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6 Mysterious Ways To Have A Mysterious Personality

6 Mysterious Ways To Have A Mysterious Personality


Silence has always been encouraged for a reason. The golden advice speaks less and listening not only comes to play to become a good listener but also to create a mysterious aura around oneself. There are many reasons why one should become mysterious to a certain extent. Firstly, the aura of mystery can make you look brilliant and make other people inquisitive.

Why And How To Have A Mysterious Personality?

Even a mediocre person who is mysterious can look brilliant. Secondly, being mysterious gives you an upper hand by putting other people in defensive mode while trying to figure yourself out. Thirdly, you do not have to carry the burden of any expectations. With the element of mystery, enters the element of uncertainty and when you are mysterious, an element of uncertainty will always exist around you which will stop other people from fitting you in a label or bury you under the pressure of expectations. Lastly, being mysterious makes a person intimidating. Intimidation will demand attention and also, it works as power in many cases.

How To Have A Mysterious Personality?

Now that the benefits of being mysterious are realized, one might wonder how to have a mysterious personality. Listed below are a few tips to develop a mysterious personality.

1. Be excellent in your work

There is a difference between a person who is silent and is mediocre. No one will consider that person as mysterious. To actually carry the aura of mystery, it is important to be a master of your work, no matter what you are pursuing. It is only when you are excellent in your job and remains silent whenever needed, people will start to wonder who you are and this will create a mysterious aura around you.

2. Don’t speak about yourself

It is a human tendency to talk about oneself when interacting with another person. To create an aura of mystery, avoid talking about yourself. Do not post WhatsApp Status often and provide the world with a view of your day to day actions. When you talk about yourself, especially at an excessive amount, the other person might come to know everything about you and might lose interest in you. Try not to make everything about you and become a good listener. Listening more and talking less will automatically help you in developing a mysterious personality.

3. Become a confident person

Mysterious people only look when they are confident in nature. Having confidence in itself creates a mysterious personality because often people end up wondering how the person is so confident? For instance, a model who is creating a portfolio of Sexy Photos will look in the images only when they pose with confidence. A confident and mysterious element looks good together, always.

4. Keep your personal life secret

It is always a wise decision to keep your personal life secret. It will make people wonder more about how your personal life exactly is. When creating goals for yourself, do not go announcing them to the world. Let your result speak. Guard your privacy like your life depends upon it.

5. Learn to enjoy some alone time

If you are not alone for some time, it simply means that you are always available for everyone and you cannot help but say yes to anyone to have plans with you. Be careful about the people whom you want in your life. Stay with them but not always. When you are alone, you gain back a certain set of power. However, it is important to enjoy your alone time and make it a part of your solitude and loneliness. In your alone time, you can work on yourself to develop your skills further.

6. Speak with an intent

To become a respected mysterious person, it is important to speak with intent. Learn to value your words, so that other people can value your words too. If you need to speak up on certain occasions, go ahead and speak your mind with confidence. If you are giving someone your words, ensure that the promise is fulfilled.

Developing a mysterious personality requires time. It is not something that happens overnight. One needs to train themselves to become and then stay mysterious. Also, while developing a mysterious personality, it is important to ensure that you do not let go of your authenticity.



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