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Couple Swap & First Timer’s Guide To Having Sex With Another Couple

Couple Swap & First Timer’s Guide To Having Sex With Another Couple

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Your partner and you are considering a couple of swaps to spice up your sex lives. Here are some guidelines and pros to help you do it correctly.

The norm says that you should not share your partner with another person. This unwritten rule has been broken, bent and ignored for centuries. Why not try a couple of swaps to embrace a new norm?

You don’t have to be a cheater if your partner agrees with you. It makes you open-minded and comfortable with the power of sex.

Today, many couples are trying out sex and intimacy with threesomes, open relationships, swinging, and other combinations.

What is the difference between swinging and open relationships?

First, don’t confuse them. Open relationships mean that both partners consent to their partner having sexual relations with others.

Swinging, on the other hand, is a lifestyle where partners in committed relationships agree to swap partners with other couples.

What type of couple swaps or swings do you like?

There are two types of swinging lifestyles: a soft swap and a full swap. The first is when partners swap partners and engage in sexual acts that don’t involve penetration.

This is where penetration is involved. Further research is necessary to determine which one is best for you.

There are many rules to living a swinging lifestyle. You can go to a swinging club or a sexy swingers’ event. But, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon your sex life.

Swinging should be considered a bonus that can help you take your sex life up a notch.

If you only have sex during out-on-the-town swinging sessions, you may have a problem in your relationship. Before you try anything else, work on this first.

There are pros and cons to a couple of swaps

There are many advantages and disadvantages to a couple of swaps. It can be thrilling and exciting, but there are important things to remember. Let’s begin with the pros.

Couple Swap & First Timer’s Guide To Having Sex With Another Couple

Swapping between sexy couples is one of the greatest benefits.

A couple of swaps can be exciting and even fun. You’ll feel like a horny bunny all over again and you’ll get a massive boost of sexual energy.

1. It’s both exciting and naughty.

A couple of swaps is a great way to bring some excitement into your sex life.

It’s very naughty and most people wouldn’t think of it. This could be a great opportunity for you and your partner if you’re the kind of person who likes to live off the beaten path and not conform to the rules of society.

2. You can indulge your sexual fantasies

Perhaps a couple of swaps was always a dream of yours. Now is your chance! You can not only perform the fantasies of swinging but you can also talk with the other couple about your sexual fantasies.

These activities can be done with or without your partner. You never know, maybe the other person will have the same fantasies.

3. Sexual diversity

Monogamy can be boring, even though you love your partner. You shouldn’t be stuck with the same person year after year.

What better way to spice it up than with your partner?

4. Adventurousness

You get a variety of people and you can do new things with your partner.

You might have always wanted to try S&M but your spouse won’t allow it. You can have the best of both worlds if you swap your partners and one of them is interested in trying it.

5. Lets you face your fears

We all know that humans are naturally jealous. We are naturally jealous of our loved ones and want to keep them from us.

However, if you are going to do a couple of swaps you’ll have to face your fears. It will be up to you to overcome your jealousy. It is safe to deal with your jealousy and overcome it. You might even be a happier person for it.

6. It enhances the happiness of a happy couple

A couple who is already happy can do a couple of swaps to strengthen their relationship.

This is because they mutually agree to do something they both love. It’s a controversial topic in society so they are “partners in crime”. They also have a secret that is kept between them and no one except the couples participating.

13 Relationship Rules For Couples To Share

People don’t want to talk about the scary side effects of a couple’s swap.

Couples swaps can be fun, but they also have their downsides. These are the things you should be prepared for when they happen.

1. It will be kept secret

We just said that it’s “taboo” and not many people will understand why you want to swap partners.

Most people wouldn’t want to do it because they wouldn’t be emotionally able to. It might be best to keep this secret from your friends and family.

2. Sometimes partners may not agree with each other.

How can you find the right couple for you both? What if one woman finds the other attractive but not the man? What then?

It is important to find a couple that is attracted to each other. It’s not an easy task.

3. Find a couple of swap partners

Finding people to do this with is another problem. It’s not easy to just say hello to someone in a bar and ask them if they would like to swap couples.

Although you could go online to find people, it is risky.

4. It could take up a lot of time

This could require a lot of planning and time if you are determined to do it. You can’t just go for a quick chat with your partner and call it a day. You might have to go to parties or get your schedules in sync.

5. Can ruin a relationship

It can be exciting and fun, but jealousy can rear its ugly head.

You can certainly overcome jealousy. But what if you don’t? What happens if one partner loves it, and the other doesn’t? These tensions can cause a breakdown in a relationship.


How to avoid problems when you swap partners

These are the top couple swap and swinging tips to remember if you are looking for unconventional sex without drama.

1. You agree to the lifestyle

If you view sex from a different perspective, it can be considered a hobby. It is something you can do with your partner or on your own.

Remember that you must agree to this lifestyle. It could fall under the heading of cheating if it is not.

It is the hardest part about agreeing to a lifestyle together. It doesn’t matter if swinging is your idea or that of your partner, the first conversation you have about it is bound to be awkward.

Don’t be surprised if anger, jealousy and shame show up. After you have overcome the initial hurdle, it becomes easier. Both of you will now be on the same page and will work together to create the perfect swinging experience.

Be patient with your partner if they are hesitant to make the change to this lifestyle. This will lead to resentment and insecurity, which can make it difficult for your partner ever to get on board.

2. Establish ground rules

Setting the rules together with your partner is another way to keep your relationship intact. Unrealistic assumptions and blurred lines are a recipe for disaster. Once jealousy takes hold, arguments will follow.

Your partner and you may be open to having sex together with other couples. However, this does not alter the fact that you are both human beings and your emotions will undoubtedly come into play.

One example of a rule you could agree to is that one of you won’t go on a swinging trip without the other. Talk about the possibility of having no contact with the other couple, except for swinging meet-ups.

It is important to discuss the legalities of protection, staying together at swingers’ parties, and other related issues.

You can cover more ground together and it is less likely that one or both of you will get into an argument.

3. Invest in trust

If you want to live a happy lifestyle, trust is an essential quality.

Start swinging if you’re a jealous person by trying a gentler swap, especially one that is only a soft swap. See where it takes you.

Sometimes it takes years for couples to agree to a complete swap.

4. Communicate often

Communicate often with your spouse to avoid your relationship becoming complicated. Communication is one of the most important skills you can have when you start swinging.

Talk incessantly to your lover about the things you want out of swinging. Talk to your partner about what type of relationship you want to have. Everything will work out fine as long as you’re willing to compromise with your partner.

5. Don’t swap friends with couples

It is a good idea to not swap partners with friends if you want to maintain your new lifestyle and your relationship with your spouse.

Although feelings may begin to develop, jealousy will eventually set in and you’ll be having a hard time keeping your friends happy.

We are serious when we say it is better to keep your friendships separate from your sex life. You can even be classy and keep your swinging lifestyle low-key. It is not what you want for your neighbours and their cousins, to find out about you and your spouse.

6. Couples can swap with more experienced couples

You may want to be as relaxed as possible if you’re new to this lifestyle. They will not only show you the ropes but will also share their lifestyle tips with you.

It is best to consult an expert before you start anything new. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and how to respond to unexpected situations.

7. Take the eroticism home

The best way to have sex without compromising your relationship is to bring eroticism and sensuality home.

Swinging is just one tool in your life that you can use for sex. This unconventional lifestyle allows you to bring home new experiences.

You can either relive the past or start something new with your partner. But, make sure you maintain the sexual attraction between you.

You can do a couple of swaps whether you enjoy watching, being watched or experimenting with props. Remember that your relationship is the most important. Talk it out and agree on the next steps.

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