Thursday, November 9, 2023

2023 Holiday Shopping Tips: How to Find Gifts on Grommet | Discover What’s Next

Looking to tackle your longggggggg list of holiday shopping this year?

Grommet is a great place to start!

Here are 7 reasons why holiday shopping on the new Grommet is a piece of cake.

1. My Votes makes it easy to keep track of your favorite products

My Votes is a living, breathing tally of all your favorite products. It displays every product you’ve ever voted for in an easy-to-search way that’s great for finding unique 2023 Holiday gifts.

Whether you’re into tech, gadgets, kitchen, or outdoor products, there’s something for everyone on the new Grommet!

Of course, you can always look at our Trending feed for a real-time showcase of the most popular products on the platform. But if you’re looking for a finer-tuned approach, sort by your favorite category! Shoppers tell us they love being able to narrow down their options so they can find the perfect holiday gift quickly.

3. Gifts are shipped to your door fast, without a middleman

Orders placed through the new Grommet are shipped directly from Makers themselves! This ensures your orders don’t sit for days in some 3rd party warehouse prior to being shipped out.

This also means each Maker sees your order directly – you really do make their day with every purchase!

4. Easily find holiday shipping cutoff dates

Imagine the look of disappointment on your loved one’s face if their gift arrives on December 26th!

We want to help make sure that doesn’t happen! You can find holiday shipping cut-off dates in 2 locations on each product’s listing:

1. At the bottom of the main product description.
2. In the “Shipping” section on the product page.

As long as your order is in before the cut-off date, you shouldn’t have to worry about a late delivery ruining your holiday!

5. Find gifting inspiration from Clips

Sometimes reading a lot of text can be boring.

(Although if you made it this far in this blog post, you’re doing better than most!)

If you want to give your mind a break, relax with our Clips!

You’ll be treated to a seemingly endless stream of videos showing off awesome new products!

6. “Guides” is a fantastic place to start your 2023 holiday shopping search

Guides make it so easy to find great gifts! Whether you’re looking for Made in the USA goods, or innovative Home & Kitchen finds, Guides is your one-stop shop for all of the top products on Grommet.

7. Get 20% off gifts you purchase through the new Grommet

Did we save the best 2023 holiday shopping perk for last? Perhaps!

On Grommet, every upvote unlocks a unique coupon code for 20% off! That’s incredible savings on these unique Maker products.

This 20% off deal is our “Thank You” for supporting Grommet and the hard-working Makers that make our site so special!

Start your 2023 Holiday Shopping Search on the new Grommet!

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