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These 7 major things will make your marriage be all the days of your life no matter what happens and no matter the age of your spouse and yours. Take care of these things and your marriage will take care of itself.

They are:
As you grow older in marriage, some of the things that attract you to each other may begin to disappear due to the wear and tear of life, old age, childbearing, parenting, and many more. The face that looks so beautiful may begin to show signs of wrinkles; the endowed appearance may be fading away and strength will begin to weaken. Health may be challenged; skills may be challenged; finance may not be as strong as before and gifts and talents may be overtaken by technology.
As these happen, the attraction may begin to wear away and infatuation would end totally. These will affect love negatively, especially if it has been based on physical appearance.

What will help your marriage at this stage and make it love-filled and great till the end is called ‘acceptance’. Yes, acceptance of the person you choose to marry will make the marriage great till the end.

Your acceptance of your spouse should be based on the following:
The commandment of God: God commanded that you should live with your spouse with joy, so obey this.
Think of the past you share, the battle you fought together and won together, where you started, and where you are now.
An envisioned future: Think of your vision together; think of the future you desire to live in together which you have both dreamed about together in the past.
Good deeds of the past: Think of the good deeds of your spouse in the past, his love, her service, and why you chose to marry him or her among others.
Portion thinking: Know that your spouse is the only portion you have on earth (Ecclesiastes 9:9). You can’t afford to look down on your portion.

Communication in effective ways is one thing that will make your marriage great and fresh. Your walk-in marriage depends on your talk at home. Your communication must be deep, open, honest, loving, positive, and even romantic if you want a great marriage.

Whenever there is a misunderstanding, what you do matters in your marital journey. Disagreement is not a curse. How you handle it wisely is maturity.
Abusing each other, shouting at each other, reporting to third parties, keeping malice, rejecting food, lying, cursing, etc. are all the ways people fight wrongly in marriage. You should avoid it.

Resolving conflict quickly and wisely is one thing that will make your marriage fresh and green. When conflicts linger, marriage deteriorates. When we resolve conflict quickly and do not allow it to turn into a crisis, we give our marriages the room to progress and as well creating room for happiness in our Marriage relationship.

Managing marriage wisely by improving relationship techniques and developing better relationship management is one thing that will make a marriage great.
When you improve to be a better spouse, you give a better life to your marriage.
So keep on learning, keep on reading books about Marriage and Relationships, keep on with the Marriage seminar to learn new things for your Marriage Relationship, keep on growing, and be a better spouse than yesterday. That is what makes marriage fresh and green.

Love can grow cold, love can become stale, marriage can drift and lovers can grow apart. That is why you must get committed to renewing your love vows in your marriage constantly.
This involves so many things like taking a critical look at love and marriage always; evaluating where you were, where you are not doing well for your spouse, and where you are now with your spouse in the Marriage journey; checking communication, love, intimacy and joy in the marriage.
This also involves a deliberate setting aside of time to be together to allow love to grow and glow. Thus, giving room for bonding, intimacy, and expressing love to each other constantly.

The state of intimacy in your marriage will also affect how great and enthusiastic your marriage is. If you allow intimacy to fly out of the window in your marriage, then you have given room for dryness that has killed so many homes. Thus, giving room for infidelity, anger, hatred, and dry marriage.
That is why intimacy must be given a very important position in your marriage.
Learn about it, improve on it, do it better, and get better results.

With this great secret for happy Marriage and Relationships, you can always enjoy your Marriage Relationship with your spouse like you newly met each other.

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