Thursday, August 24, 2023


Life is a journey and how you planned it for yourself matters a lot.

Check below and see how you do something great in life.

1) Focus on yourself, don’t be distracted by the negative things are talking about you.
2) Don’t beg for help, make those around you to ask you for help. Strive to be a leader.
3) Talk less words, take more actions. Stop saying more than it’s necessary.

4) When people disrespect you, confront them immediately but don’t be harsh and Prove to the person that you have manners and as well have home training.

5) Don’t eat other people’s food more than they eat yours. Don’t be a glutton either in your home or not. Foods can kill, likewise the way it can save.

6) Reduce how you visit some people, especially if they don’t reciprocate it and also don’t have the same mindset of greatness with you or in the same line of business with because you could be destabilized.
7) Invest in yourself. Make yourself happy. Go on vacation, events, happening places and tourism. Lock after your health and your fitness.

8) Stop entertaining gossip about other people. Those that gossip with you about others will gossip with others about you. Avoid that lifestyle.

9) Think before you talk. 80% of how people value you are what comes out from your mouth. Be mindful of your words.
10) Always strive for the best. Dress the way you should be addressed. Let your appearance speak positive about your personality.

11) Be an achiever. Get busy with your goals. There will be challenges but make sure you achieve your goals. Be a goal getter.
12) Respect your time. Be a good time manager. Work with time, deal with time. Time is expensive, respect it.

13) Don’t stay in a relationship where you are not respected and valued. Walk away, so you would not be distracted from being focused in your life.

14) Learn to spend money on yourself. That’s how people will learn to spend on you. The more values you give yourself, the more others values you.
15) Be scarce sometimes. Being Always available will most times make you not to be appreciated and respected for who you are.

16) Be a giver more than a receiver. The more you give, the more you receive, the more you will be valued.
17) Don’t go where you are not invited. And when invited don’t overstay your welcome. These will give you more respect.
18) Treat people exactly the way they deserve. It will be returned to you.

19) Two call attempts is enough when calling someone on the phone. If you are valued, you will get a call back.

20) Be good at what you do. Give your best at all.
21) Don’t be a womanizer. The Devil has terminated great men through women. Great destinies have been destroyed through women. Think about Samson and Delilah.

22) Make God the center of your life. Be committed with the things of God and God will be committed with the things about you.

23) Don’t be greedy or jealous of people achievement and progress, you will lose focus and will be drawn backward.
24) Be truthful, be open-minded. Don’t keep bad companies that can dent your personality.

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