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6 Rare Food Allergies – Be Wise Professor

6 Rare Food Allergies

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Having a food allergy is not just disturbing, it can be downright scary. Navigating the word each day and trying to watch everything you take even water can be frustrating. Apart from that wanting to have the feel of that particular food you are allergic to but can’t is pretty hurtful.

Yes, milk, nuts, eggs, fish, soybeans wheat and so many other foods might give the best of nutrients to some but to others cause devastating health conditions. While a handful of these food allergies are mild and common, some are rare and life-threatening. 

Walk into any grocery store and check the food racks, you will find foods that are labeled to contain possible food allergens. This is done to help people who have such food allergies to steer clear of such foods. There are about 8 common food allergies and here they are;

  • Peanuts
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Shellfish
  • Soybeans
  • Fish
  • Wheat
  • Tree nuts lets us know that there about 160 food allergies that are uncommon and therefore considered even more dangerous as food-producing companies wouldn’t know to indicate if such allergens are present in their food. Get in touch with one of their representatives for antibody tests and BDNF Elisa kits

According to the yearly estimates of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 30,000 emergency room visits, 2000 hospitalizations, and 150 deaths are as a result of ingesting foods that cause severe life-threatening reactions. These reactions can be prevented in many cases if the individual’s allergy is known but whereas it isn’t known, the result can be chaotic. Now, let’s get to know 6 rare food allergies.


There is a close relationship between avocado allergies and latex allergies. This is due to the fact that the proteins which are found in avocados have a structural similarity with those found in natural rubber latex.


Food allergy that involves seeds might occur due to the ingestion of any of these seeds; sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.  Whether or not they are consumed whole or ground, if you have an allergic reaction to any of these seeds, you will notice these reactions. Allergic reactions to seeds include, swelling of the throat which causes breathing difficulty (anaphylaxis). Therefore if you have allergies to any of these seeds, you must do well to read food labels especially those on baked foods to avoid ingesting ground seeds in them that you are allergic to.


Who would think corn would fall into the list of food allergens? But it did. It is common to develop allergy to all types of grains but allergic reactions to corn is rare. If you are allergic to corn, you may witness the following reactions after eating this grain; Swelling of the mouth, hives, difficulty breathing etc. Even though the proteins responsible for the allergic reaction corn causes in certain persons is not present in processed corn products, it is best to stay off corn products if you have this food allergy.


Most people who are allergic to gelatin will think it ridiculous. Just one bite into that marshmallow will let you know how uncomfortable eating it is for you. Although the allergic reactions do not only pop up when eat that red wobbly dessert, you can also get them after a vaccine shot. This is because most vaccines are stabilized using gelatin. If you have this rare food allergy, you might notice a skin rash or rash inside your mouth after eating or being vaccinated with any gelatin product. Therefore before getting vaccinated, check in with your doctor first.


The additives used in processing certain foods can cause allergic reactions. The food additives that are mostly responsible for these reactions are nitrites, sulfites and other food coloring and flavoring ingredients. If you have a food allergy for additives, here are some of what you might experience; headaches.


Research says that this food allergy is not caused by the meat but by a tick bite. If you have some time in your life been bitten by a tick, you might find yourself allergic to the meat from animals that were also bitten by a tick after a while. Red meat allergy involves reactions after consuming; pork, mutton, beef, poultry, and other forms of red meat.


Deaths or severe medical conditions which occur as a result of late response to food allergy cases due to diagnostic problems can be avoided. Thanks to advanced medical findings rabbit polyclonal antibody production has aided in areas of diagnosing allergies whose causes are rare such as the aforementioned ones.

These rare food allergy cases whose causes are not known unless the patient’s medical history has earlier been taken can be diagnosed using Elisa Immunoassay kits.

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