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5 Must-Do’s Of Preparation For NEET Droppers

5 Must-Do's Of Preparation For NEET Droppers

Every medical aspirant dreams of cracking NEET and securing a seat in one of the country’s most prestigious medical colleges. However, only a few out of lakhs of students achieve success at NEET, turning their dreams into reality. For students to ace NEET, a fool-proof preparation is inevitable. 

Nearly 14 lakh students participated in NEET 2019, out of which only 8 lakh students qualified NEET and fewer than that got admitted to medical colleges, all of which starts with NEET Application. If you are one of them who appeared at NEET 2019 but couldn’t clear it, do not lose hope. If you are looking at cracking NEET 2020, make the most of this time and give a flying start to your preparations. With this article, we aim to help such students understand the do’s and don’ts while preparing for NEET.

1. Being An Optimist

“Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude” – Zig Ziglar. Carrying a positive attitude is vital before starting to prepare. Germinate seeds of positivity even before your NEET UG registration. Retrospecting about failure at the previous attempt will only hamper progress. Start again, and stay positive. Read inspirational anecdotes, and stay motivated, charged. 

2. Devise An Effective Plan

Understand the pattern of NEET before making a study plan. Have a lucid analysis of previous years’ question papers for essential topics/chapters. Formulate a time-table analyzing important topics, devoting as much attention to these and other challenging issues. Strategize your plan in a way, utilizing most of your active hours, apply time-saving tactics. Avoid any further delay, start now!

3. Best Books 

Refer and study from the best books for NEET. NCERT stands. First, it must be a priority. Go through it line by line as questions are picked from any range of NCERT textbooks. Refer to enough study materials, avoid referring to a myriad of books, and it only creates room for confusion. Make the right choice of books, practice enough papers. 

4. Conceptual Clarity A Must

The most common route followed by students is reaching out to NCERT books and starting by skimming through important questions from NEET papers and mastering them. This may not be the right approach. Amidst all this, the most crucial facet is overlooked – focusing on clarity of basic concepts. The foremost step must be to concentrate on gaining conceptual knowledge of fundamental concepts, for this, devote as much time. Seek the help of your teachers/experts/seniors, or one can even refer to video tutorials. Once that is achieved, concepts can be built upon, only making learning more accessible. 

5. Self-Analysis

The last thing you would want is for history to repeat itself. Please make a list of mistakes you committed previous time, and work harder on them this time. Your weak areas can be numerical in physics, or spending more time on each question can be the reason you lost out on marks. The only answer to this is practising, solving as many papers as possible. Please do not ignore your weak areas, instead convert them into your strengths. 

One common mistake observed in repeaters is the complacency they hold of having studied chapters and skimming through them just when exams are approaching. Avoid this. Start all over again, give a new, fresh dimension to your preparation, visit topics you overlooked last time for its complications. Seek help if required. Regularly revise chapters. 

Some other, lesser-focused points which require equal attention are:

  • Check on your progress, analyze your mistakes thoroughly, and reward yourself for progress. It can boost your preparation
  • Take up mock tests daily to enhance accuracy and speed levels
  • Maintain the same level of temperament 
  • Train your mind to be the most active from 2 pm-5 pm, as that is the window during which exam would be conducted 
  • Do not over-strain 
  • Take care of your health, eat healthily and sleep well
  • Indulge in other activities occasionally to avoid getting bored of studying
  • Ditch studying for long hours at a stretch 
  • Start now! Do not waste your time.

I wish you luck with your NEET preparation!

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