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45 Best First Date Ideas for 2024: Our Top Picks


First dates are always special and memorable because it is loaded with a lot of mixed emotions. It gives excitement, joy, butterflies in the stomach, and a sense of hope to know the person. It can be a little awkward if you don’t know what to do.

I have already written so many articles on date ideas – anniversary date ideas, Sunday date ideas, date ideas at home, etc. If I collate together them all, you will have more than a hundred date ideas.

There are a lot of different things you can do on a first date. You need to enjoy your first date and give each other every scope to know better.

Teens, adults can consider these date ideas, and even mid-age people too.

I think dating plays an important role in establishing a relationship. The more you date, the better you will know each other, which will help your relationship last longer.

In fact, the first date is the first step towards love.

45 Best First Date Ideas for 2024 – Let’s Dig In


Cooking can definitely be one of the best first date ideas because it is budget-friendly and romantic. For the first date, cooking together is an awesome date idea for couples of all ages.

If you are asking your partner for the first date, be more authentic. Everyone goes out for dinner at a fine restaurant on their first date, but you think no one is invited to cook.

Some might not think that it is romantic but dirty indeed. But cooking together gives you enough time to talk to each other and get to know each other well.

Best First date ideas - cooking together

Window Hopping at IKEA

Yes, you read it right. Young couples always look for cheap dating ideas, and going to IKEA can provide them that. Just a few bucks for the parking is all you need.

You can easily spend an hour roaming around the IKEA store if you want you can also do the shopping and eat their delicious Swedish dishes.


Have you ever thought about how cute first date ideas stargazing can be?

You can ask your man/woman out for a small road drive and take her/him on a surprise stargazing event. You are together both with the wide sky and stars, how romantic, isn’t it?


Shop at a Thrift Store

No worries, even if you are broke financially. You don’t have to take your partner to a fancy dining restaurant or shopping center. Take them to a thrift store and gift each other something or the best thing you can do is to donate.

This is pretty much a boring dating idea but with a good cause. If you are looking for a budget-friendly dating idea, this one will work the best.

happy couple

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is an amazing and cool dating idea for young couples on their first date.

You can surprise your girl/boy by taking them on the ice-skating ring in the city and spend the evening merrily.

ice skating

Play Board Games

You can also arrange an outdoor game event for the first date, but any first date becomes funnier if it is playing a board game at home together.

Board games are absolutely delightful if played with family; it makes the moment happier. Also, it might not be a romantic one but a fun first date activity to know each other better differently.

board game

Play Video Game

If you are looking for a first date ideas for college students, planning a video game night at home is cheaper. You can order pizza and spend the evening in endless conversation.

Watch the Sunrise Together

Even after six years of marriage, my husband takes me to see the sunrise together at the nearest beach from our place.

You don’t have to be married to go and watch the sunrise together. You can do that on your first date as well. It is a thoughtful and romantic dating idea that I could recommend.

For me, watching the sun going down standing on a beach holding hands or hands wrapped around each other gives you the best feeling and a great romantic first date idea that can create lasting memories.


Host a Movie at Home

Hosting a movie at home can also be a great dating idea for couples dating for the first time.

These days there are so many streaming platforms available you can easily convert it into a creative date at home.

Go for a Morning Stroll at a Park

If you are meeting your crush for the first time, you can ask them to meet at a park in the morning for a stroll. An early morning walk with your partner can be romantic and enjoyable, especially when holding hands.

happy couples


This dating idea is different and thoughtful. You can ask your date to participate in a social cause or program and volunteer with you.

This might not be romantic dating, but it will show your intentions and personality, which might impress them.

Buy Tickets for a Comedy Club

Sometimes asking your crush out for a date can be so tough. Hundreds of positive and negative thoughts keep dancing inside your mind. What if they deny or show a cold reaction and break the friendship.

Set aside all these thoughts and book tickets for two at a comedy club and enjoy laughing together.

Comedy Club

Visit Art Museum

I love art museums, and I would recommend young couples to visit art museums on their first date. It is not only romantic but gives you enough time to talk about things that you both want to know about each other.

art museum

Ice Cream parlour

You know that your crush loves to have ice cream, then you shouldn’t think twice. Tell her/him to reach the city’s best ice cream parlour and grab two scoops of ice cream.

This is one of the best teen first-date ideas I could think of.


Make Sandwich & Enjoy at the Park

If you are looking for a cheap dating idea, making a sandwich from home and enjoying the park together is a cool idea to offer.

Your partner might like your selfless effort of making a sandwich and get highly impress with you.


Go to the City Observatory Deck

You can also go to the city observatory deck and spend time walking around.

Enjoy a City Bike Ride

You can plan for a city bike ride together on your first date. It is a fun first date idea for young couples. You can ride together around the city, stopping by a café, grab a coffee and enjoy a few hours of being together.

bike ride

Pottery Class

Have you ever tried pottery class on your date?

If not, you should try. It is a unique dating idea for anniversaries and also for couples who want something creative to be done on their date.

 Pottery class

Coffee Shop Date

A coffee shop date is the most common and budget-friendly dating idea for couples of all ages.

I love coffee dates.

coffee date

Baseball Game

If you can spend money on your first date to make an impression on your date and by any chance, if he/she is a baseball lover, you need not to think of any other ideas.

Indeed, a baseball game will work for the night.

Walk Your Dog Together

Do you have a pet dog?

You can hop over to your partner’s house to walk his/her pet dog together in the morning or evening. Usually, people take an hour or two to walk their dog, which is absolutely an amazing time for both of you to spend together.

couple with dog

Visit a Flea Market

Indeed, visiting a flea market together can also be an awesome first date. You can buy your date something or just spend the time at the market and enjoy eating at a local shop.

Visit the Arcade

Young people love going to the arcade. It’s a great fun place to hang around. You can play, enjoy and grab a bite at the arcade. So, thinking of where to take your date?

Take them to the city’s best arcade.


Botanical garden

Suppose you know that your date loves nature and a peace-loving person; taking her/him to the city’s botanical garden would be the most thoughtful dating idea that your date will appreciate.

It will give both a calm and a positive environment to walk around and establish a conversation.

botanical garden

Hit Up a Karaoke bar

If you want to plan something lively and vibrant on your first date, an evening of few hours at a karaoke bar will be a success.

This is not an ideal dating idea if you want to have a conversation, of course. But it is one way to enjoy your date the most.

Go Hiking

Do you love hiking? Does your date love adventurous outdoor activities? If so, hiking could be the best organic dating idea. It is fun, adventurous, not so romantic, but it is the ultimate thing to do for any hiker enthusiast that gives happiness.

couples hiking together

Attend an Outdoor Concert

An outdoor concert is definitely not cheap but if you have money and want to enjoy an outdoor concert with your date, plan for it. It could be anything, a singing concert, a band concert, etc.

Take a Ferry Ride

Do you love ferry ride?

Thinking a ferry ride as a first date idea is unusual indeed because there is nothing to do on a ferry, and that’s the best thing about dating on a ferry ride.

For hours of ride, you don’t have to think of anything. Both have plenty of time to sit and talk, watching the water and the wide blue sky. It’s insanely romantic, believe me.

ferry ride

Visit the City Aquarium

You can also arrange your first date ever visiting the city aquarium. There are so many different types of aquariums with colourful fishes inside the aquariums. Young couples love the idea of visiting aquariums and keeping them in their home.

You can easily turn visiting the city aquarium into a date.

Food Festival

Going to a food festival is one of the best first date ideas ever for food lovers. You can find a massive variety of food items of almost all cuisines.

The best thing about going to a food festival is that you can share ideas about taste and food with your date. It could be a fun first date.

food festival

Go to the Carnival

I have been to the carnival quite a few times with my husband, and it is a totally fun-filled place to go for a date.

You could have fun with your partner in doing whatever you want in the carnival. You could play, participate in the activities, win prizes, eat burgers and hotdogs and etc.


Go Bowling

Couples usually love going for bowling. It is fun, romantic, a good way to spend quality time with your partner merrily.

Go Boating

I am sure you have tried boating at least once in your lifetime.

Boating is fun, and it gets exciting if you can catch a fish and arrange your day for the camp together.


Do you love reading? Are you an ardent lover of books?

A booklover becomes the happiest when someone gifts them a book or when they visit a bookstore.

If you come to know that your date also loves books and reading, taking advantage of that, you can take her/him to a bookstore.

This would not be ideal dating, but if it makes your partner happy, it’s a date worthful than anything.

Visit a New Restaurant

If you come to know about a new restaurant opening up nearby or in the city, you can invite or take your date there and spend quality time tasting the menu.

couples dating

Beach day

By beach day, I mean arranging something on the beach as your dating spot. You can surprise her by setting up a spot with a towel, wine, and some snacks to eat.

It could be a beach picnic day with your date.

45 Best First Date Ideas for 2024: Our Top Picks 1

Go for a Pizza date

Couples of any age love to go on a pizza date. The good thing about a pizza date is it is budget-friendly and easily accessible.

You can order pizza at home and spend the evening of your first date. You can book a table for two and have a wonderful conversation over a delicious pizza.

best first date ideas

Dance Lesson

If you want to do something different on your first date, you can register for dance lessons like tango or salsa and have fun.

Arrange a Campfire

If you both are an adult and are responsible enough to take care of yourself. You can drive over outside the city near any lake and establish a campfire night.

This could be adventurous as well as romantic.

45 Best First Date Ideas for 2024: Our Top Picks 2

Meet at a Local Bar

Meeting at any local bar could also be an idea for a first date where both the adults can enjoy a few glasses of beer.

Make a Snowman

If you are looking for a first date idea in the winter, I think nothing compares with making a snowman in the chill weather.

It is fun and reminds you of childhood.

Go to a Scenic Location & Take Pictures

You can go to a scenic location & take a selfie together and cherish the memories.

Winter Night Walk

I absolutely enjoy winter night walks, and I can guarantee your date will love this date idea.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is an amazing date idea for couples where both can enjoy sipping wine and know each other.

wine tasting

Go Fishing

If you want to go rustic and have a peace date, you can take her/him with you for fishing.


These are some of the best first date ideas you can think of and impress your partner.

Here are some FAQs

How can you choose the perfect first date location based on your interests and preferences?

Before you go on a first date, choosing the location is a challenge, as it can set the tone for the rest of the evening. You have to think –

What kind of atmosphere do you want? – What type of activity do you want to do? – Do you want to go somewhere quiet or somewhere with a lot of people around? – Do you want to spend a lot of money or keep it low key?

Think about what you enjoy and find interesting and try to incorporate that in your first date. It is important you choose a location that feels comfortable and welcoming. As it is your first date, you would want your date to feel comfortable with the vibe of the location you choose.

If you have a shared interest, like both prefer hiking or art, you can take that into consideration. Personalizing the location can make the first date feel more memorable.

You should avoid locations that might put too much pressure on either of you. For example, you have a tight budget but to impress your date you have to choose a fancy restaurant.

Be yourself and remember to enjoy.

How can you make a first date less stressful and more enjoyable for both parties involved?

You want to make a good impression but you also do not want to come across as desperate or overly eager. The key is to relax and be yourself. But I know for someone who hasn’t dated or wants to impress, the first date could be a bit challenging.

Here are a few simple steps that I want you to follow:

Be yourself. Just relax, show your positive attitude and make amazing memories that your date will also enjoy.

If you are feeling nervous about your first date, have a few ready conversation starters on your sleeves, like what music do you like? What is your favourite vacation spot? What do you like to do on the weekends? And so on.

The next expert tip I have for you is to live in the present, enjoy and grab every opportunity to know each other well.

Be open to try new things. Your date might have some exciting activity ideas she/he wants to do with you, accept it gracefully and enjoy without overthinking on what will happen or not.

A first date is an opportunity to make a connection with your date. So, try to be generous enough, and optimistic about your chances.

How can you incorporate elements of adventure and excitement into your first date?

We often think of boring dates that involve dinner and a movie. However, adding a sense of adventure and excitement can make the date more memorable and fun.

Consider doing something out of the ordinary. This could be anything from taking a scenic hike to going for a hot-air balloon ride. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Here are few ideas:

You can go on a hike, rock climbing, or kayaking, which is a perfect blend of adventure and excitement. Not only will you be engaging in a fun physical activity. This type of date will also create a sense of excitement as you try new things together.

If both are food lovers and love experiencing a new cultural festival, how about consider taking a cooking class together? Like you could try taking up an Italian cuisine class and serve each other exotic dishes at home, which is a budget-friendly dating idea.

To add a bit of suspense, you could surprise your date a last-minute gateway to somewhere they have always wanted to go.

Whatever you do, just make sure you let your date know that you’re excited to be with them. A simple gesture like flowers or a heartfelt compliment can go a long way. 

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