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Do you want to make money legitimately online without struggling? Do you want to earn extra means of income to settle some of your bills?

If you are looking for legit platforms to earn money online without many struggles, then this article is for you. In this article, I will show you 7 legit platforms to earn money online.

The internet has made it very easy for people to earn a living from the comfort of their homes without the need to go out to look for money. The internet is a big business market where any serious-minded person can earn a living or extra means of income. All you need to succeed on the internet are;

a) A smartphone, laptop or desktop.

b) An internet connection.c) And a dedicated heart to work.

With the 3 above listed ingredients or requirements to earn money online, you can make a fortune for yourself from the internet. You must have it in mind that the internet will not give you money on its own, but you must milk the money out of the internet with a dedicated heart to work. And if you work seriously on these platforms I am about to expose you to, you will become one of those testifying about the wealth on the internet.


Now, let us look at the 7 legit platforms to earn money online.

1. Quora.com:

Quora is an online community forum where people ask questions and get answers to their questions but it is also a legit platform to earn money online by just asking questions. You never can tell how much you could earn by just asking some funny questions.

So you will need to establish yourself in Quora’s platform by registering and have a username and a password they can identify you with.

When you have established yourself on the platform, get familiar with the platform, ask and answer some questions on the site.

We will talk more about how to earn some extra cash on Quora’s platform in another post. Watch out for it.

Viraltrend is another legit way to make money online in Nigeria.

Viraltrend is an online platform where advertisers create ads and social media tasks for registered members of the platform to carry out on their social media platforms.

The social media tasks are to like, view videos, subscribe to YouTube, follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and sometimes you are required to vote for anyone contesting in a show. Any of these tasks you perform, you are being paid for it.

For now, this is one of the best ways to make some extra cash online in Nigeria.

The platform was founded by Prince Paul Omogie in 2019 with the mindset to help people make a living from the internet, and also to help those who crave fame earn popularity easily. You can trust this platform because there has been no criminal record on the CEO and the platform is still paying her registered members.

To join viraltrend, you need start-up capital of 500 naira for the basic plan and 1,200 naira for the premium plan to viraltrend. Click here to register.

3. Survey sites:

Carrying out surveys online is another way to earn money online with little stress. There are many online platforms that pay people to carry out surveys in their platform and get paid for it, and there are some that won’t pay you.

One of the legit online survey sites you can trust to pay you for your time carrying out surveys on their platform is swagbucks.com.

Swagbucks are one of the most reliable paid survey sites and they are also the largest in the industry. They offer rewards for whatever you do on the platforms either by taking offers, playing games, watching videos etc, and they reward in money, vouchers and prize draws.


4. YouTube:

Making money on YouTube is almost the same as blogging but the difference with them is just that on YouTube, your content is just in videos.

To earn money on YouTube, create your own channel on YouTube, build a trustworthy community, and feed your community regularly with insightful and inspirational content. If you don’t feed your audience continuously with video content, it will affect your channel. Your thinking cap must be on always to develop contents for your community to feed on.

When you have successfully built your channel to over 1000 subscribers, then you can connect or register for the YouTube partner program. Google will go through your request to join the YouTube partnership program to see if your channel is in line with the partnership policies and once they are okay with it, your request will be granted to earn money from your channel through the paid adverts running through your content.

Cryptocurrency is now becoming a booming industry that is currently changing the lives of individuals around the world and the earlier you join, the better for you.

Crypto business is not a get rich quick system but a system that can make you a millionaire if you are patient with it. Those who invested in bitcoin in 2009 are currently millionaires, billionaires etc because they were patient with the system.

There are trending coins like FEG token, Dogecoin etc that you can buy cheaply now and wait patiently for it to grow. Also, you can buy them in bulk and with any little rise in it, you are already in the money.

Take your time to learn cryptosystem because such knowledge can place you in wealth for the rest of your life. Creating systems is the best way to stay financially free, and a cryptosystem is good to create and invest in.

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials with the aim to motivate people to some actions like purchasing a product, donate to a program, click on a link, etc.

Many companies are in search of good copywriters to create motivational persuasive copywriting content to help them promote their products.

Companies like A Pass Education, A list Apart, Back to College etc pay copywriters who work with them to develop content to persuade and motivate their target audience to take action in their company. The good thing is that you get paid for it and you could earn from $10 and above per article.

7. Blogging:

If you are someone who is passionate about writing or creating content, blogging is a good way to make or earn money online and if you are serious about it, you can earn a living from it.

To earn with blogging, pick a niche that reflects your passion, a niche that you can easily develop content without struggles.

When you have gotten a niche to focus your blog in, host your blog on a hosting platform like google and Bluehost. Develop and publish rich original content in your blog, build organic traffic to your blog or website, then build a trustworthy community around your brand or niche.

When you have successfully established your blog on the internet, then make money from it by selling ads, sell your own products and services. If you do not have a product to sell, you can still connect your blog to Google AdSense, Amazon affiliate, etc.

There are platforms you can create a free blog from and build your niche from there but blogger and Bluehost will give a great platform to start from. Also, WordPress is an amazing platform to blog, but it is technical, you need to learn how to build a blog on it otherwise, you will make lots of mistakes that will crumble your blog. If you don’t own a blog, read this to learn how to create a beautiful blog for free.


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