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24/7 Domestic Slave Seeks Mansion Accommodation ⋆ Rain DeGrey

Dirty Talk Advice ColumnDreams and desires are potent fuel indeed—they keep us warm at night. There are few things as delicious as a dream fulfilled and there are few things as painful as a dream unrealized. When a lifetime is spent invested in a dream and it doesn’t materialize, the pain can feel haunting and all-consuming. How does one achieve their deepest dreams? What is the secret to making them come true?

Today’s column comes courtesy of a slave in search of their forever household and wondering why it is such a hard circumstance to come by. If servitude is in your bones, surely there should be a place where one could be made useful, right? Where are the noble houses in need of loyal slaves? The Dirty Talk advice column has the answers!

“I am an EXTREMELY submissive male in my 60s and I am seeking to become a 24/7 owned slave to a wealthy Mistress or Master. I dream of being a kept slave with all ties to my previous life cut off, no friends, no family, no possessions, no phone calls. I want my owners to keep me completely isolated from the outside world.

Ideally, there would be other staff in residence, a maid, a cook, a gardener, etc. Everybody would be above me and everyone else in the household would have authority over me. I would be given a list of tasks, kept collared, shaved, without clothing and disciplined publicly in front of the entire household if I fail in my duties. I’ve been searching for decades now and am beginning to despair that this is never going to happen. Do you have any tips where I could apply to a household? I am meant to serve! Why it is so hard to find a household that needs a dedicated slave?”–Slave Seeks Service

I do not doubt your dedication or your submission SSS, but I also know why you haven’t found the mansion of your dreams, even after decades of searching. This might be a bit of a sharp and bitter truth pill to swallow and you may find yourself spitting it out, saying I am wrong.

I am not wrong.

The reason you haven’t found this household yet is that it is an extremely big ask. “Now wait a minute!” I hear you say. “I would have no clothes, no possessions, no cell phone, I would just serve! Surely there is a place that would love to have a dedicated and loyal slave! I wouldn’t be a burden, I would be an asset!”

A Slave Can Be More Burden Than Boon

Slave BurdenLet’s break that down a bit. No clothing, ok. You are shaved so no hairbrush needed. But you will need razors in order to stay shaved. Perhaps in your fantasies you are filthy and unshowered, but eventually, that is going to become harmful to your skin. Going unshowered for a few years can lead to skin breaking down and ulcerations. You are going to need a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, for not brushing your teeth increases your odds of dementia and heart failure. A slave that ends up with heart failure from poor dental hygiene is not an asset to a household.

You will need to be fed and watered on a regular basis. You don’t mention if the quarters you are to be kept in have a bed and blankets or not—perhaps you are envisioning sleeping on the floor with no mattress, pillow, or blankets? While skipping on mattresses and blankets will keep costs down, if the temperature in your cell is not kept at a reasonable level, you will eventually become sick at some point. Food and heating costs add up. A sick slave that can not work is not an asset to a household.

We now have a list of razors, food, water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, heat, and at least a few blankets. On top of that, we have to add health insurance, dental insurance, and vision costs. People often don’t think about health and vision insurance, but it is a very necessary thing to have. A slave that struggles to see because of failing vision will have a harder time completing their tasks and is not an asset to a household.

Will You Be A Slave Till The Day You Die?

Dead SlaveI could go on, but it would be belaboring the point. Even a shaved, naked, collared slave kept in an unlit dungeon cell without blankets, pillows or a cell phone still has a fair amount of expenses associated with them. Existence is an expensive proposition for us all. You would not have an outside job, so who would be covering the costs of your food, health insurance, and hygiene necessities? The wealthy household you have joined? What happens when you become too old to work? While we don’t like thinking about it, eventually everybody’s story comes to an end…

Are you planning on working until you conveniently drop? The odds are highly unlikely that one day you will be scrubbing the mansion from top to bottom and the next day you simply don’t wake up. It’s much more likely that cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, etc., will happen. I told you that this would be a sharp and bitter pill to swallow—the truth often is. What is your retirement plan? Do you stay in this wealthy household until your very final days, naked in your cell?

There Is A Dearth Of Wealthy Households With Available Dungeons

Slave BasementYour desires only mention the circumstances that you wish to be in—shaved, collared and kept in a cell while endlessly disciplined by an entire household. In your dreams, the entire household actually revolves around YOU, not the other way around. You never mention what an ideal Mistress or Master would be, just what you want them to do to you, while simultaneously freeing you from the burden of rent, car insurance, health insurance, grocery bills, electrical bills, your family, etc. etc. As your fantasy stands now, any mansion with any wealthy owner will do, as long as they free you from your current responsibilities.

I am not saying your dream is completely impossible SSS. What I am saying is that there is a shortage of wealthy households with available dungeons to keep naked slaves in and there are many more applicants for such a situation than there are mansions available. I understand how frustrating it is to have a pure service heart and be unable to find the household to dedicate your energies to, but your desires are a bigger ask than it first appears.

A possible compromise is to get invested in your community. Find events that need help! Volunteer. Show up and be available. Serve as much and as hard as you can. Let the community of people around you know what it is that you are looking for. While this doesn’t guarantee that you will end up being a kept slave in the mansion of your dreams, it definitely increases your chances. Even if you don’t end up in a mansion, the service you can contribute to your community is a valuable service to give. Best of luck and I hope you end up naked in a dungeon while punished on the regular!

Keep it Kinky My Friends,

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