Friday, April 12, 2024

Buying Products on Grommet Just Got Easier | Discover What’s Next

We know, we know.

Copy/pasting all your coupon codes was a little bit frustrating.

That’s why we changed it!

It’s just one of several improvements we made based on YOUR feedback.

Take a minute to see what’s new when you support a Maker on Grommet.

See how our new buying process works.

No more copy/pasting clunky coupon codes

When the new Grommet first launched, you had to copy your coupon code from our site, then apply that code on the Maker’s site while you were checking out.

It was a fine idea in theory, but just a little bit clunky.

Here’s what happens now!

When you Upvote a product, all you have to do is click “Get Discount Code.”

From there, you’ll be able to customize your order on Grommet.

Once you’ve made your selections, click the buy button where you’ll be sent directly to the Makers store to complete check out.

The best part?

Your discount code will be automatically applied without you having to do anything!

Still not sure what’s new? Here’s a quick rundown:

Our New Buying Experience Is Here!

You can now discover and purchase products on Grommet with ease.

Clear Pricing & Savings 

Easily see how much a product costs and how much you’ll save with an upvote. It’s now easy to make informed purchase decisions. 

Customize Your Order On Grommet

From colors to sizes and more – you can now select all of your product options directly on Grommet. 

Auto-applied Discount Code 

No more copying discount codes on Grommet then pasting them in Makers’ checkout pages. Now, click “Buy Now” on Grommet and you’ll go directly to the Maker’s checkout page with the discount code already applied!

Ready to test out this streamlined buying process for yourself?

Let’s get shopping!

Head over to the Trending feed to see what our Makers are up to now!

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