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6 Signs A Lady Is Crushing On You.

When a girl is madly in love with you, secretly admiring you or crushing on you, wishing she’s in a relationship with you, below are the signals she will display.

1) She will do everything possible within her power to be with you. When a girl is admiring you, she can take unimaginable steps just to satisfy her desire. She will not mind if you are already in a relationship or you are about to get married to another woman. All she wants is to be in the circle of your company, that’s her happiness.


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2) She will always want to speak with you. A lady who’s in love with you will always want to hear your voice. She can just call you on the phone just to ask you how are you doing, have you eaten, what are you doing, etc. And any day you didn’t pick her calls, she may not be happy with anyone.

3) When a girl is crushing on you, she will be concerned about your challenges, such as your financial needs, and if you are not employed, she will join you to look for a job. This kind of girl will even spend her money on you.

4) She will always want to be around you. Walk down the street with you. She will even tell her closet friend that you are her boyfriend even when you are not dating her.

5) She will be giving you eye contact in so many different ways. One proven signal that shows a girl is admiring you is the way she looks at you whenever she sees you. A girl that admires you can maintain long eyes contacts with you.

6) She will always smile at you whenever she sees you. You will see the happiness in her heart from her body language.

Finally, a girl that loves you will always want to laugh when you are talking with friends. Is not that she’s laughing at you but she wants you to notice her presence. She will want to chat with you whenever she sees you online, always ready to initiate the chat. Always commenting on your post, appreciating your profile picture, calling you romantic names.

Don’t expect that a woman will openly tell you that she’s in love with you, she will openly say it if you are not seeing her greenlight.

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