Sunday, June 11, 2023

30 Days Of Brave

Own It!

I’ve discovered a new way of doing what I love.

Creativity streaks, or sprints, are the go!

Have you ever challenged yourself to a creativity streak?

Bam! Brave act right there.

Not brave as in heroically fight a bear, but brave as in step out of your comfort zone kind of brave, and not onto a bindi either— or maybe that is brave; kind of like a giant leap of faith but stepping into something risky. No I’m kidding, don’t go stepping onto any bindi’s or into any risks! But you know, sometimes you’ve got to take a chance on yourself— so let’s say calculated risks potentially.

Anyhoo, a creative streak is quite a commitment. So it depends, are you committed to your craft, your creative influence?

Because, without it, who would you be?

I mean, your very personality is a creative streak: the way you wear your hair, the clothes you choose, your daily habits – they make up your creativity, your daily interests, AKA – You!

See? Creativity is anything that brings out your playfulness.

I feel like I’ve digressed here, but I have always advocated being you, your authentic self and that is your first creative palette when you wake up in the morning. Every. Single. Day! You wake up with a clean canvas; what creative flair will you adorn it with today? And for the next 30 days? A lifetime? We never stop being our own selves. Own it! Be you. Show the world who you are and rock it with unabashed playfulness.

Q: What kind of creativity streak could you explore?

I would love to hear of your creative undertakings in the comments below.

Go on, unleash your playful creative flair; allow your intuition to guide you.

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