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1) Women fall in love with words. Words communicate your intentions and why you do what you do with her. Which is why she needs to hear you say you love her. Verbalize affection. 

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2) Women stay in love when your actions match your words. This is why she begins to doubt your verbalized affection if your actions are not consistent. 

3) Women dream revealing dreams and have instincts to protect themselves and their families. Sometimes God will communicate to your woman through dreams or strong instincts about the wrong you are doing or when danger is coming towards you or the children. Pay attention to her. 

4) If you want to love a woman long-term attend to her emotions. Money, gifts, and your good physique might excite a woman for some time, but ultimately the woman wants a companion, someone who will be responsible for and attend to her emotions. 

5) Women are not complicated. She wants the simple things in life: attention, respect, kindness, and thoughtfulness. 

6) A hurt woman might push you to see if you will fight for her. Her pain makes her run away easily, she expects you to abandon her just like the others did. Show her you are different. Give her stability and assurance and it will help her heal. 

7) Women prefer to be dumped than to be led on and played with. She can handle the truth. Be courageous enough to tell her you are no longer interested in her instead of giving her false hopes. She would rather be hurt by the truth than be kept with a lie. 

8) Women respond well to love and become shaken when neglected. A loved-up woman responds with love but when you make her insecure, she will become frustrated and withdraw. 

9) Women make love with their hearts. Don’t expect great sex and regular lovemaking from your wife if you don’t treat her right
10. Don’t always be quick to advise a woman. Sometimes all she needs is for you to listen and in talking with you, she will find the solutions from within. 

11) Being domineering and a male chauvinist will work against you. Respect is not demanded, respect is attracted when you treat her the way you want her to treat you. It is in your best interest to value her, the man who loves his woman loves himself. 

12) When you fail to protect your woman she will protect herself against you. Don’t be her enemy, she might love you but still put up walls to keep you from hurting her. 

13) Women too want the joy of being there for someone. Allow her to be love to you, to be there for you, and to support you. A woman who doesn’t feel needed or that she adds no value sees no value in the dating relationship or marriage. 

14) Women too have goals, dreams, and a purpose. Don’t fight her growth. 
15) Women like to be watered. When you nourish her with love and care she will present herself to you in a pleasant way. A loved-up woman doesn’t nag or quarrel. 

16) Women hold back opening up when they feel unsafe or ridiculed. Give her a safe refuge in you where she can talk without feeling judged or made to feel petty.

17) Women need clarity so that they invest. When you seem unsure she will not give you a hundred percent. Have no grey areas. 

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