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8 Simple Ways to Fix Your Marriage After Cheating

Have you been cheating in your relationship? Has your marriage got affected by your action? Are you looking for ways to fix your marriage after cheating?

If all these questions are in your mind and you are looking for an answer, you are in the right place.

You may be ashamed of your actions, but if you are taking responsibility and willing to fix your marriage, you do not have to feel guilty.

I know cheating is wrong, and once you break your partner’s trust, it disbalances your relationship. Your actions might end your marriage and leave you alone, but you got to try and do your best to fix the wrong you have done.

There are no simple ways to fix a broken marriage after cheating. You have hurt your partner the most, broke their trust, disrupt their life and disrespect your sacred relationship.

It would be hurtful and painful for your partner, but if you have made a mistake and you are willing to take the responsibility of saving your marriage, there might be the slightest of chance it would work.

Now, there is no shortcut; you have to keep your patience and give all your effort to fix your marriage.

I have compiled a list of ways that could help you fix your marriage.

Why do People Cheat on People They Love?

I firmly believe, people who cheat are insecure and extremely selfish. For them ‘love’ becomes secondary so does the partner. They care less about their partner while cheating. Lust, dishonesty and the thrill of new love makes them forget that their actions might cause a terrible heartache to someone they used to love.

Why they cheat or hurt the people they love, is difficult to answer. The reasons vary from person to person. But it’s always wrong to cheat in a relationship and breaking the trust of your partner.

Can relationship go back to normal after cheating?

Certainly it is possible. If your relationship is affected by the infidelity, it might take a long time to settle down everything into places. Both the partners have to reconcile their relationship and look for ways that could help them attaining a healthy and a happy relationship.

With a constant optimistic effort your broken relationship can go back to normal after cheating.

Below, are the 8 simple ways that could fix your marriage/relationship after cheating. Remember it requires a great deal of determination, and patience level to reshape your relationship.

fix your relationship

8 Simple Ways to Fix Your Marriage After Cheating

Accept That You Have Cheated

You can work on your relationship only when you will accept your fault. Accept that you have cheated on your partner, though; it might be hard for you to accept, but you have to do that for the sake of your relationship.

As cheating can propel relationship, so it is important to realize when you have cheated and have the courage to admit it.

If you don’t think or realize your mistake, you would fail your marriage. Because if you don’t accept that you are a cheater and you have made the biggest mistake of your life, you can not stand in front of your partner.

What will you say to them? The more important thing is why your partner would accept you for what you have done.

Accepting means you are guilty of what you have done and want to repent by any chance.

So, this may sound simple, but this way is one of the toughest, actually, if you think.

ways to fix your marriage after cheating

Rebuilding Trust

Once you have cheated on your partner, it is obvious that you have broken the trust. Trust is one of the key elements that holds a relationship; once broken, it is extremely hard to mend.

If you want to gain trust again, you have to redo everything. You have to give your best and do everything that could help you rebuilding trust.

Unless there is trust, your relationship can not sustain. So, rebuilding trust is one of the ways to fix your marriage after cheating.

I have already written an article on gaining trust in your relationship; certainly, you can check it out.


Increase Emotional Support

Though you have cheated in your marriage, still there is a probability of fixing it.

Your actions have some serious consequences; you have lost your partner’s trust, your partner has become distant from you, and your marriage/relationship is almost on the verge of getting a breakup.

So many things that could happen, but as I mentioned, you have to keep trying to convince your partner that you are guilty of your actions and you are willing to do anything to fix your marriage.

You can start building up trust again by increasing emotional support slowly. Since you and your partner will be distant emotionally from each other, building trust will be hard.

For many, emotional support is not enough to help get through this rough time. You might have to involve professional therapist.

So, try taking small initiatives to gain your partner’s confidence and pull them towards you emotionally.

It may take ages, but only if you are desperate and wants to keep your relationship alive, you can try.

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Honest Confession

The key to a successful marriage is honesty. You need to make an honest confession about what you have done wrong.

Confession needs gut. Often honest confession paves the way for a second chance in marriage. If you know that what you are doing is wrong, you might get caught soon, eventually, which will cause your failed marriage.

You can confess to your partner. Let them know what you are up to and take responsibility of what your actions.

You never know; your honest confession and precise communication may even save your broken relationship.

Infographic on Ways to fix your marriage after cheating

Show Willingness

If you want to solve relationship problems without breaking up, you must show a willingness and transparency to make your relationship better.

Likewise, even if your partner isn’t considering your effort after knowing that you have cheated, you have to keep on show willingness for the sake of your marriage.

For example, your partner might not even want to see your face and disgust you for hurting their sentiments; what can you do to better the situation?

You can give your partner some space to overcome the pain of being cheated; meanwhile, you can show your gratitude, ask for forgiveness, show how much you are guilty, and do things that can actually make an impact.

This helps the spouse heal and move forward trusting again slowly.


Increase Your Commitment Towards Your Relationship

The next way to fix your marriage after cheating would be an effort to increase your commitment to your relationship.

The best way to increase commitment in a relationship is by being open and present. Post cheating you will feel distant in your relationship, try to spend quality time with your partner. Engage in a good talk and try to cultivate your relationship with positivity.

Currently, your relationship might be in a fragile state, and anytime your partner may call it off.

Before you reach there, you need to make an effort to increase your commitment towards your marriage. Of course, already you have been dishonest and failed your marriage still; why your partner would believe you?

You can increase the commitments by taking everything positive for your relationship. Ask your partner for a second chance to prove that you are worthy. Do things together. Share interests, values and experiences that are important to you.

Commitment in a relationship comes in various ways. Your love is also a commitment. Try to reach your partner through your love if you have anything left.


Apologize 100 Times

Apologize till your partner forgives you. Apologize genuinely and in different ways. Try to reach your partner the best way possible and convey your guilt feeling.

Date Often

If all the above ways work, to make your relationship better, often date, in fact, frequently.

If your partner forgives you and wants to give you a second chance, do not screw up. Make the best use of your chance, take your partner on vacations, plan frequent dates at home.

On anniversaries make your partner feel loved and special, surprise your partner and cook them a meal.

Do everything, and soon you will see your relationship is in a much better place, and eventually, it helps your married life.


Before concluding, here are a few questions that people ask frequently –

Should you forgive a cheater?

Well, my heart says you shouldn’t forgive a cheater. Once a cheater will always remain a cheater. Infidelity in a relationship is unforgivable. It shatters your trust and breaks your relationship into pieces.

But it depends on you entirely how you deal with the cheating in your relationship. If you want to rekindle your relationship and wants to give a second chance to your partner, forgiveness is the answer.

If your partner repent for his/her actions, want forgiveness from you, asking for a second chance and sincerely want to rebuild the relationship, you should forgive. Forgiveness might change your partner’s mindset.

Should you forgive a cheater? (infographic)


Do what’s best for your marriage and do not repeat the same mistake of cheating again. Marriage is a beautiful reunion of two individuals, and both should have the same goal of making your relationship better and stronger.

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