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30 Best Congratulations Gifts for Loved Ones

Congratulations Gifts to Celebrate Your Loved Ones

Has someone in your life just been promoted, passed a major exam, or won an award at work? Maybe your bestie just completed her first marathon, or your little sister recently purchased her first home?

These remarkable achievements required loads of hard work, perseverance, and determination. So, it seems only fitting that you’re looking for thoughtful congratulations gifts that convey how proud you are AND helps them along on their new adventures!

The “usual” congratulations gifts often seem impersonal, impractical, and overpriced! That’s where we come in! We’ve gathered 30 affordable, sentimental, and innovative congratulations gifts to help you celebrate your loved ones and their impressive accomplishments in a way that won’t break the bank but will also add a little sparkle to the new journey they’re embarking on!

We've rounded up 30 fabulous congratulations gifts to help you celebrate your friends and family and their amazing milestones! | The Dating Divas
Check out this list of 30 creative congratulations gifts for every celebration.

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Below, you’ll find our selection of unique new job gifts, funky congratulations gift baskets, and sentimental congratulations gifts for the many milestones and accomplishments your loved ones may achieve throughout their lives.

For ease of reading, we’ve split it up accordingly. We truly hope you’ll be inspired to use one or more of these awesome ideas to celebrate the people who matter most in your life!

Table of Contents
  1. Congratulations Gifts to Celebrate Your Loved Ones
  2. Awesome Congratulations Gifts for a New Job
  3. Thoughtful Congratulations Gifts for a New Home
  4. Creative Congratulations Gifts for Every Celebration

Awesome Congratulations Gifts for a New Job

1. Engraved Wooden Pen Set: This elegant pen set contains two pens cocooned in a beautiful rosewood box, both of which can be engraved with an inspirational message or the recipient’s initials or name. This gorgeous keepsake will serve as a constant reminder of their success and how far they’ve come.

If you're looking for thoughtful congratulations gifts, this beautifully engraved pen set is a no-brainer! | The Dating Divas
This engraved pen set is a beautiful, sentimental new job gift.

2. New Job Who Dis, 100% Soy Wax Candle: Available in a variety of deliciously calming scents, this darling new job gift can help them unwind and relax after a stressful, tiring day of back-to-back meetings or making tough decisions.

Candles make lovely congratulations gifts, but this one will remind them of their wonderful accomplishment every time they use it! | The Dating Divas
Send this quirky candle to a loved one as a new job gift and put a smile on their face every time they use it!

3. Anti-theft Travel Laptop Bag for Men and Women: Equipped with ample storage, waterproof material, and anti-theft locks that keep their devices safe and secure, this is an ideal and stylish new job gift for those who’ll be traveling extensively as part of the new role.

If travel is a huge part of the new promotion, this anti-theft laptop bag is an ideal new job gift. | The Dating Divas
This laptop bag is a must-have new job gift for those traveling extensively as part of their new role.

4. Personalized Plaque: Bursting with pride at your loved one’s new job or promotion? Customize this charming desk plaque (for both men and women) to your heart’s content so they’ve got a sweet, inspirational reminder whenever they sit down at their desk!

Congratulations gifts are that much sweeter when they're customized. This beautiful desk plaque is no exception! | The Dating Divas
This desk plaque is a sweet reminder of their achievement, so it’s perfect for a new job gift.

5. Custom Friends-Themed Mug: New jobs may require longggg days at the office (at least while they are still figuring it all out!). Infuse some fun into their coffee breaks with this sassy, personalized Friends-themed mug.

Custom Friends-themed congratulations gifts like this coffee mug just hit the spot! | The Dating Divas
A custom Friends-themed coffee mug makes a cute new job gift for friends and family.

6. MistoBox Coffee Subscription: Do you know what pairs well with a Friends-themed coffee mug and a new promotion? A MistoBox coffee subscription that delivers bags of coffee—personalized to their tastes—straight to their door! MistoBox offers over 600 variants of coffee, priced at $20 per bag, and you can choose between three, six, or twelve-month gift subscriptions or send a once-off number of bags.

Gift your loved one a MistoBox coffee subscription as a creative new job gift. | The Dating Divas
MistoBox coffee subscriptions are excellent congratulations gifts for coffee lovers.

7. Electronics Travel Organizer: If their promotion warrants a fair amount of travel, this durable, waterproof electronics travel organizer is a must-have! It stores all their electronic gadgets, cables, and tech accessories in one place, fits perfectly in a backpack or carry-on suitcase, and makes remote working around the country (or globe!) efficient and smooth sailing!

Jet-setters will love this electronics travel organizer as a new job gift, because it makes traveling with their work gear super convenient. | The Dating Divas
Frequent travelers will really appreciate this electronics travel organizer as a new job gift.

8. Desk Name Plate: What better way to celebrate their new job than to have this fabulous acrylic name plate personalized with their name, new title, and possibly their company logo? Add a pop of color to their office desk with this eye-catching congratulations gift!

Upgrade their office decor and remind them how far they've come with this personalized nameplate as a new job gift. | The Dating Divas
Just imagine how pleased they’ll be to receive this personalized desk name plate as a new job gift?

9. Motivational Stress Balls: If they’re desk-bound and knee-deep in number-crunching, tricky formulas or algorithms, they’ll appreciate the stress-relieving, calming effects these stress balls offer. Infused with delightful aromatherapy scents and covered in bold motivational sayings, it will help reduce anxiety and boost productivity.

Congratulations gifts don't need to be fancy. These motivational stress balls will help them reduce stress and stay focused! | The Dating Divas
Motivational stress balls are great for those tough meetings or late nights, so this new job gift will really come in handy!

10. Unique Encouragement Cards With Inspirational Quotes: Alleviate imposter syndrome and inspire them to believe in themselves and their abilities with these motivational affirmations. Filled with glossy, inspiring quotes from well-known individuals from various walks of life and space to jot down one’s own inspirational thoughts, it will be a powerful tool for their success.

Gift these motivational affirmations as a new job gift that keeps on giving! | The Dating Divas
In a world filled with self-doubt, inspirational congratulations gifts like these motivational affirmations are what our loved ones really need.

11.Custom Leather Portfolio: Sleek. Sophisticated. Pairs well with a new job! Enough said?! Boost their confidence and help them “look the part” when they arrive on their first day with this contemporary personalized leather folder. Makes a meaningful graduate gift, too!

This sophisticated custom leather portfolio makes a classy new job gift that will give them an extra shot of confidence! | The Dating Divas
Help them prepare for their new role with this smart and sleek leather portfolio as a new job gift.

Thoughtful Congratulations Gifts for a New Home

12. Personalized Coasters Set: Congratulations gifts don’t need to be fancy to be meaningful. The sentiment behind them and the purpose they offer are enough. These personalized slate-stone coasters are striking, practical (every new homeowner can attest to this!), and unique.

Customized coasters make sentimental and practical congratulations gifts. | The Dating Divas
Custom congratulations gifts like these beautiful coasters add a touch of charm to their new home.

13. Custom Door Mat: How adorable would this be for a family who’s just purchased their forever home? A doormat is essential, and when you add a touch of charm by personalizing it with the members of the household … well, you’ve got yourself a winner right there!

This adorable custom welcome mat is a congratulations gift they'll use for years! | The Dating Divas
Personalize a much-needed household item, like a welcome mat, and you’ve got yourself an epic congratulations gift.

14. Fireproof & Waterproof Document Bag: Help new homeowners safeguard their important documents, devices, and other valuables in this fireproof, waterproof document bag equipped with an anti-theft locking system. Key features include ample space, portability, and extreme resistance to heat and water in the event of a fire or flood.

Help them safeguard their valuable documents with this practical and unique congratulations gift. | The Dating Divas
This fireproof document bag is a must-have congratulations gift for new homeowners.

15. EveryPlate Subscription: If your loved one has just moved into their new home, groceries are typically quite low on the to-do list for the first few days (or weeks!). EveryPlate delivers pre-planned meal boxes to their door that require minimal prep and basic utensils. It costs around $7 a meal, and the site guides you on how many meals they can get from the amount loaded on the gift card. Genius!

Gift them an affordable meal subscription as a congratulations gift to make settling into their new home easier. | The Dating Divas
Congratulations gifts, like this meal subscription, are a huge help to new homeowners trying to settle in.

16. Personalized Key holder: Rustic and beautifully designed, this household staple is a must-have for new homeowners. Customizing it adds the extra heartfelt touch that will make them think of you every time they use it!

Customize this beautiful family key holder for an elegant congratulations gift that will be used daily. | The Dating Divas
New homeowners will love receiving this beautiful, rustic custom key holder as a congratulations gift.

Creative Congratulations Gifts for Every Celebration

17. She Believed She Could So She Did Medal Holder:Is there an avid runner in your life? Have they just completed their first marathon, and you want to shower them with a gift that will inspire them to keep going? This motivational medal holder (you can customize it for men, too!) will do just that. They can proudly display their running medals and be inspired to fill the whole rack up. Win-win!

Help them stay motivated and celebrate their big wins with this epic medal holder as a congratulations gift. | The Dating Divas
Runners will love this themed medal holder as a congratulations gift for completing a milestone race!

18. Way to Grow Set of 3 Succulents: Send this adorable “Way To Grow” congratulations gift basket to a loved one who’s won a well-deserved award at work. The message is quite fitting, and these lovely succulents will brighten up their office! Also a fantastic option for a student who’s just passed a big exam or a new graduate.

A "Way To Grow" congratulations gift basket filled with real succulents adds a touch of color to one's home or office. | The Dating Divas
Gift this “Way To Grow” congratulations gift basket to a loved one who’s just won an award or hit a major milestone at work.

19. New Driver T-Shirt: Getting a driver’s license is an exciting new chapter for any young adult, so it’s only fair we find a cool, funky way to celebrate them. Available for men and women in a variety of sizes and colors for the new hip driver to proudly display their achievement!

A newly qualified driver will be proud to receive this snazzy new driver t-shirt as a congratulations gift for their big achievement. | The Dating Divas
Send this funky new driver t-shirt as a congratulations gift to someone who’s just achieved this milestone in their life!

20. 1500 Days of Fun Things to Do in Retirement: Celebrate the new retiree in your life by helping them create an epic bucket list of things to do in this new season of life. This book is chock-full of activities, hobbies, and even side hustle ideas that will inspire them to make every moment of this hard-earned chapter count.

New retirees will love getting this fun and insightful retirement book as a congratulations gift for their new chapter! | The Dating Divas
Gift this fun retirement book as a congratulations gift to inspire the new retiree in your life.

21. Custom Leather Retirement Bookmark: Step 1: Inspire the new retiree to make the most of this new stage of life with a fun, insightful retirement book (above). Step 2: Add a sentimental memento to the gift with an elegant, personalized leather bookmark.

22. Leather Business Card Holder: Starting a business is no easy feat, so it’s certainly a major accomplishment to celebrate. Customize this smart leather business card holder for your loved one so they can proudly promote their new venture in style!

23. Wall Sign Name Plate: Another clever way to celebrate someone who’s just started a new business? Help deck out their fabulous new premises! For starters, you could purchase this sophisticated wall sign for them to display on their office door/wall to alert potential or new customers to their business offering.

24. Custom College Acceptance Initials: Getting accepted into a college or university of their dreams is HUGE!!! Send them off to their new dorm room with this groovy decorative wooden initial that can be personalized with their school’s emblem and colors.

25. Open When Letters For College: Open when letters are such an endearing, thoughtful gift, so it’s a really sweet way to celebrate a youngster going off to college!! These open when envelopes cater to every new experience they’ll have when they’re off working on their dreams! All you have to do is add an encouraging note inside each one.

26. Congratulations Pamper Gift Box: Studying for a big exam requires a lot of sacrifice, willpower, and effort. If they’ve just passed a big exam, pamper them with this awesome congratulations gift basket that includes delicious snacks and sweet trinkets for them to relish in their success.

27. Cookie Bouquet: Unique. Indulgent. SUPER cute! So they’ve put in countless long nights studying toward a career-determining exam? Reward their efforts and celebrate their success with this yummmmy cookie bouquet, delivered nationwide by a bakery specializing in these delish edible arrangements!

28. Custom Moving Away Pillow: Mixed emotions got you confused about what to gift a loved one that’s moving away? Celebrate their bold, brave new move with this sentimental gift that they can hold onto every time they miss or think of you! Add a special message that will get them through the tough days.

29. Wedding Planner: We think this gorgeous, chic wedding planner is the perfect way to congratulate a newly engaged couple! It has everything they need to plan the wedding of their dreams, including wedding planning tips, budget advice, an 18-month planner, appointment checklists, note sections, and wallets to store magazine cutouts, fabric swatches, business cards, and photos. When they’re ready, we’ve got tons of great bridal shower and bachelorette gift ideas, too!

30. Conversation Cards for New Parents: Do you know a couple who’s just announced their pregnancy and are about to become new parents? Celebrate this joyous occasion with a gift just for them that they can use right away! These conversation cards for new parents stimulate deep, insightful conversations to help them prepare for what lies ahead.

If you’re totally obsessed with this gift, check out our conversation starters for couples and families. While you’re at it, why not get ahead on your baby shower gift, too?!

And there you have it! 30 fabulous congratulations gifts to celebrate the people you adore and their journey to making their dreams come true!

If you enjoyed our gift ideas, we’ve got loads more for new moms, new dads, grandparents, anniversaries, birthdays, and just because, too!

Happy shopping!

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