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7 Conscious Ways To Develop Empathy In Your Relationship

7 Conscious Ways To Develop Empathy In Your Relationship

In a busy world where everyone has their own hectic schedules to manage, it can be difficult to sustain a healthy relationship. The challenge to stay connected becomes more difficult as you pass the honeymoon phase. 

Many couples choose to preserve the work and effort they’ve put into their partnerships by opting to go for the relationship counselling Melbourne counsellors recommend. Our experts have stressed that there are steps you can take to make your relationship stronger and give your counselling a stronger shot at working. 


It Takes 2 to Make Relationships Work

Contrary to popular belief, relationships require more attention and focus to keep them healthy as time goes on. In some cases, many couples feel as though they’re losing their connection with each other, and proper communication may start feeling like a considerable effort. Most times, being more empathetic is all that is required to rekindle the original spark. Here’s how to do that. 

7 Conscious Ways To Develop Empathy In Your Relationship

         1. Understand What Empathy Is

In short, empathy is putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. Imagine how they’re feeling and why they’re feeling these emotions. Understanding why your partner is behaving the way they do will go a long way toward making the couples therapy Melbourne couples opt for, more successful. Understanding why your partner seems to be upset or is acting out will also enable both parties to find an amicable resolution. 

         2. Communicate About Everyone’s Emotions

No matter how long you’ve been in your relationship, regular and open communication is key to being empathetic. It’s important to listen to your partner and show that you’re listening. 

Keep in mind that you should listen to understand, not just reply. Avoid dismissing your partner’s emotions because they seem silly or irrelevant. A few tips for becoming an active listener:

  • Set time aside for an active conversation.
  • Maintain eye contact as well as an inviting demeanour—don’t create the impression that you actually have better things to do.
  • Put your phone aside and avoid other distractions. 
  • Don’t interrupt and let your partner say what’s really on their mind.

         3. Refrain From Passing Judgement

As relationships progress, we tend to become more judgmental of our partners when they do or feel something we don’t entirely agree with. That might be because we expect more from them in terms of their behaviour and choices. 

However, it’s important to be considerate of our partners’ actions and the reasons they make certain decisions. Rather than judge their choices, work on being more supportive. If a choice they make backfires, show them that you’re right there to help them regroup and plan a better strategy. Your partner should always feel that you have their back no matter what. 

         4. Share Responsibilities

Another easy way to be empathetic toward your partner is by absorbing some of their errands, chores or responsibilities. This is especially helpful when they’re not feeling well, or if they have to take on extra work responsibilities. It’s also nice to do something for your partner just because you can.

Our experts suggest that this is an excellent way to get an understanding of your partner’s behaviour if it’s directly related to something they need to do every day. 

         5. Be Present and Mindful

In a world where people are often busy on their mobile devices, being present at the moment can fall by the wayside. You can spend an entire day in someone’s company without actually having a single meaningful conversation. 

When you spend time with your partner, it’s important to be mindful of the situation you’re in. Give them your full attention and show them that you enjoy being in their company. Spend time out of your comfort zone. That means, instead of lounging around at home where no one really talks to anyone, opt for a dinner or picnic away from home. 

         6. Practice Grace

Tough times are the perfect opportunity to show empathy. When your partner seems to be experiencing a difficult time, your patience and understanding will go a long way toward helping them deal with the situation. Rather than aggravate the emotions brought on by a negative situation, listen and provide a peaceful solution that shows you’re there for them. 

          7. Consider Your Partner’s Needs

Another strong component of showing empathy is knowing when your partner needs company, help or simply just some alone time. For example, if they seem to be dealing with stress at work, they may need a quiet afternoon away from the kids to relax. 

If you’ve been with them for a considerable amount of time, you’ll know what they need, when they need it, but only if you’re intentional about sensing their moods.


Final Thought

It takes many factors to make a relationship work. Empathy is only one of them. Use the tips our experts have suggested to be a more compassionate and understanding partner. Doing that will go a long way to keeping your relationship healthy and relevant!

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