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6 Masterful Tips To Make Your Man Miss You

Let’s be honest, when the intimacy in your love life is going through a tough time, such insecurities can become clear and evident. And so, you may look for excuses and ways to make your man care about you and the relationship more. That said, besides being confident, here are some tips to make your man miss and go crazy about you!

Be mysterious enough

Mystery intrigues men. So if you prefer to keep some secrets about you, then you’re in the right direction. Men love it when they have a mystery to solve or when they have to work harder in order to get close to a woman. So, if you’re looking to impress, not revealing everything about yourself may be a good idea. Let him decipher you.

Have a fun time without him

Show your man that you are capable of having a good time without him. Go out for parties, brunches or have a good time with your friends. This will give them a chance to think and be curious about how and why you’re having so much fun without them. And then, they’ll start to miss you!

Make him feel a little bit jealous

This may be a bit tricky but it’s guaranteed to make your man value and miss you more. You can start by introducing a friend or someone who’s really fond of you, to your man. You can highlight their positive points and maybe laugh once or twice. This will definitely spark jealousy within him because if he loves you enough, he wouldn’t want his woman to praise some other man more.

Don’t reply to his calls or texts immediately

Take your time replying to those frequent calls or texts by your man. You can even avoid his calls for some time to make him wonder what you’re up to, especially if you’ve been bothered by him. To even spice things up, you can add that you were with another guy friend, which is enough to make him go crazy about you.

Don an addictive smell

Strong perfumes will always catch your man’s attention, especially if you’ve shown up to a date in a very attractive dress. Pleasant yet sensual smells can attract your man, making him desire for more, which in turn, can lead to some steamy hot action in the bedroom. So, go get yourself an amazing perfume and see your man miss and desire for you more!

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