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6 Gifts To Surprise Your Partner In A Distance Relationship

6 Gifts To Surprise Your Partner In A Distance Relationship

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Giving is one of the ways to keep a relationship healthy. With a long-distance relationship, the need for thoughtful giving is even more important. But you can sit all night thinking of what to give without a clue. I’m here to help you with 6 suggestions. 

Personalized Padlock

I found this one on Etsy and I thought I should share it. The symbolism in giving a padlock engraved with your lover’s name and yours on it is a powerful one. It carries a sense of reassurance, not even distance is going to break the bond you have. The padlock is made of brass and you can request to add a personal note to your lover on the other side. Of course, your partner is not going to expect to see a padlock as he or she is opening the package. 

Long Distance Art

This unique gift is surely going to first surprise your partner, then it’s going to warm their hearts to no end. Long distance art a wall art that features a map of your state and your partner’s own. Then the artist paints something about either state that is going to make the receiving partner feel loved. 

Vitamin Me Daily Dose Of Love

This is a creative way to show your partner that though they are far away, you are always thinking of them. It’s an amber-colored bottle of real capsules, but instead of medicine, you have special little love messages. They are written on an assortment of colored paper. There’s a plethora of stuff you can write; inside jokes you both have shared, reasons you love your partner, and so on. 

Stainless Steel Penis Plug

If you are looking for that surprise gift that’s really going to have your partner screaming with delight then go for this stainless steel penis plug. It provides a gentle stretch to the urethra allowing you to explore and spice things up in the bedroom. 

If you love this gift idea, check out their site here. 

6 Gifts To Surprise Your Partner In A Distance Relationship

It Started With A Message Keyring

Surprise your partner with a gift that reminds them of the first time you met and what the highlight was. The message engraved on the keyring begins with the words, It Started With…

The keyring is handmade with beveled edges and hand-stamped text. It is made with nature-friendly aluminum. It would only cost about $20 to bring a smile to your partner’s face and have them thinking of a reunion. 

‘Open When’ Envelopes

You fill these sets of six envelopes with lovely treats you are sure your partner would appreciate; sweets, chocolate, jewelry, puzzles, or jokes. The envelopes have quotes printed on them so you can choose the one that matches your intention. An envelope can say, Open When You Miss Me. 

Final Thoughts

The partners who enjoy distance relationships the most are the creative ones. And if you need help in that department this list here will surely fire up your imagination. You should definitely try one of these gifts here. 

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