in all his dealings. He does not speak half truth or get involved in shady deals.

13) HE APPRECIATES HIS WIFE’S ADVICE and does not see her as a stupid woman who has nothing upstairs.

14) HE PRAYS WITH AND FOR HIS WIFE. An excellent husband lifts his wife in prayers. He understands she has seeds of greatness within her and goes through daily battles while trying to fulfill her God-given destiny.

15) HE IS PROUD OF HIS WIFE and is not ashamed to let people know he values and adores her.

Excellent husbands are in high demand daily. As you pray to marry an excellent wife, work on yourself to become an excellent husband. We attract who we are.

May the good Lord grant you understanding.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

Written by Seun Oladele, an Author, marriage, and relationship therapist.

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