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Boundaries Aren’t Bitchy – An Interview With Cami Elen – Last First Date

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boundaries aren't bitchy

Boundaries aren’t bitchy, even though many people think they are. Setting boundaries early on in dating is critical. Here’s how.

Several years ago, I was interviewed by Cami Elen about why boundaries aren’t bitchy. In this private summit, I shared vulnerably about why I became a dating and love coach, why boundaries are beautiful and how I help women set clear boundaries from the very start. This conversation was so important, I decided to share it in a podcast episode.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The number one mistake women make at the start of dating
  • How to stop texting and meet someone for a first date
  • Standards and boundaries to set early on
  • How to know when to have sex in a new relationship
  • What’s the pink velvet rope in dating
  • My five step method to set clear boundaries in dating
  • An exercise to help you identify your core needs in dating

EP 590: Boundaries Aren’t Bitchy – An Interview With Cami Elen

Boundaries Aren’t Bitchy!

If you’ve ever been afraid to set boundaries, this episode will help you realize boundaries aren’t bitchy. I share several boundary scripts towards the end. You’ll experience a powerful exercise to help you identify the values that you never want to give up or compromise on in any relationship.

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Let me know what you’re taking away from this interview on Cami Elen’s summit. I’d love to hear from you.

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