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6 Grommet Makers You Should Know

We love getting to know every single Maker that launches on Grommet, but we couldn’t help but extend a special shoutout to these 6 Makers. 🫶

Whether through personal tragedy, military service, or a dedication to handcrafted traditions, these small business owners have inspired us with their journeys.

Today we’re thrilled to share their stories with you. ❤️

Jess and Brandon are cousins from San Antonio, Texas. While enjoying dinner with friends one evening, the topic of wet wipes came up. (Don’t ask them how!) Frustrated with current solutions, they set out to create a better, more sustainable alternative.

Regular wet wipes wreak havoc on your pipes. Plumbers love traditional wet wipes because they bring them so much business, but they’re not good for the earth. Jess and Brandon created Pristine Sprays to cleanse and soothe your skin without the environmental impact.

Turning regular toilet paper into something new. A few sprays is all it takes to turn standard TP into a flushable wipe alternative that feets great on your bottom and won’t further endanger our environment. If you’d like, support Jess and Brandon with a quick upvote!

Brian & Ryan have cracked the code on nutrient-dense foods that still taste great. Their delicious pancake and waffle mix, BrainCakes, helps you optimize your well-being while supporting the preservation of our planet through conscious, sustainable consumerism.

A better-for-you breakfast. BrainCakes is organic-certified, grain-free, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher-certified. This just-add-water mix can support heightened creativity, enhanced focus, and calm your nervous system – any time of day.

They donate at least 1% of revenue to vetted sustainable projects across the Amazon Rainforest. Because what good is helping you fuel yourself if there’s no planet left for us to enjoy? Read more about Brian, Ryan, and BrainCakes by clicking below!

Hunter believes there’s still a place for handcrafted products in this modern world. He created the Eyewear Chain after seeing a need for an elegant and functional accessory that could prevent the common problem of losing eyewear.

His personal experiences inspired him to launch his small business. Hunter knew about the problem of losing his eyewear all too well. By elevating a simple eyewear retainer to a piece of striking jewelry, he encourages users to value and care for their favorite accessories.

Fashion meets function while protecting your glasses. If you or someone you love need a better way to keep track of glasses, consider giving Hunter’s creation an upvote today!

Felicia found herself in a nightmare situation for any parent. Her 2-year-old son was choking, and despite her healthcare background and CPR training, fear immobilized her. Felicia’s husband was able to remove the blockage, but she wanted to ensure no parent had to go through what she had.

Determined to create an easier way to prevent choking. What sets CPRWrap apart is it offers clear, step-by-step guidance for chest compressions, ensuring that you can administer effective CPR even in high-stress, chaotic situations.

Her journey is just getting started. Felicia won’t rest until CPRWrap becomes as common as a first-aid kit in every home, school, and community. If you’d like to support her mission, please share a quick upvote!

Candy believes everyone deserves to rest in comfort. She came up with the idea for RestAngles while on a flight where her feet couldn’t reach the floor. Her dangling legs were painful, so she got to work on a solution.

She imagined a portable footrest she could use anywhere. RestAngles allows you to keep your feet perfectly flat with ideal posture no matter where you are. It even folds flat for complete portability.

Bringing the floor to your feet no matter where you sit. Candy’s invention will be your new favorite thing to take on trips. Don’t struggle with dangling feet any longer, and show Candy your support by visiting her page today.

Chris launched his certified service-disabled veteran owned business in Fayetteville, N.C. in 2020. After a 20-year military career, his passion for entrepreneurship and creating his own business became his new mission.

Excessive sugars and unnecessary additives are seemingly everywhere. Concerned with these extra additives, Chris embarked on a journey to craft his own sauce products using wholesome ingredients, like delicious dates, as a healthier alternative.

Chris is offering his popular sauce 2-pack to Grommet shoppers. His Date Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing works great as a salad dressing, meat marinade, glaze, or dipping sauce. Not to be outdone, his Sweet Date Hot Sauce is a delightful balance of sweet and heat perfect with wings, eggs, tacos, burgers, and more. Salute this retired service member and support Chris with your vote today.

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