Saturday, September 16, 2023

21 Signs That Your Partner Don’t Love You..

Over the years I have been telling lovers that a healthy relationship is one where the two partners involved demonstrate their love to each other through a strong commitment. Therefore, one-sided love is not part of the deal. Today I write to expose you to 21 signs that show that your partner or someone you so much love with your heart, doesn’t love you:
1. They are not committed to you in any way.
2. They are still double-dating.
3. They don’t appreciate your show of care.
4. They don’t appreciate your company and friendship.
5. They are irritated by your presence.
6. They don’t call to ask about your well-being even though they’ve not seen you or heard from you for a long time without giving you any cogent reason.

7. They are shy and ashamed to introduce you to their parents, siblings, and friends.
8. They don’t discuss the marital future of the two of you with you.
9. They only see you as a sex object and nothing more.
10. In times of dire need, they are unconcerned.
11. They can date you for donkey years and still describe or refer to the relationship as a “casual relationship” and nothing more.

12. They are cheating on you, most times don’t hide it from you.
13. They make and receive phone calls in secret.
14. They really get mad at you if you handle their phone for any reason.
15. They keep bringing up or discussing their ex-relationship in your conversations with them.

16. They are unappreciative of any kindness you show or any help you render to them.
17. Sometimes they tell you that they don’t really like or love you.
18. They are mean to you for no reason.
19. They are unapologetic to you when they offend you and don’t mind hurting your feelings over and again without giving a damn.
20. They keep asking for things you can’t really provide or afford in a bid to drive you away from them.
21. You can never please them no matter how hard you try.
You see, the abovementioned characteristics are clear signs that your so-called partner or lover doesn’t love you. Love is provable in nature and demonstrated through a strong commitment to each other. A healthy relationship is one where love is MUTUAL and RECIPROCAL.

Friend, stop hanging out with a guy or a lady who doesn’t love you. Fine, you say, “I love him/her so much”. But the main thing here is: do they share the same sentiments about you? 

Do they feel the same for you too? A one-sided love leads to an unhealthy relationship. An unhealthy relationship leads to an unhappy marriage. 

Please share with friends and family so they to learn and be emotionally healed

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