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5 Common Misconceptions about Handmade Items

Just because it’s handmade, doesn’t mean it’s ethical.
In the past few years, the handmade domain of India has grown drastically. Even, the reports clearly depict that demand of Indian handicraft items in the foreign trade is increasing. Day by day, the skillful artisans of our nation are coming up with new creative handmade items and unique designs for handicrafts.

Indian Handmade goods not only enhance the beauty of one’s decor but also gives a glimpse of Indian tradition & culture. As we live in a country, where if one business is profiteering then people start spreading the myths about the business. And, the same impact is shown on the leading business of India, i.e. handmade items from their supply chain to the technology artisans use to craft marvelous handicrafts.

Solemnly the misconceptions about the handicraft items have grown so much that the Indian Government came forward to take the strict action. They asked the people not to spread myths about the handicraft items, instead aware more people to purchase the authentic products of the country.

However, when we get a new piece of handmade household article, clothing or goods, we first see where the product has been made, and only from the country name, we judge how the product has been made, and how much handcrafted it is? Does the country name really matter? In fact, it does not matter of which country handcrafted goods you are buying; if it is handcrafted, we should value that product.

Following are the five common misconceptions about handicraft Items which we stop believing.

Myth 1: Handcrafted clothes are old-fashioned and out-of-date
Truth: Just think about the sweater your grandmother weaved when you do not even know the difference between handcrafted or ready made. Still, you loved that sweater, moreover, prefer to wear it today also, without thinking about how it looks or the design is in trend or not because a handcrafted cloth from your grandmother holds a special meaning for you.

Myth 2: Handmade items are for babies only
Truth: Totally not, handicraft items are for everyone. Whether you are 5-year-old or 80, you will use handicraft items in your daily routine without even realizing. As a kid, you use to play with a wood abacus. And, when you are 80, you use handicraft items like acupressure instruments of wood to get relief from pain. So, age doesn’t define whether to use handicraft items or not. If you look in the market, there are tons of handmade goods for adults only.

Myth 3: Not useful handmade stuff
Truth: Most of the people, don’t know the broom they used is handmade. The cutlery they use in the kitchen is also handmade. Moreover, the potted plants in which you plant beautiful blooms to decor their homes is also handmade.

Myth 4: Handicraft items are poorly manufactured, look cheap/ not worth the price.
Truth: Those who think that buying a branded shirt won’t tear apart, then you are wrong. In fact, goods made by artisans are of better quality, and they use the finest materials to craft extraordinary handicraft items. Also, the charm of handicraft items lasts for a longer time.

Myth 5: Handmade items are not for unique occasion/gifts?
Truth: Even you are looking to gift a floral bouquet or God idols, all are handmade. Handicraft items are best suited to gift on special occasions like wedding, Diwali, return gifts and housewarming parties.

Handmade articles are for everyday!!

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