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16 Important Marriage And Relationship Advice To Men Of All Age..

Marriage at all times remains for two mature men and women who are ready to accept each other’s differences, and also
to endure the challenges that will confront their marriage.

you want your wife to love you more than her pastor, respect you more
than her ex-boyfriend, and cherish you like a King in her life, then you
have to take note of these things stated below.

1) Value
your woman. Whenever she is calm please don’t think of taking advantage of her
calmness, it will hurt her. Always treat her like the queen she is in your life.


2) Respect her as well. When
women love, they do it wholeheartedly. Love is sweet but that is when you treat your woman with
so much love from your heart, by then you will be her king and her Lord.

One of the things women hate most is cheating, is not that they don’t
cheat on their men but when a woman is faithful to you, don’t cheat on
her because it will break her heart into pieces. Love her like a baby,
love her as you love yourself, and you will receive much love,
faithfulness, loyalty, submissiveness, and respect from her.

4) At all times, don’t forget to care for
your wife and children because they are the reason why God is
blessing you. A woman you don’t value is another man’s prayer point
either publicly or silently in his heart to have your kind of woman that
he will love with everything in him. Value your
family before it is too late for you.

5) Respect her points of view as your wife,
let her know that her opinions are important too, and care for her like
your mother. Every woman needs her husband’s love every day.


Try to understand the woman you love and are married to. Sometimes
women don’t speak out their pains but as a man, you should know when you
have hurt her and don’t always wait for your woman to ask you for
something before you give her what she wants, try to understand when she
needs something from you and give it to her if within your power.

Place her on your priorities list just as you placed yourself and your
family members, your woman needs your love to glow in joy and happiness.

8) Don’t tell her lies about yourself or against her because it will break her heart and make her not trust you again.

Learn how to compliment your woman, it goes a long way in making her
love you more. Making financial expenses is not the only way to love a
woman, but by complimenting her beauty, her appearance, her endowments,
and telling her that you like her dress, her hair, and how charming
she is, she will always be happy about it.

If you have a lady who loves you with all her heart, please stick to
her and make her your Queen Elizabeth. Even if she doesn’t usually
request you to give her money, give her because sometimes she might not
know how to ask you for financial assistance.

Be truthful and sincere with your lady and don’t always tell your
friend or friends anytime you both have issues because they might sneak
into her heart to the extent that they will still her away from you. If
she does anything wrong to you, talk to her about it with a loving
voice, don’t keep malice because she might apologize but she will not
easily forget how you wrongly treated her the previous day before she
apologized to you.

Nobody is perfect both men and women, but do the best you can to make
her happy and make sure you don’t do that to the detriment of your happiness.

Dear men, please you should learn to say sorry to your woman it will
make her see you as a strong, responsible, respectful, and loving
partner. Don’t allow your pride and selfishness to control you against
the happiness of your marriage or relationship.

Give your woman quality attention and intimacy any time and any day
because it will make her feel
loved and cared for by you. Don’t promise her marriage if you know you
will not marry and don’t indirectly make her believe that you may marry
her. Simply put, don’t play with her feelings for you.

Let her know her place in your heart, support her, encourage her and
always see the best in her if truly you love her and want to spend the maximum years of your life with her as your wife.

16) If you want your marriage to be peaceful, full of happiness, joy,
and successful, you should make your wife your best friend. Ninety percent of what every woman needs from men is true love, sincerity, respect, trust, and understanding by doing these things, she will love and cherish you for the rest of her life.

Give her love from your heart if you want her love. Enjoy your marriage and relationship.

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