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Budget Wedding Planning- Quick Ways To Plan A Wedding

Of course, weddings cost money. But still, weddings don’t have to expensive. You don’t have to spend a fortune to say ‘I do”. From invitations to décor and flowers, there is a lot you need to spend on to ensure that you are getting the best of these things without having to spend half of your savings. But how do you achieve this? Well, let us help you with the budget wedding planning!

Shelling out Huge Amount of Dollars on your Invites

While invites are an integral part of a wedding, you should avoid shelling out a considerable amount of dollars for them. The world has gone digital now, and you can do everything from where you are, from ordering food to bank transactions. If this is so, then you should also invite people digitally. Digital invitations and WhatsApp invitations are a fast, free way of sending and receiving invites.
If you insist on sending out physical invitations, you should design the wedding cards independently. This will save you the hassle of going back and forth to designers’ dens trying to get the perfect invitation.
Yes, every one of us knows that cream or classic white-coloured invites with traces of black ink are the most effective and the most popular ones in wedding ceremonies. However, you should ensure that you choose your details right, including inks, borders, and coloured paper. These details can quickly add to the cost. Also, jacquard or linen is more expensive than cotton paper.

Digital Wedding Invitation

Elegant Return Gifts

Presenting your guests a beautiful wedding return gift is an excellent way of thanking them. Silver coins are old school, and I believe you won’t think of investing in them. In today’s world, people prefer giving Indian handicraft items to their guests in return for gifts. This is because the Indian handicraft items are elegant, cultural, look magnificent and suit every budget.

Return Gifts

Décor – locally available flowers

Saving on your décor costs is the surest way to save even more than 50%. To achieve this, you can choose seasonal blooms and locally available flowers. This is because shipping flowers and blooms from different places can be very costly. Alternatively, choose a naturally lush or green venue with flower beds, so you don’t have to decorate this natural décor further.
Another smart way is to incorporate the elements which you can reuse across different occasions.

Food Hacks

Food hacks are also available for the wedding. Everyone is sure that there will be food for your guests during your wedding ceremony. Besides ensuring that you are not spending a lot of money on food, you can also use desserts to complement your décor. You can achieve this at half the cost.
I bet you have heard about a decoy cake. How about getting that fancy cake just for your guests and those dreamy pictures. Your fancy-looking cake can be sliced in the kitchen and served for much less.

We hope that this article helps you budget wedding planning and spend much less on your upcoming wedding. We hope you are now aware that you can have a century wedding without spending a fortune. Just a little help and some smartness, and you will have a wedding that looks like it is worth more than a million bucks.

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