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7 Amazing Ways to Avoid Online Dating Scams! 🚩

7 Amazing Ways to Avoid Online Dating Scams!

The best ways to avoid online dating scams is about watching for sneaky red flags!

With somewhere between 40-70% of romantic relationships starting online, online dating sites and apps are an obvious choice for shopping for love.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous people take advantage of vulnerable people.

A man I know lost $5000.

A woman lost $50,000.

Another man lost over 5 million dollars!

They can be very sweet and charming and often young and attractive.

And next thing you know you’re out hundreds or thousands of dollars and feel like a fool—or worse.

You shy away from dating and end up home alone eating 3-day-old leftovers and vowing to never go on a dating site again.

You deserve fresh food!

And an amazing woman with integrity to share it with!

Let’s jump in!

Ways To Avoid Online Dating Scams

7. If She’s Way Better Looking / Younger Than You!

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Yes, if you meet in person, you might charm the socks (and other clothes) right off her.

But a woman who hasn’t experienced the real-life charming you can be after something else.

If you post photos trying to look rich, you’ll attract scammers or gold diggers.

But even if you don’t post those kinds of images, you may still attract stealthy scammers who’ll run you dry of your retirement funds.

Be cautious if there’s a big difference in your age or attractiveness.

The next red flag is one many men fall for because men are innate heroes…

6. At First Sign Of Damsel In Distress—Run!

You feel good helping others and sneaky women prey on this.

Whether or not she’s actually a scammer, you don’t want a fixer-upper!

If she gives some big sob story of how hard up she is financially, that’s your cue to run.

Key Point!

Even if she tells you she’s dealing with it, that may be a setup to get your guard down.

Then she’ll be sweet and saucy and eventually be in a tougher spot and you’ll feel like a schmuck if you don’t offer to help her financially.

Be wary if she asks for a small amount of money. That’s a test to see how you respond. The next time it’ll be more.

This ties into how a man lost millions and almost went bankrupt.

Key Point!

It’s human nature to continue to invest in something or someone—even if there’s plenty of evidence against it.

Now, to weed out the unsophisticated scammers you’ll want to…

Watch the video to find out the other 5 ways (plus a bonus tip) to avoid online dating scams, plus a bonus tip and what happened to the man who lost million$!

Beyond Ways To Avoid Online Dating Scams…

If you are often taken advantage of or feel you don’t have enough to offer the kind of woman you desire, I invite you to consider my WakeUP2Luv program.

If you do the homework, it will help you become the kind of man who commands respect from everyone, not just women… while honoring who you are.

And if you’re just getting started in the online dating world, I encourage you to get my online dating program.

It’s only $10US with a few to-the-point videos but will save you from making the common and critical mistakes 99% of men new to dating sites make.

You deserve to find the love you crave.

You got this!

xo Anna

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