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Busting Wedding Favor Myths! Wedding Return Gift Myths

They say that if you want to know how your friend feels at a particular moment, try getting into their shoes. Before you get engaged, you won’t know what will happen in the next phase of life. You can only assume what you will get. You can believe in the myths that are running in the air. Alternatively, you can burst those myths starting from today. Bursting these wedding favor myths will help you plan a better wedding and help friends in exploding some myths too.

Myths are the reason why people don’t marry in the first place. They delay the wedding as much as they can. So, here we are trying to bust the most common wedding favor myths.

Myth 1: Wedding favor is costly

Handmade recipe books, sweet-smelling soaps, customized candles, these are some of the gifts that you can give in your wedding without spending a lot on your guests.

If you average the wedding gift, you’ll realize that each item will cost around $2 per guest which makes it $275 for 136 guests. Not bad right?

Customized wedding favor

However, the myth is that wedding favors are costly. In reality, they are not. You need to know how you can personalize items, and you are good to go. Not every couple can afford expensive wedding favor gifts, but what they can do is to create with their gift. Brainstorm some ideas. What can you make under $1?

The wedding favors might not cost that might if they are planned, on the long-haul these small gifts will be remembered for generations to come.

Myth 2: Wedding favors gifts for each guest

Most of the time people won’t remember whom they met at your wedding, but they will remember the quality of the food they ate, and most importantly if they received a gift at the wedding.

However, this doesn’t mean that you must give gifts to every guest. It is just an insane myth that each guest should receive a gift.

What you can do instead is to give expensive gifts to some people while giving economical gifts to everyone else. What people want is a gift, the price doesn’t matter at all. What matter are the emotions that you put in that gift?

Wedding favor

Myth 3: Silver Coin is best to return Gifts

While the Silver coin is a high return. It is not necessary for every wedding. You must understand that there is nothing which can represent a good return of the gift.

The emotions & feelings are more than gifts. It is just a myth that a silver coin can be the best to return gifts.

There is nothing that can return the value of the gift; it can only be returned with words. Make the guests feel special by your actions, and there will be no need to return the value of the gift at all.

silver coin

Myth 4: If they have called you, invite them in return

Mostly, people think that if someone has invited you, ask them in return. A common myth which can stress people out. A myth that can keep you awake at night. Sure, you cannot call everyone in return. However, that doesn’t mean that if you don’t invite everyone, it will be bad for you.

You can invite people as long as they are in your budget. No need to cross your limits to impress people watch what is your budget and work on it. Invite mostly, the people who are happy for you. For others, you can leave them, and everyone will forget your wedding five years from now.

wedding invitation

Myth 5: Only Expensive Weddings can be popular

Most of the time it is not about being expensive and being popular. It is all about how creative you are. In your wedding, you need to show something that can be remembered for long.

It is a myth that expensive weddings get popular. If you are doing a wedding at less cost, it can be popular. You can think of things that can be done more effectively without burdening of being famous. You can brainstorm some ideas with your closed ones and show the world that popularity can be done with less money too. It is just about doing a thing differently.

Wedding function

To conclude it all

There are a plethora of myths that you can use as an excuse, but do you want to use these myths as an excuse and do nothing about it? Not at all. You should get into the shoes of others and see what you can do about it.

The only way to burst a myth is to do it yourself. Unless you do the things, yourself, it won’t prove anything else. It would be best if you burst wedding favor myths because everything that is rumored must be checked with facts.

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