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30 Types Of Marriage You Didn’t Know

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What are the marriage types you know? Stay tuned as I expose you to all the types of marriage; both the ones you know and don’t know.

In our world today, the institution called marriage has evolved into many different gems, reflecting historical and personal nuances as well as culture. Did you know that arranged marriage alone constitutes almost 53 percent of unions globally?

Helen Rowland once said, “Marriage is like twirling a baton, turning handsprings, or eating with chopsticks: It looks easy until you try it. Join me in this blog post as we look into the marriage types, the historical origins, and the statistics of marriage.

After reading this post, you will know all the marriage types and which type of marriage is the best. If you are ready, let’s dive in. What are the different types of marriage?

Marriage Types: 30 Types Of Marriage You Didn’t Know About:

1. Monogamy:-

Monogamy is a form of partnership or marriage in which you only have one spouse or partner at a time. This marriage type has evolved and has been influenced by social, cultural, and religious factors.  Historically, monogamous marriage has been prevalent in many societies. It is seen as the best way to establish stability in families, inheritance rights, and social order.

2. Polygamy:-

Polygamy is a marital practice where you are free to have multiple spouses simultaneously. Polygamy has its historical roots in various religions and cultures around the world, often reflecting economic, social, or religious considerations.

In some societies, polygamy was a way to maintain large families, enhance social status, or form alliances between families or tribes.

In the modern era, it’s most commonly associated with certain religious groups, such as certain sects of Islam and some offshoots of Mormonism.

Note that polygamy can take two forms: polygyny ( which means one man having multiple wives) and polyandry (one woman having multiple husbands).

3. Civil Marriage:

Civil Marriage is a legal union of two people, recognized by the government without any religious ceremonies. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Rome, where marriage was initially a civil institution.

In more recent history, civil marriage gained dominance during the entertainment era, when the separation of state and church became an essential Principle. The concept of civil marriage began to take root during this period, emphasizing the significance of a legal contract between consenting adults rather than a religious sacrament.

4. Shotgun Marriage:

This refers to a forced or rushed marriage that often happens because of an unplanned pregnancy. The term shotgun means that the groom’s family would use violence or a threat (often symbolized by a literal shotgun) to make the couple get married.

Shotgun marriage has its historical roots dating back to various periods and cultures where family honor and societal norms played an important role in dictating such marriage.

 In some cases,  when a woman has an unplanned pregnancy out of wedlock,  her community and family force the man responsible for the marriage to marry her to avoid scandal and to maintain social respectability.


5. Polyandry:

Polyandry is one of the marriage types that is interesting to note. In this form of marriage, a woman is married to multiple men simultaneously. History shows that this type of marriage has been practiced in different parts of the world, though it is far less common than polygyny (a man marrying multiple wives).

One example of polyandry is found in places like Tibetan and Nepalese culture, where brothers decide to share a wife to keep their resources and land within the family.

This was influenced by many factors including the desire to avoid dividing properties among multiple heirs and limited land.

6. Interracial Marriage:

Interracial marriage involves two people from different racial backgrounds forming marital unions. This marriage type challenges traditional social norms and promotes cultural diversity.

An example of interracial marriage is between Meghan Markle, who is biracial, and Prince Harry, who is a member of the British royal family. Such marriage contributes to breaking down racial barriers and improving understanding among different communities.

7. Open Marriage:

An open marriage refers to a consensual arrangement between two people in a committed relationship, allowing them to engage in a romantic or sexual relationship with other people even as they maintain the primary partnership.

In an open market, communication, clear boundaries, and trust are the most important things to ensure that both partners are emotionally protected. For example, John and Jane have an open marriage where they openly discuss their other relationships and prioritize honesty.

These two people believe that this setup will strengthen their bond as they explore connections outside their marriage.

8. Covenant Marriage:

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