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Bring Sweetness To Your Relationship With The Amazon Sex Position

The Amazon Sex Position

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The Amazon sexual position is for girls on top, originating from the traditional cowgirl position. Regarding sex roles, the position is more difficult and complex.

This is because the man should lie on his back, with his knees bent and his legs resting against his chest, while the girl sits on his back.

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Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Everything else happens by itself when you’re in the Amazon sexual position. But entering the Amazon position can be a bit challenging and awkward, especially since males aren’t as flexible as women. In this position, they must do the majority of the bending. Additionally, their ligaments down can get stretched when you’re not careful. This sexy position is easy to perform and requires only some patience. But it doesn’t require the expertise of a sex specialist but is ideal for partners to try different positions.

As we mentioned, in the Amazon man, the guy sits on his stomach, his knees bent, his legs pressed against his chest, and his legs spread out. The girl sits on top of him, sitting over or kneeling, with her legs spread apart while keeping her feet close.

To make your position more intimate, move slightly forward and grip your partner’s legs, or place your hands on his chest to provide more support. In this scenario, you can have him press his feet against your back to control your moves.

Whatever joys of the sex you may experience, trying to mix both can be extremely rewarding. A massive 2016 study found that women in three-year or long-term relationships who tried an entirely new bed position experienced the same level of sexual satisfaction during the initial six months as those who were in the second. One interesting position that could be explored is Amazon’s sexual position. …. Like a reverse missionary in the real world, one is crushed by his or his partner.

Tips And Tricks

If squatting doesn’t sound like something you want to do, then opt for the kneeling option and bring yourself to the knees. This will give you more support and more space to move around. It will also be more intimate since you’ll close your partner’s eyes.

Because you’ll be doing almost everything in the Amazon and working hard, it’s possible to simplify your life by leaning on his legs. In this way, you’ll be able to let him push you whenever you’re exhausted or learn some tricks to make it easier to stay up there longer.

Another tip to consider for this situation is to prepare for some discomfort.

Getting into Amazon isn’t easy; when you and your partner do not know each other well, it could be a situation. If you’re comfortable with the other person, you’ll smile even when it’s not going well initially. Keep going, as a successful outcome will be worthwhile.

Be patient when you are making a decision the first time. If you hurry things, you may harm your friend.

In this situation, his penis has to be tilted slightly forward, which isn’t an ideal posture for him. Take your time, make to make eye contact. Also, ensure your body is in the correct position before the penetration.

Variations Of The Amazon:

Kneeling Amazon Sex Position

A less strenuous and comfortable version of this posture could be to use the Kneeling Amazon sexual position. Simply lower your knees and utilize your entire body to move; however, be cautious not to slip off and harm the person.

Reverse Amazon position of sex

This Reverse Amazon sex position might seem harder, but it’s a lot easier to master. Your partner should remain in that place, and you’ll need to turn your back to him and sit down on your partner’s thighs. All your weight will rest on your legs. However, the man can assist you in bouncing around and down.

Since Amazon’s position differs from Cowgirl’s, you can modify the position completely as Miss Elliot does. Instead of traversing a partner, the person is directed towards their partner. When squatting in a similar direction and when straddling partners are difficult, it is advantageous that they move their bodies in the same direction.


Are you in love with the concept but don’t like being dominant? Don’t worry; you might want to attempt the Brute sexual position. It’s the same as the Reverse Amazon, but by using reversed roles. You’ll lie on your back, with your knees bent and your thighs closer to the chest, and the man will kneel or squat over you with his back to you.

Although not romantically appealing, it is great for submissive women. And I’m confident that being obedient to him is among the best actions you could do inside your bedroom to make it more exciting. Pros and Cons of The Amazon Sex Position

If you like being in control of your bedroom, this is an extremely rewarding role. You control both the speed and depth of penetration, which means you carry each deck. Maybe not all, since you’ll be able to interact with you in any way you want. He will not have control over your body. However, he will be able to increase the volume of your breasts, stomach, or both.

Although you may not play an active role, the fact that you are in control is an important thing that men look for most when they’re in the bedroom. However, there’s a downside to this. You’ll do most of the work and be in a difficult position, likely to be exhausted after a short period. Many women complain of pain in the Amazon position but can’t endure it for long.

Another great thing about such a dominant location is that it won’t permit your penetrating partner to penetrate too deeply, which is why it’s great for couples where the man is very well-endowed. It will eliminate discomfort or pain but still receive only enough stimulation from the small penetrating.

But, this could be a sign that the penis size issue probably won’t be able to perform the traditional Amazon position.

What are the advantages of the Amazon sexual position?

The receivers are on their toes, Chavez said. Because receivers are dominant, they are more in control over their movement of depth, pace, and speed.” Chavez adds. Apart from being dominant and keeping an eye on their loved ones. Multi-tasking. It is possible to create intimacy if the eyes of the person you are with are open to communicating verbally or directly in interaction with each other.” Then what happens when the communication continues? Also, delights. Communication is a key element for enjoying coitus in every situation. These types of positions are particularly suitable for couples who love engaging in nipple/chest massages.

Amazon’s sexual positioning ensures that the couple is very happy. Many people love it because it lets you bounce down and up the hill. Others like being in a position of control and submission. Harrison added that Amazon positions offer great advantages. It’s just a matter of finding something suitable for both of you.

The Amazon sexual position is fun for both partners.

“Some people enjoy it for the reason that it allows you to bounce on the support of your partner’s legs. Some people enjoy the view from below. Many enjoy the ability to be a king and submissive,” says Jessica O’Reilly, doctoral student and sexologist who is also a specialist in relationships at Sex with Dr. Jess.

According to Harrison Harrison Harrison, Amazon’s position is an excellent option because:

  • It allows easy stimulation of the clitoris by hand or sex toys.
  • The person who is being pierced is in control over the depth and angle of the penetration.
  • It allows eye contact, which improves intimacy and enhances intimacy.
  • It can involve shallow penetration, which is helpful for those suffering from pain caused by deep penetration, such as those who suffer from endometriosis.

How to use it:

If you’re interested in trying different things in your bedroom, Amazon’s position comes in three standard variants, reverse and kneeling. It’s about finding out what’s most comfortable for you and your spouse.

Standard Amazon

Alyssa Powell/Insider

According to Harrison, Amazon’s standard position allows the person in charge to control the depth and speed at which they’re admitted.

According to O’Reilly, these are the steps needed to complete the typical amazon:

  1. The person who has the strap-on or penis lies on their back.
  2. Then they pull their knees to their chests.
  3. The injured person kneels in front of them while their partner is between them.
  4. The person being attacked places their torso between the bent legs, with their feet set between their hips in the squatting position.
  5. Penetration occurs when the person is lowered on top.

Reverse Amazon

Alyssa Powell/Insider

This option lets the person being penetrated lie down on their partner and allows them to have an easier time with a sexual encounter. To achieve this, one partner at the bottom will follow steps 1 and 2 while the person who is being penetrated follows the following steps:

  1. Knees facing away from their lower partner, in the middle of their bodies.
  2. Slides their torsos between the calves of the lower partner.
  3. The shins or feet are placed on either side of their partner’s hips.

Kneeling Amazon

Alyssa Powell/Insider

If the person being sucked into is looking for a break or to avoid squatting entirely, then kneeling is the way to do it. Amazon is the best way to go, according to O’Reilly.

In this scenario, the person in the upper position is in the normal amazon position, but they put their knees on the floor rather than their feet. This also eases the pressure of the person below and alters the angle of the penetration.

Who Is The Amazon Sex Position Best For?

It’s quite simple. The Amazon is among the sexiest positions for powerful women and submissive males.

Because you’re in charge here, you’ll be doing the entire work for him. the other person just has to be in position and then watch you perform your magic.

As with any new position, take care to be careful.

It’s crucial to begin slowly to avoid injury, especially at the beginning. Be patient and clear that falling could cause a penis fracture If you fall too quickly”. Oh. This is especially the case if you’ve never had a moment of dominance within your lifetime. Be sure to keep it in a safe place. You can switch into a normal cowgirl by having your companion bent onto their knees. Make sure they are straight.

Dare To Try It?

If you’re not a lot of fun in bed, you can just go for traditional Cowgirl or play around with one of the classic sex postures for dominant women.

In reality, many couples do not dare to attempt the Amazon sexual position.

However, if you’re one to take on the competition and are ready for an adventure, this job can open new doors for you.

It grants you complete control over your partner. It’s a great way to get you going without going for a full-on assault.

You can check out the WebMD article for advice on “How to Use Amazon’s Sex Position Safely.”

You may also talk to your therapist about issues or general advice.

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