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40 Prayers for a Happy Marriage and Relationship. 

Whether you are already married or still in a courtship and dating relationship, these prayers will help you, guide and elevate your spirits to achieve the happiness and success you want in your union. 
A marriage that succeeded today is the hard work of two great individuals who refused to give up on each other. 
You can achieve the same if you want to and one way to do this is by praying regularly for your marriage. 

Here are 40 Prayers for your Happy Marriage and Relationship. 

1. Prayer for Love and Unity: Dear God, bless our marriage with love and unity. Help us to always cherish and support each other, and guide us in building a strong foundation for our relationship.

2. Prayer for Trust and Communication: Heavenly Father, grant us the gift of trust and open communication. May we always be honest and transparent with one another, strengthening the bond of our marriage.

3. Prayer for Patience and Understanding: Lord, teach us patience and understanding in our relationship. Help us to be empathetic and see things from each other’s perspective, fostering a deeper connection.

4. Prayer for Forgiveness: God, grants us the ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness when we make mistakes. May forgiveness be an essential part of our relationship, allowing us to move forward with love and grace.

5. Prayer for Joy and Laughter: Heavenly Father, fill our home with joy and laughter. Help us to find delight in each other’s company and create a happy atmosphere that nourishes our marriage.

6. Prayer for Wisdom and Guidance: Lord, bless us with wisdom in making decisions that impact our marriage. Guide our steps and lead us on the path of righteousness as we navigate life together.

7. Prayer for Intimacy and Romance: Dear God, bless our marriage with intimacy and romance. Help us to nurture our physical and emotional connection, deepening our love for one another.

8. Prayer for Strength and Resilience: Heavenly Father, grant us strength and resilience during challenging times. Help us to lean on you and rely on each other as we weather the storms of life.

9. Prayer for Security and Protection: Lord, bless our marriage with security and protection. Guard us against harm, both physical and emotional, and keep our love sheltered from negativity.

10. Prayer for Growth and Development: Dear God, inspire personal growth and development within our relationship. Help us to become the best versions of ourselves and support each other’s aspirations.

11. Prayer for Gratitude: Heavenly Father, fill our hearts with gratitude for one another. Help us to appreciate the blessings of our marriage and express our thankfulness daily.

12. Prayer for Serenity and Peace: Lord, grant us serenity and peace within our relationship. May our home be a sanctuary of tranquility, where we find solace in each other’s presence.

13. Prayer for Humility and Humbleness: Dear God, teach us humility and humbleness in our marriage. Help us to put the needs of our partner before our own and foster an environment of selflessness.

14. Prayer for Friendship and Companionship: Heavenly Father, bless our marriage with true friendship and companionship. May we always enjoy each other’s company and find comfort in our bond.

15. Prayer for Faithfulness and Commitment: Lord, help us to remain faithful and committed to our marriage vows. Strengthen our resolve to honor and cherish each other throughout our lives.

16. Prayer for Balance and Priorities: Dear God, guide us in finding balance and setting proper priorities within our marriage. Help us to allocate time and energy to nurture both our relationships and individual pursuits.

17. Prayer for Healing and Restoration: Heavenly Father, bring healing and restoration to any wounds or conflicts within our marriage. Help us to mend brokenness and rebuild trust when it is necessary.

18. Prayer for Guidance in Parenting: Lord, bless us with wisdom and guidance as we navigate the journey of parenting together. Grant us the ability to raise our children in love and harmony.

19. Prayer for Long-lasting Love: Dear God, bless our marriage with a love that lasts a lifetime. May our love grow deeper with each passing day and be a source of inspiration to others.

20. Prayer for Thanking God: Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of marriage and the love we share. We commit our relationship to you, trusting in your guidance and grace.

21. Prayer for Emotional Healing: Heavenly Father, bring emotional healing to our hearts and minds. Help us to offer comfort and support to one another during times of emotional pain and vulnerability.

22. Prayer for Wisdom in Decision-making: Lord, grant us wisdom as we make decisions that impact our marriage. Help us to seek your guidance and make choices that align with your will.

23. Prayer for Gracious Words: Dear God, help us to speak words of kindness and encouragement to each other. May our words always lift each other and reflect the love we share.

24. Prayer for Financial Stability: Heavenly Father, bless our marriage with financial stability and abundance. Guide us in managing our resources wisely and providing for our needs.

25. Prayer for In-Laws and Extended Family: Lord, bless our relationship with our in-laws and extended family. Help us to cultivate healthy and harmonious connections that strengthen our bond.

26. Prayer for Adaptability: Dear God, grant us the ability to adapt and embrace change in our relationship. Help us to navigate life’s transitions together with grace and flexibility.

27. Prayer for Intergenerational Blessings: Heavenly Father, pour your blessings upon our marriage and through the generations to come. May our love and commitment inspire future relationships within our family.

28. Prayer for Empathy and Compassion: Lord, instill in us a spirit of empathy and compassion towards one another. Give us the ability to understand and support each other during moments of difficulty.

29. Prayer for Vision and Dreams: Dear God, inspire us with a shared vision and dreams for our future. Help us to set goals and work together towards fulfilling our aspirations.

30. Prayer for Adventure and Fun: Heavenly Father, bless our marriage with adventure and a sense of fun. May we create joyful memories together and embrace new experiences that strengthen our bond.

31. Prayer for Intentional Communication: Lord, help us to communicate with intention and clarity. Guide our conversations to be filled with love, respect, and understanding.

32. Prayer for Sexual Intimacy: Dear God, bless our sexual intimacy within our marriage. Help us to foster a passionate and fulfilling physical connection that deepens our love for one another.

33. Prayer for Overcoming Challenges: Heavenly Father, grant us strength and perseverance to overcome challenges in our marriage. Help us to face difficulties with a united front, knowing that together we can conquer any obstacle.

34. Prayer for Balance in Roles: Lord, guide us in finding balance and harmony in our roles within our marriage. May we support and uplift each other as we fulfill our responsibilities in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

35. Prayer for Supportive Friends: Dear God, surround us with friends who support and encourage our marriage. Bless our relationships with like-minded couples who can provide guidance and companionship.

36. Prayer for Extended Quality Time: Heavenly Father, help us to find quality time to connect and bond with one another. Grant us opportunities to create cherished memories and strengthen our love.

37. Prayer for Building Trust: Lord, foster trust in our relationship. Guide us in being faithful, honest, and transparent with one another, cultivating a deep and unbreakable bond of trust.

38. Prayer for Creating a Safe Space: Dear God, bless our marriage with a safe and nurturing space. Help us to be vulnerable, knowing that our love and acceptance will always be present.

39. Prayer for Grace in Conflict Resolution: Heavenly Father, grant us grace and wisdom in resolving conflicts. Help us to approach disagreements with love, humility, and the desire for reconciliation.

40. Prayer for a Lasting Legacy: Lord, may our marriage leave a lasting legacy of love, faithfulness, and strength for future generations. May our example inspire others to seek and build healthy relationships.

Remember, prayer is a deeply personal and intimate practice with God, make your prayer count.

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