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7 Reasons Why Men Delay In Getting Married.

Marriage as we all know is a journey between a man and a woman which last for a lifetime. Is also a union of two imperfect individuals from different family upbringings. Apart from these things mentioned above, other things that contribute to the success or the failure of marriage need to be considered before going into marriage. Having said this, there are a whole lot of things that make some gentlemen of this century afraid of going into marriage without adequate preparation. 

1) Fear (Marriage Phobia). Many bachelors are afraid of Marriage because of what they have seen in the lives of those that are already married. They also get worried about the financial responsibilities that come with Marriage. Spending on her, and then when the children come, additional demands on him.
Worrying about the emotional burdens, telling her that you love her every day, taking her out on dates every week, kissing her daily, being trustworthy and accountable to her, and forgiving her, it’s all too much for them to deal with. 
While some men worry about Marriage because of the things they have taken notice of or witnessed, maybe their father or a close friend of theirs had a heartbreaking marriage experience. 
2) They Don’t Want To Lose Their Independence. They understand they may not be able to hang out with the dudes on Friday night as before if they get married. They will be anticipated not to go anywhere without her knowledge as his wife. 
They understand they will not be able to live a carefree life as they were before as bachelors, and they still take it as important above all.
3) No Money. Among these classes are two types.
A) The ones who maintain nothing at all to use in doing weddings, and then run home after. 
Even her bride price can’t afford it with their present account balance, so they are always single or engaged, they are presently working hard and keeping more money toward their marriage, with strategies to quit bachelorhood soon. 
B) The ones who own money, have a reasonable job with good earnings, and even accommodation, but they want to be millionaires first before thinking about marriage, buying a car, buying land, and building a house before they now settle down for marriage.
4) They Are Not Ready To Stop Messing Around (Playboys) this category of men is always busy sampling ladies, playing around with different types of women in different locations. They don’t want Marriage to slow down or jeopardize their philandering. 
5) Still Searching. These have not seen the woman they want to get married to. 
Among them are;
A) Those who actually haven’t seen the bone of their bones and are still exploring the world of beautifully endowed women for marriageable age. 
Amongst those who are begging God for a life partner, there are the ones that God has not answered their prayers, and the ones that God has answered, but they are not understanding because the answer came from I expect angle.
Those who have already seen, a surplus of ladies around themselves, but they are excessively picky, forgetting that nobody is perfect especially when marriage is concerned, including physically and character-wise, so they are always searching for the perfect one to marry.
6) Spiritual Problem. 
Some guys are constantly having Issues locating and maintaining a relationship, anyone they propose to marry ends up leaving them no matter how lovely they are to her, something must happen to disperse their relationship. Either due to cheating, committed by the guy or double dating and love for material things from the side of the lady. These need to reach out to God, get rescued, and be set free.
7) The Married Bachelors. These are not married youngsters, but their girlfriend or fiancé is staying with them,
she cooks for him, cleans the house, and washes his clothes, she even gives him her body at any time he requests to make love to her.
So he sees no reason to get married after all he’s already enjoying what married people are enjoying, some finally even start giving birth to kids, still, no bride price is paid, and no marriage is in the picture for the poor lady. 
Dear beautifully endowed lady,
When in a relationship with any Young Man, and he is postponing marrying you, find out why he’s acting in such a manner. So you can know what to do as soon as possible, contribute to achieving marriage since you love him, assist him with guidance, hold on to see his positive action, or find your level out of his life. 
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