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40 Best Winter Date Ideas on a Budget for 2024

Holiday season can be stressful but it’s romantic more. Winter is the time to snuggle up with your loved ones, share quality time and making lifetime memories.

It’s also the perfect time of the year for an ideal winter date. The holiday season always brings an added sense of merry and happiness. It’s hard to say if anyone hates winter. Winter and holidays go hand in hand.

In some parts of the globe, winter can seem a little daunting and depressing, as the cold months seem to never end. But date is the one thing that can ignite your love life over the holidays.

It can help bring back the excitement, joy and wonder when the temperature dip. I have come forward with an amazing list of best winter date ideas and half of them are free.

I always feel winter dates are way more romantic than summer dates and fall dates. That’s maybe because I love winter more.

I love wearing sweaters and pullovers, love snuggling under the blanket and watching snowfall, love walking around the neighbourhood when the roads are filled with white layers of thick snow and last but not the least, I love sipping hot coffee sitting around the arm of my husband.

When we were living in Seattle, we used to enjoy winter by doing several fun activities.

In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite winter date ideas to help you do just that. From cozy nights in to fun activities, there is something for everyone. So read on and get inspired!

Romantic winter date ideas

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most common winter activities that people enjoy. It’s never gets too old, even if it’s snowy and freezing outside, you and your love partner will always love ice skating.

The best thing about choosing ice skating on a date is it brings back all your childhood memories. You will fall, rise again and there will be endless laughter.

It is a perfect fit for teen date ideas, young couples and even for the married couples. Think it this way, it is way more romantic because you can hold hands, can get close to each other, can dance to the music they play on the rink. In every way, ice skating gives you the opportunity for romance.

best winter date ideas

Visit a Holiday Market

Holiday markets are a great fun. You can buy anything under one big roof and people look for budget-friendly gifts during the holiday season.

Almost in every city, there are Christmas market with several stores selling beautiful decorative items, charming gifts that you can buy for friends and family.

This could be an amazing winter date idea for you.

Take a winter hike

Hiking is a great way to connect with your partner. While exploring the nature, you will get ample of time to talk and listen to each other. A winter hike for an hour or two will bring you both closer and if snows fall, it will certainly be an epic walk.

The fresh breath of air, the winter morning chill, will allow you both to hold hands and seek pleasure in each other’s heart.

In India, where I stay, I hardly get to enjoy the winter. I terribly miss my winter day date. If you have the opportunity to take your date on a hike, do not miss it.

woman in brown coat walking on snow covered pathway during daytime

Do holiday decoration together

The holidays are the time when we all want to spend time with the people we love and want to cherish the moments. For your winter date ideas, I think doing holiday decoration together at home is a great way to connect.

You can do all the holiday shopping together and then enjoy the process of making the house look fantastic and festive. This is an ideal winter date idea for married couples.

You might be too lazy to go out or too busy to plan a date, so why not to productive while dating.

brown and red heart ornament hanging on green christmas tree

Build a snowman

Okay! Building a snowman is super fun and cool. I have done this back in my Seattle days. We went to the Pike place market when it was all snow and we built a snowman there.

I am getting all nostalgic at this moment.

If you are looking for a unique and loving date idea which is also free, not a single penny you would need, build a snowman together.

snowman on snow covered ground during daytime

Have an indoor picnic

I believe you have already tried organizing an indoor picnic during winter. Usually, summer is the time when couples and family plan outdoor picnic.

To make your winter date romantic and cozy, you can plan on having an indoor picnic. If you have a favourite restaurant, you can ask them to create a special food basket for you. Or, you can cook what your love partner likes.


Game night

If you are looking for a fun date idea, then playing games is an excellent idea. It will not only set your mood but also bring both closer. You can play board games, video games whatever you and your partner likes.

If you have children in the house, they can also join you both. So, game night is a perfect date idea for both family and newlywed couples.

chess pieces on chess board

Watch childhood classics

I have watched countless childhood classics with my husband ever since we are married. We love watching back-to-back movies; it is a laid-back activity but a perfect lazy and rainy day date idea.

We enjoy watching all types of movies. Childhood classics are always fun and nostalgic to watch. Disney+ has a massive collection of classic movies, you can’t finish them all on one date.


A great thing about baking is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get all the supplies. Plus, if you are accompanied by your beloved in the kitchen, it doubles the enjoyment.

Usually, when it’s freezing cold outside, you would want to stay inside feeling warm. Holidays are the time of the year when people love baking cookies and cake for their little ones and family.

To have the perfect winter date, you don’t need to step outside your warm abode. Just enjoy baking and eating.

cookies on black grill beside yellow ceramic cup

Go sledding together

I love outdoor activities during winter and what better way to spend time with your partner in the winter, if both love adventure. This one guarantees a lot of fun.

Cook together

What do you cook during the holidays?

My husband and I love cooking together during weekends. We talk, share things about our profession and baby boy. It is a great way to ease off our mind and keep our love alive.

Similarly, you can do the same with your partner. You can make a new cuisine, or the food that both love to have.

To make it more interesting, you can light up the room and decorate with balloons and flowers.

man and woman cooking

Make hot cocoa

You don’t need anything fancy to make your winter date romantic, just make a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up with your partner. Winter season dating is all about romance and hot beverages.

If you are looking for cheap winter date ideas, this is the easiest and the most delicious way to spend your time with your date.

Take your partner to a winter camping, watch the stars and roast marshmallows to enjoy with hot cocoa.

Sounds a perfect winter date idea, right?

green ceramic mug with ice

Winter fair

Have you been to any winter fair?

It is an amazing place to go and have fun. You can take your partner to the winter fair, or popularly termed as Christmas fair, and have fun in shopping, watching performances, Christmas parade and so on.

Christmas winter fair

Snuggle in front of the fire

You don’t have to be a celeb to enjoy a candlelit dinner or have to have a big mansion and a fireplace. When it’s cold outside and you feel like to do anything.

All you want is the warmth and snuggle inside the blanket, get cozy in with your husband. Before doing that, do not forget to light a fire in your fireplace.

winter evening

Watch Christmas movies

Watching Christmas movies on a winter date is an idea that will surely make your night more romantic. There are so many great Christmas movies streaming on Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu, etc.

Classics like Home Alone, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Polar Express, etc are always fun to watch with your partner and family.

So, if you are looking for a cheap yet fun date idea, certainly watching movies is the best.

Coffee at your local coffee shop

When you are saying winter date ideas, asking your partner to meet at a local coffee shop is an ideal way to spend a couple of hours.

I enjoy sitting and talking over a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop in my neighbourhood. Usually, people choose Starbucks for coffee.

But I would suggest look for a local coffeehouse, book a table and enjoy the evening with your date.

flat lay photography of coffee latte, ground coffee, and coffee beans

Winter bonfire

There is no better way to celebrate a winter date than with a bonfire. Bonfire and roast marshmallow go perfectly well together. You can plan a bonfire in an open ground and make your own together.

person barbecuing marshmallow


Barbeque in your backyard can be a fun filled date idea. If you want a warm and cozy date idea, then have no fear. You can arrange a barbeque night date and surprise your partner.

But the weather during winter season is not always perfect for this kind of event.

That is why if you buy a barbeque and place it on your balcony or covered backyard, it can save your day and help you ignite the romance over the holidays.

person holding stainless steel fork and steak knife slicing meat

Give a city tour

A winter date doesn’t have to be all about ice skating and snowman building. If you know your city well, you can give a city tour to your partner.

For example, if you live near Brooklyn, you can take your partner to all those places like the Brooklyn Bridge. Together can visit Brooklyn amusement park, Coney Island, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, etc.

Both can enjoy a stroll across Brooklyn bridge, having ice cream together and be with each other.

Go winter camping

Winter season is associated with snow, ice, and cold. Camping during the season can be challenging. But if you and your partner want to explore an unique way of dating each other, camping can be adventurous and romantic too.

winter camping

If both love to spend the time together doing something good for the society and want to help the needy people, why not to volunteer at your local community group?

It gives a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Not only that, it will increase trust between in your relationship.

Buy holiday gifts

Winter means the holiday season started, and it’s the time to buy Christmas gifts. How about planning to buy gifts and roam around the markets with your partner?

four brown boxes

Make pizza together

Making pizza together is a fun and creative way to spend time together and show love to each other.

You can knit the dough while your partner can make the sauce, together add the toppings and let it bake in the oven.

To create the ultimate winter date night, decorate your table with candlelight and wine. Set it in the balcony or backyard of your house and serve the hot pizza.

vegetable salad on white ceramic plate

Take a hot bath

It’s winter and you would probably look for yourself and your date to get warm. Have I told you that hot baths are a great way to do so?

For a romantic date night at home, you can take a hot bath together and enjoy some bubbly champagne.

The bowling alley

Bowling is an entertaining activity you can do with your date. It helps you bond and spice up with your date. Along with the bowling, you can also enjoy ice cream and a movie marathon together.

bowling balls hitting pins

Wine, and dance on a romantic music

If you are looking for a date night at home, you can celebrate your night with some great wine and dance together on a series of romantic songs. Why only Valentine’s day? You can certainly enjoy wine and music on any date.

romantic couple dance

Art gallery is a great place to visit with your partner if they like and understand art. It’s peaceful and usually not crowded. You and your partner can spend ample of time together studying each art and explore the world of art.

woman in black long sleeve shirt sitting on floor

Attend the Christmas parade

Attend the Christmas parade is a great opportunity to enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends. But it is also a great way to enjoy the time with your partner. The Christmas thrill, merriment and happiness of everything together will make you both feel special.

people standing near lights

Go happy hours

If you and your partner both are foodie and love drinking beverages. You can look for the restaurants that have ‘open happy hours’ and enjoy unlimited food options.

This is also a date idea, though a bit different.


The cold winter air, the snow on the ground and the warm comfort inside allow you to snuggle up together for a night and binge-watch Netflix.

Do not let disturb the beautiful and romantic moment with WhatsApp messages and stalking on the social media platforms.

Certainly, you can unplug your phone and other devices for a while to enjoy and cherish the moments.

Soak in the sunlight beside the pool

When you are looking for the best winter date ideas to keep your love alive over the holidays, think outside the box ideas.

Almost every couple loves spending time with their partner doing activities that are cheap and romantic. Have you ever think of soaking in the sunlight beside the pool?

Well, sunlight can be hardly seen when it is freezing cold outside, but there are lucky days too when we get to see the sunlight and it makes us plan everything outside.

People usually visit the beach sides, take a walk with their partner and enjoy the Vitamin D.

persons feet on water

Walk the neighbourhood in snowfall

I love walking around the neighbourhood when snow falls. It’s romantic and feels so refreshing. It feels more original when you are walking and holding hands of each other. Truly the best romantic winter date ideas.

woman and man standing on snowfield

Decorate Christmas tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is a fun tradition that can be passed on to generations. It is a lot more fun if done together. It gives the couple an opportunity to do a noble thing for the family together.

Holidays mean you will get to each other completely. There is no work no routine. You can do whatever you want. You can plan your future trip, be at home cook a meal together, decorate and host a couple party.

decorate Christmas tree

Stay at B&B

You can surprise your partner by booking a night at a decent B&B and arrange a nice dinner with flowers and a gift. Make your partner feel special and loved again.

See live music,

If your partner is into music, nothing can make them happy than music. You can arrange a ticket for two of a live music concert and take her there.

man holding electric guitar

Visit holiday lights

It looks incredibly beautiful in the holidays on winter season, when all the houses of the neighbourhood are decorated with lights, Christmas tree and balls.

If both are feeling ideal and don’t feel energetic enough to do anything. Take a ride to all the neighbourhood and enjoy visiting holiday decoration of houses.

Christmas baubles on tree decor

Hit the snowy road

Winter is one of the most romantic times of the year. The landscape gets beautiful, snow falls, people are usually in a festive mood.

When you are asking someone for a date, you would obviously want to make it a success and memorable. There are so many options that I have given and apart from them, road drive is the best.

When you drive through the snowy road, it gets scary though if it is heavily snowy but otherwise it is incredibly romantic.

couple hitting the snowy road

Make a mini bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list. Things you want or desire to do in your lifetime. When each gets fulfilled, you tick them off from your list.

This could also be an amazing winter date idea. You and your loving partner can sit beside the fireplace with cups of coffee cuddle under a blanket and make a list of bucket list and start dreaming.

Try a new cuisine

Have you ever tried a new cuisine?

If you both love food and like trying out different cuisines. This time try to make something different that you have never tried before. You can get the help from YouTube or any food website.

person holding fork and knife slicing vegetable on white ceramic plate

Make pancakes for breakfast

Making pancakes at breakfast is a sweet gesture of showing love to your partner. This is one of the best and easy anniversary date ideas for married couples.

Tips for Staying Connected During the Winter Months

When the snow starts to fall and the temperatures drop, it can be easy to want to hibernate indoors. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside all winter long. There are plenty of fun activities to do with your significant other (or friends!) that will help you stay connected and beat the winter blues.

winter time

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Get cozy by the fire – There’s nothing more romantic than snuggling up by the fireplace with your special someone. Add a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers, and you have the perfect date night in.
  • Get out and explore – Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some time outdoors together. Bundle up and go for a walk in the park or take a scenic drive to look at the winter scenery.
  • Stay active – Don’t let the colder weather keep you from being active together. Go skating, or even build a snowman! Getting your heart rate up will help you both feel good and stay connected.
  • Hit the slopes – If you and your partner are adventurous types, why not hit the slopes together? Skiing or snowboarding is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying each other’s company. And if you’re not into skiing or snowboarding, you can always go sledding or build a snowman together.
  • Make time for conversation – In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be easy to let your relationship take a backseat. Whether you’re catching up over coffee or talking on the phone, make sure to carve out some time each day (or week)


I have compiled some of my winter date ideas in this blog post, ideas that I have tried in my 6 years of married life. Read and let us know your feedback.

Feature Image: Photo Credit

What are some fun and meaningful winter date ideas

There’s something special about snuggling up with your partner on a cold winter night. If you’re looking for some fun and meaningful winter date night ideas, we’ve got you covered.

1. Cook dinner together. There’s nothing more romantic than preparing a meal together. Whether you’re whipping up a simple comfort food or something a little fancier, cooking is a great way to spend quality time with your partner.

2. Have a bonfire. If you live in a place where it gets cold in the winter, take advantage of it! Build a fire in your backyard or at a nearby park, and cuddle up close while you roast marshmallows.

3. If you and your partner are coffee or hot cocoa lovers, a winter date night crawl to different cafes is the perfect way to enjoy each other’s company and explore your local scene. Make a list of all the places you want to try, and then map out a route that hits them all.

4. Horse-drawn carriage rides are a must-do during the winter months! They are a great way to experience your city in a different way and can be very romantic. 

5. Go on a winter hike. If you’re lucky enough to live near snow-capped mountains or picturesque forests, take advantage of it! bundle up and go on a winter hike with your partner. It’s the perfect way to get some fresh air and spend time together in nature.

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