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To all those honest men out there that only want an honest relationship with their jewel; this piece is for you. There are a thousand and one reasons women cheat but I bring you just 8 reasons women cheat.

1) SHE IS NOT FEELING WANTED. You have to make a lady feel wanted always; the moment she feels anything less than that, doubts creep in. Such doubts can lead to misery and misery they say needs company. A shoulder to lean on can lead to so many things (coughs). Always make your woman feel wanted, brothers.
Men stop turning your back on that woman, for there are experiences that are not better experienced in any relationship.

2) THE RELATIONSHIP GETS TOO BORING. Boredom can lead to so many things including an idle mind, and an idle man they say is the devil’s workshop and we all know what goes down in a devil’s workshop. Like I previously said in making that love last, change routines always, be spontaneous, always keep your lady guessing, and keep her excited at all times. Be adventurous. When the relationship lacks that spark and passion, it could push your lady to cheat. Because of the moment, she gets another man that gives her that attention and listening ear my man you have lost her affection.

3) SHE FEELS THE RELATIONSHIP IS ENDING. One good turn deserves another and likewise one bad turn. Never keep her unsure about the relationship, always tell her your plans, and make her feel she is a huge part of your future. Most women in relationships always think about the future. The moment she feels the relationship has no future, then your Eve might leave you, Adam, for probably Steve (smiles, just rhyming). But the message is, always make her feel she’s part of your future and not a bit-part player.

4) WHEN SHE IS EMOTIONALLY STARVED. If a person is feeling emotionally unfulfilled, it could lead them to stray from their relationship. Some couples may find themselves caught up in their careers and focused on every aspect of life besides their significant other. This can quickly turn into neglect and loneliness, which are both reasons why some women may cheat on their partners. They can end up looking for emotional attachment elsewhere.

5) THE NEXT MAN SHOWS HER LOVE. A lot of women are too fragile, easy to deceive, and very emotional. This does not apply to all women because many women are strong-willed but the fragile ones easily fall for this; once they see a little care from another man, their fragile nature becomes exploited.

6) SHE’S A FREAK. Not going to waste many lines here, if she is a freak, she’s a freak. May God help you both in that relationship.

7) YOU ALWAYS COMPLAIN ABOUT HER. If you always complain about her, it means you don’t value her and if you don’t value her, someone else will. Easy does it. Women need to be shown care, not you acting like you don’t care. Fewer shouts, more attention, and more pampering would do a lot of magic here, thank me later.

8) LOW COMMITMENT. He is oriented toward people’s definitions of exclusivity, Selterman said. “Some people say they never discussed being exclusive with their partner or ‘I didn’t want to get too close,’ or ‘I don’t envision a future with this person,’” he noted. “They’re in a relationship, but they haven’t specified that the commitment level is high or the exclusivity is there.”

There is a very distinct difference between why women cheat and why men cheat. Men cheat strictly for sexual reasons but most women cheat for so many emotional reasons.

Your sacrifice is your gold, dig her, keep her, protect her, and nurture her for yourself Ephesians 5: 25-28

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