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5 Dangerous Signs Your Relationship Is About To Break up

Is not about finding love but it’s about being loved and staying in that relationship until it’s Successful. Many relationships or marriages started well but their end was emotionally disastrous. 
For you not to end up badly, below are the signs that your relationship will not last even up to 3 months not Minding how much you love him or her.

1) GOSSIPING OR KISS AND TELL. Gossiping is not limited to female folks alone, some guys gossip as well, but most times it’s a female lifestyle. If you gossip people will find it easy to get secrets thought of others or your own life out of you. 

You will end up saying things that you are not meant to say in public, you will end up talking about your intimate life with your partner or talking about his financial capacity just because he told you. Some girls are fond of discussing how they made love with their partners or emphasizing private issues that should not be emphasized in public.

Gossiping can become extremely addictive, you know you are addicted to gossip when you can hardly sit quietly for 20 mins without mentioning somebody’s name and what happened to them in the past whether in your presence or not. 

Gossiping or backbiting can cause you to lose a relationship, there have been situations where women lost their men to friends because they opened their mouths too much and revealed too much.

Kiss and tell is a common attitude amongst guys, guys would sleep with a girl and tell their friends that they just did, and some would go on taking pictures of her when she is naked and share with friends. 

Some men would tell his friends that he finally got to date that hot chick and they made love with each other throughout the night. Women feel like they have been stripped naked in public when they discover that you let the cat out of the bag… it can hurt your relationship with her and future relationships with other girls she may know.

2) ADDICTION. Addiction can be something like PS gaming, soccer games, smoking, eating, lack of self-control in lovemaking with any woman that comes your way, and so on. Addiction can ruin not just your relationship but your career and entire life and honor. This is because addictions usually take you away from the real world and put you in a world that sucks you from reality and you begin to feel like without it you are not satisfied or complete.

Some years back there was news about a man who gambled not just his house but his wife and kids as well, and because of the shame of her husband’s addicted lifestyle, she had to file for a divorce. I have seen this addiction make men wretched and poor after losing millions, I have seen addiction make men commit suicide.

Watching unpleasant video addiction will automatically give birth to self-service and self-service addiction will ruin your stamina in the bedroom and your feelings for actual lovemaking. Once your brain is adapted to your hand as pleasure it could make you lose stamina in the bedroom when making love with a woman.

A girl complained about her boyfriend who was addicted to self-service, she said she felt sad because she was ready to give her body whenever he wanted but he still went on servicing himself in the bathroom, and she had no option but to end the relationship, she told him to go on dating his hand.

3) CARELESS SPENDING. One of the effects of careless spending is that, you go broke faster than you imagine, another effect is that you cannot even clearly state what exactly you used the money for.

Whether you are male or female, careless spending is dangerous, if you have a girlfriend who doesn’t care about your savings or who doesn’t care about spending wisely and she wants you to spend on her then break off that relationship now because she is going to tear you to pieces of poverty and move on to her next victim. Before she wastes you, you have to do away with her as quickly as possible. Such girls will be quick to see you as stingy and selfish if you refuse her requests, please dump her ass now.

If you are dating a guy who spends on you too, doesn’t save, has no investments, and no plans to make better use of money then you should run away. I know some people are going to say, which girl is going to run away from a guy who spoils her with money? The truth is, if it’s too good to be true then you need to quit because he is either preparing you for a diabolic ritual or he is preparing you for a future of poverty.

4) SELFISHNESS. Generally, you should avoid people who are always about themselves, talk about themselves, praise themselves, spend on themselves, and care only for themselves they feel it’s all about them. You should stay away from them because they will ruin you, they have nothing to offer, and waiting on them is like waiting for a train that never left the station.

I read about a man who was complaining about his wife, she doesn’t spend her money on the family just on herself, she doesn’t even buy things for her kids, and whenever the kids come to her for anything she refers them to their father, she only spent her money on herself, her makeup and accessories. Such partners are very dangerous and you don’t need them and if you are part of such kind of people you need to change that else you could be losing a lot of people.

5) PITY DATING. This is simply dating people out of pity, don’t you ever do that. If you do it’s all going to backfire on you heavily and you would wish you never did. If you don’t love somebody and don’t jump into a relationship with them out of pity, you will find yourself cheating on them, hurting them even more, and probably not even regretting it but feeling pity, people will see you as a horrible person because that is what you will be.
Relationships are not born out of pity, they are born from honest attraction for each other.

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