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Maturity is one of the principal requirements as far as preparing for marriage is concerned because marriage is not for babies, it’s for the mature.
By definition, maturity is a state of being mature, ripe, and fully developed. So, you must attain these maturities before you marry.

1) Physical Maturity. You must attain this maturity before marriage. Physical maturity has to do with bodily maturity and development. Even in some countries, you will not be allowed to vote and do certain things until you reach a certain age. We frown at child marriage, why? Because those children are not mature for it. 
So, take your time and grow. Be physically mature. Grow up, and allow your body to be fully developed.

2) Spiritual Maturity. You have heard before that the spiritual controls the physical, that’s true. Marriage has its spiritual dimension. One of the reasons why most marriages fail is because they lack divine covering.
A godly and happy marriage is a threat to the devil, he does everything within his power to end such marriage. Don’t be careless about your spiritual life. Be committed to it, give it attention, and be a true child of God. Be mature in spiritual matters. Don’t be a baby. Be a student of the Bible, be prayerful, and have a relationship with God.

3) Emotional Maturity. I have read stories of how some men brutally beat, punched, and stabbed, and matched their wives to untimely death. I have also read how some women stabbed their husbands in their sleep to their death. I have read how some jealous partners pour acid on their partners. Most of all these incidents can be attributed to the inability to handle emotions.
Emotions can mar or make a marriage, it can make your marriage heaven or hell on earth, so you must learn how to manage them. Read books on emotional intelligence, anger management, attitude, etc.

4) Mental Maturity. Our words and actions reveal the quality of our mental state. We talk or act, you are showing us whether you are a baby or an adult. How mature you are mentally will determine the quality of your decisions and choices.
So, it’s important to be mature mentally because marriage will task you mentally, you will make choices and decisions that will either be toxic or healthy for your marriage. Read books, seek counseling, listen to tapes, expand your mental capacity, have mentors, etc.

5) Financial Maturity. Financial maturity has to do with being financially free and independent, being able to take care of your bills without depending on others, being gainfully employed and empowered, etc. 
Marriage carries financial responsibilities, don’t make mistakes about it. Even to get married you need money, to stay happily married, you need money. Money pays bills, not love. So, be financially mature. Learn a trade, learn a skill, and have a steady stream of income. Make sure you are employed before marriage. Make investments that can make you money even when you are not working.

Conclusively, in all you do make sure you are mature, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc. Maturity is non-negotiable, non-transferable preparation you must attain if godly, healthy, and successful marriage is your desire.

Written by Okolie Samuel

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