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Marriage or relationship is something that needs to be careful before going into it but unfortunately so many young people today are mistaking it for something else.

Before you fall in love, you have to read this. You must be prepared so nobody will dump you like fairly used materials that don’t have value for life again.

The foundation made for a  relationship will determine how far it will go and if it will last forever. The right foundation here is all about surrendering everything to God. Letting God be in charge and supervising everything. Let God be at the center of your marriage or relationship. Make sure God is glorified in everything you do in your relationship. As adequately It is expected that both of you have true insight into why you are together (in the case of dating).

Most marriages failed because one of the couples failed to pray more for their marriage and concentrate on their battles rather than on the satisfaction of things like weddings.

Always pray to God; He’s the solution and provider of everything. Nothing can fail with Him. So put your relationship into the hands of Almighty God whether you are on good or bad terms with your partner. If you have doubts that your partner may be cheating on you, pray to God to watch over him or her or better arrest him or her for you. If there are other troubles like a financial challenge, viral ailments, and other in-differences just hand them over to God and He will deal with them for you.

Communication here doesn’t necessarily mean phone calls or text messages. Communication here represents how you associate with your partner. This matters a lot because communication is a great key to understanding.

Body language, romantic interest, and intimacy mood should also be well expressed. Your wife needs to know when you are in the mood for bedroom enjoyment. She’s your wife, not your slave but proper communication in this viewpoint will preserve accepted respect.

Now, How do you communicate with your spouse when he or she is upset? How do you communicate with him or her when you are in a stale or overwhelmed mood? Evaluate this and improve where necessary.

Trust is the key and life wire of every successful relationship or marriage. You should be able to believe your partner in every circumstance. Once you both can share the same trust, faith, happiness, and peace, love flows and you both have little to fear for. Devoid of trust, bitterness, and fights step in and these are the factors that can destroy a relationship or marriage easily.

One thing you should also realize is that trust is earned, not commanded or recommended. Do the right things that will assure your partner that you can stay faithful to him or her and that you are also competent in assessing and handling intricate situations.

Give your spouse some privacy; Avoid testing each other on everything he or she does, give your lover some space and freedom, try to have some trust in your partner, and don’t think of always accessing their phone. Seriously you found your lover with friends; he or she has to keep in touch with them. It’s you that she chose out of a million men that approached her. She loves you. You are the one she chose despite millions of girls, you have to trust each other.

Always forgive and forget; avoid bringing back the old things your lover did to you in the past every time there’s disagreement. Forgiveness brings lasting renewing to marriages and relationships. Remember confiding with your partner that you have forgiven but you can’t forget; that is a joke. If you must forgive, then you must let go completely, that is when you will be restored from the pain that was resulted in by the anger.

The devil can use this as a foundation to continuously attack a relationship because he will have a basis to stand on. Forget about that bitterness my friend and build your marriage or relationship.

Avoid tormenting your partner all the time; stop condemning your lover wrongly all the time just because you want him or her to feel bad, You will know that your partner is not part of the things accused him of but you are constantly pinning him or her, Why? stop the attitude of complaining all the time over small things just because you want your lover’s attention and to be in control. Such deeds can make your partner start relinquishing the love they had for you hence paving the way for the relationship to break up.

As we are all different, likewise people have their own different areas of interests but it’s reasonable that everyone wants confidence and honesty from their partner because your partner should be the only person in the world you can solely depend on without anxieties.

However, as long as trust and honesty are apprehensive, you should recognize when it’s crucial because approximately everyone tells a little lie (especially when dating). Be determined on the enormous things that matter.

This is completely the act of living an unfaithful life to your partner. You might be successfully cheating in the beginning but then, did you ask yourself what your partner’s conclusion is going to be if you are caught? Is he the type that may give you another chance after you have apologized? I’m convinced that you have not asked yourself these questions. There is no joy in infidelity. Staying faithful is the surest way of maintaining a long-lasting relationship or marriage. Be informed!

In a relationship, it’s not just about receiving but also thinking about giving. If you think you are not giving very much to help your relationship or marriage get to a greater position as you wish then you have to strive and sniff out the areas to improve on.

A relationship is unbalanced when one person is receiving much and giving less. Even if the giver has enough to show, he or she will definitely feel troubled. At times, it also provides the limit you can offer. It exhibits sincerity and responsibility. Don’t be a liability to your partner but an asset.

When a man and a woman refuse to fall for the intercourse trap, their love becomes increased, deeper, more powerful, and greater.
The intercourse trap is when a relationship is built on lovemaking. When a decent man and a nice woman come together and start having intercourse, it is easy for them to mislay focus. They decline to see the merit in each other because each time they are together they are going after an orgasm. Shortly, remorse comes in and they will attempt to unbutton the intercourse trap, and what was a promising relationship ends up being a battling relationship.

But when they look beyond bedroom activities and put that away for a later deal when the time is right in the marriage, they get to know each other deeper with no disruption. They learn each other’s morality, intent, heart, reasoning, imagination, worship of God, concerns, and those little things like laughter, smiles, moods, and humor.

When God sends you that promising life partner, don’t be confused, don’t fall for the intercourse trap. Don’t mess up something good.

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