Sunday, June 11, 2023

About Relationship Coaching — The Connected Relationship

To be perfectly honest with you, this coaching program is exactly what we wish that we had 15 years ago when we were trying to figure out how to deepen our own relationship in the midst of kids and careers and chores and all of the other things that get in the way of connecting in your marriage.  

Things weren’t “bad enough” to need weekly therapy, but all of the self-help books and relationship conferences left us wanting more hands-on guidance.

We knew we wanted something “more”, but couldn’t exactly put a finger on what that was.  We just knew that, as we looked around, there were very few couples that we could find to give us an example of what we were looking for, to mentor and guide us.  Couples who were honest enough to admit that they were human and struggled sometimes, too.  Couples who didn’t take themselves too seriously, that we could laugh with and who prioritized play and friendship in their relationship.

We could never find these things in one place.  So we made it ourselves!  Here are the details:

  • Because you’re looking for lasting change, we’ve created a 6 month program to help you dig into what you want in your relationship, build the skills to get you there, and give you ample time to practice them.

  • Coaching starts with an initial FREE CONSULTATION so that we can get to know you and make sure we’re the best fit for you AND to answer questions you might have.

  • Introduction session allows us to dive in, get to know the strengths of your relationship and get clear about your goals for coaching — the dreams of what you want your relationship to be.

  • Bi-weekly sessions: Because we know it takes some special effort to learn and implement new ways of doing things, we meet bi-weekly for the first three months of the program so that you can get some familiarity with the new ways of being together and so we can tweak and make adjustments right away.

  • Monthly sessions: Practice makes for a better relationship, so we meet monthly for the last three months to give the new ways a solid foundation and work through additional ways of strengthening your relationship.

  • Weekly Office Hours: 15 minute check in every week to problem solve, share successes, and laugh together.

  • Connect: during your last monthly session, Shamon + Yolanda will plan a special session to bring all of the pieces together.

Sound like what you’ve been looking for?  Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today to see if we’re the right fit and to get your questions answered.






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